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    Introducing Financial Coach 4 U

    in Finance

    Financial Coach Rose Edwards, discusses the company, Financial Coach 4 U, with the owner and founder, Rae Russell. They will discuss how and why Financial Coach 4 U was created.  By the end of the show, our listening audience will know all about Rae Russell and what she stands for, as well as why Financial Coach 4 U has been successful for so many years.

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    Leader in U "A Leader's Vision - Breaking Barriers 2016"

    in Entrepreneur

    "Leader in U" Talk Show -10/5 @ 9AM 'EST' -Join leaders across the nation featuring CJ Gross (Maryland) - Toresa Blakely (Michigan) - Gerard E Brown (Georgia) - Wesley Dyson (Louisiana) - Host Catherine Trotter - Join the conversation "A Leader's Vision - Breaking Barriers 2016" @ 657-383-1902 or online @www.blogtalkradio.com/leaderinu

  • Leader in U

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    Join leaders across the nation as we discuss topics on leadership growth! 

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    U Buggin - What's on Your Mind ? with D' Luv

    in Current Events

    Hey Podcast Friends, thanks for listening..

    Are you buggin? Okay, let me rephrase the ?  Is there something buggin U!  Yep, got something on your mind you want to share? Need a little introspect?  I'm all ears and want to hear!

      Of course, I invite ya'll to join me every Saturday morning to see what I am up too or to suggest a topic of interest you would like to rap about...Hey,  I  I can appreciate ya'll wanting to sleep in on a Saturday morning, cause I still be half sleep myself, but I try.....lol!   As, if ya'll didn't notice huh?  But appreciate your company!

    Well, what really matters is that we serve up the Real 101 scoop to enhance your life for the bettah!  Great guest, music, contest, fun and unedited.. so, what you hear is what you get! What more can you ask for?

    Missed a program? No problem, Just go to the page and download any archived programs, yep, just that simple!  Got something you want to share?  I'am all ears... 

    Take care.. will talk to you on the air!






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    Leader in U "Transformed Leader"

    in Entrepreneur

    Join leaders across the nation featuring Derrick Bey (Maryland) - Lamar EQ Randall (Texas) -Lorraine Bailey-Carter (Maryland) - Heurity L Rayner II (Florida) - Join the conversation @ 657-383-1902!

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    Hu Do U TrN 2 When U Need Wise AdVice

    in Women

    Greetings 9Mind Sacred Sistuh's, peace, protection, prosperity and most of all abundant wisdom be upon we and all those we love. Tonight is going to be Friday night chop it up, talk chat and share while I'm on my deck to some moonlight grilling. I'm cooking some meat for the next few days to go with my meals for the next few days. I pray everyone had a pleasent, safe and enjoyable THANKS GIVING DAY. Mine was wonderful and relaxing.

    So c'mon let's get talk and share while I (grill) and sip under the MOONLITE SKY...


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    Leader in U "Transformed Leader"

    in Entrepreneur

    Featuring Pk Kersey (New York)Te'Mika TC Chatman (South Carolina) Wesley Dyson (Louisiana) Johnell Jay A. Holman (North Carolina) - Call in to listen to the show and join the conversation @ 657-383-1902. 


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    Mattityahu - 5:14 R U Ohr HaOlam (light of the world) or R U Darkness?

    in War

    Greetings 9Mind Sacred Sistuh's of the Light, peace, protection, prosperity and most of all wisdom be upon we all and those we LUV. Another great show this evening set up for you. Got some awesome clips. Was listening to Philosper, Speaker & Author R.D. Gregory and he was talking about how they tricked Blk ppl into thinking they/we where "DARKNESS" when really U/we R THE LIGHT. So let's here what the true darkness has been up to while those who should be the LIGHT are just sitting back and allowing the darkness to spread like in the Disney Movie Maleficient. Let's get it innn...

    Mattityahu 5:14-16Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB)

    14 You are the Ohr HaOlam (the Light of the World). A city lying on a mountaintop cannot be nistar (hidden).

    15 No one, after lighting a menorah, places it under a measuring basket, but on the shulchan (table), and it gives ohr (light) to kol anshei habais (all in the house).

    16 In like manner, let your ohr (light) so shine before Bnei Adam, that they may see your maasim tovim (good works) and give kavod (glory) to your Av shbaShomayim (Father in Heaven).

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    The "R-Factors" Series pt 3 "The R-Factor Rule" - Its a Wrap!

    in Lifestyle

    Hey ya'll thanks for listening!  

    It's a wrap on the R- Factors" series and I will be sharing 4 more great and simple "R-Factor Formulas", that can help you prepare your mind for whatever life happens to bring your way!  As we are all aware, there is a "Universal Law", called the "Murphy's Law", and this law is inevitable in life. However, just by paying attention to the various "cues" in life (Luke 21:25) - can help us stay better focused and prevent us from making self-sabotaging decisions or repeating the same mistakes that land us into pitfalls that take forever to climb out of!

      One profound "revelation" I've learned in life is to always trust your gut! GOD created us with an innate instinct to  "safeguard", and if we ignore these cues, we will have to deal with the outcome.  "Re-defining" yourself is like going through the fire or a "refinery" and coming out like "pure" gold!  The reality is not how bright your light shine, but "Whose" light shining through you!.  



    R-Factors 102 pt 2


    Reality Check = Relate and Resonate

    Receptivity = Responsiveness and Reassess-Self

    Redefine = Redefinition and Reformation

    Catch: "R-Factors" pt 3 to hear about 4 other R-formulas that can help you keep sane in a world of insanity!  It's been great sharing and thanks for being such great loyal listeners!    It's been real..





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    HAPPY THANKSGIVING! - "Giving Thanks in an Un-Thankful Culture"

    in Spirituality

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING ALL, and I wish all of you the Best Holiday ever!  It is my hope and prayer, that all of you purposed to stay "THANKFUL", even when it seems there is nothing to be thankful for!  WE ALL have so much to be thankful for: life, supportive family and friends, steady employment, great kids or grand-kids, joyful and peaceful heart, whatever it is that brings a special smile to your heart, then this is something to give thanks for.  Hey, I am so "THANKFUL" to have all of you wake up with me every Saturday morning!  

    When God created the Earth and Humankind, He created it with all of its miraculous and wonderful attributes that shapes us and molds us into the Human-beings we were created to be. And although life is hard due to the rebellion of humankind,  "THANKFULLY" the  TRINTY has made a way for us to accept and deal with the good, bad, and the unfortunate  But, more importantly, thanking Him for our risen Savior!


    Philippians 4:6-7 -  Do not be anxious for anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with "thanksgiving", present your request to God, And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your heart and your minds in Christ Jesus. 

    Is it hard? Yes 

    Is it possible? Yes

    Can We Do It? Yes

    Be Blessed!





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    Who's Next? Meet The New LIONS DEN Contenders.

    in Spirituality

    On tonight's episode of Debate Talk 4 U Radio hear from the newest contenders that will be stepping inside the LIONS DEN.  

    Judah Natzarah


    Emunah Y'srael

    Rob Rack

    Amen Suten