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    Deep friendships between friends of the opposite gender are possible and are evidenced every day. While there may be times that both of you have feelings that go beyond the platonic nature of your relationship, what matters is that neither of you act on them and that you maintain respect for one another. Platonic relationships are incredible when they work well – a non-judgmental friend of the opposite sex can offer you much in the way of advice, support, conversation, and differing perspectives.
    Let's define Platonic relationship.  Is it really possible?  What are the boundaries?
    Another exciting evening for us.  See you all at 8pm.

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    Let's Talk About Sex, Strictly Platonic (Encore)

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    Contrary to your ancestors beliefs there is nothing sacred about being sexual. Sex is so permissible these days that it has even become casual. In these circumstances it’s hard to imagine ANY relationship being strictly platonic. Fire and desire is the name of the game and when playing with fire you just might get burned! Join host Anah Mae as she talks about the reality of platonic relationships and casual sex. Just when you thought it couldn't get any better...


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    Love Talks Healthy Platonic Relating!

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    Do you think having friends of the opposite sex is poosible, or even necessary?

    Have you ever been confused about the way your friendships with the opposite sex are going?

    Have you ever liked a friend more than you should have or had a friend feel more for you than you were comfortable with?

    I will have Kimo Richardson and Yodit Kifle on to discuss this most riveting subject and share about the importance of healthy platonic relationships and how they can enhance, benefit and propel our lives or how they can be a detriment, disruption, or deterent to where we are destined.

    Kimo Richardson is the author of When The Ordinary Won't Do, and well versed in the discipline of leadership training and coaching. He works with emerging leaders and corporations. He has maintained a great balance in platonic relationships and knows how to teach us how to also. His website is peopleprofitconsulting.com

    Yodit Kifle is the author of Every Day With My Maker, has a women's ministry that connects women with each other to promote godly living callled Within and Disturbed 2 Deliver where she along with co founder Beckie Vasquez, bring awareness to human sex traffikking in the Unitred States. Her website is yoditkifle.com   

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    If you have questions about your relationship, this is the show for you! Listen while Dr. Nefertiti L. Nowell (Founder of Nowell and Associates Counseling Firm and the Nowell Institute on Empowerment) and Darren Nowell (Life Coach) answer the questions that you have about your relationships. This show is fun, interactive, and honest. have your questions answered and your voice heard. 

    Relationships are difficult; even the best relationships need a little help.  We cover all of the hot topics and we give you a chance to have input as well.  Tune in to our show, make us a weekly habit and watch your relationships grow!

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    Friends of The Opposite Sex: Is it Possible to Stay Platonic?

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    Most of us have friendships with people of the opposite sex. However, we've heard many stories of those lines being blurred at one point or another. If you are a woman, can you trust that your male friends want nothing more? If you are a man, can you maintain a friendship with a woman without trying to cross the line? We all know that getting closer to someone can generate feelings that we never thought would be there. Then there's marriage... Is opposite sex friendship appropriate when one is married? Let's address these questions tonight. Give us our feedback!

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    Global Dating - What happens after platonic friends start a relationship?

    in Romance

    Tonight on Global Village Dating we are talking about Platonic friends and what happens when you decide to stop being friends and have a relationship. We will discuss the transtition and how that works for you.  Why would you date a platonic friend? 

    A relationship without sex can be just as intense, or more so than a sexual one. Not surprisingly, in most cases, approximately 80% according to Dr. Shirley Glass, author of Not Just Friends: Rebuilding Trust and Recovering Your Sanity After Infidelity, the dynamics of these platonic liaisons crosses over into sexual love sooner or later.

    So....let's talk about it 


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    DTBM- Levels of Love "Phileo" w Heath Wiggins (Re-broadcast)

    in Spirituality

    Next on "Dying to be Married" with Winston & Sondra Lewis

    A Broadcast brought to you by Kingdom United Ministries Network

    Call (914) 803-4491 to listen LIVE (This is a previously recorded broadcast- Call to listen only)

    We're continuing to go deeper from our February series "The Levels of Love" and as we leave the shore of Eros, the next wave takes us into "Phileo."  "Is it love or are we just friends?"  Is the relationship simply platonic or is it an "until something better comes along" kind of thing?  What's a "Side Dude" and can "Relationships with benefits" develop into anything more?

    Join us as we are honored to have with us Heath Wiggins founder of "HisLeadershipHerTrust.com" and "Family Bootcamp for Couples" that empowers Christian men to be the man women trust, respect, and actually want to follow via consulting programs, speaking, and publishing. Heath is also one of the major contributors for BlackandMarriedWithKids.com.  Share this broadcast with others and visit our DTBM page by going to the Kingdom United Ministries Network website.  You ae welcome!

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    The J.B. Gunner Show Episode #2

    in Entertainment

    Tonight, Gunner returns to the airwaves with feminism and the female agenda once again in his scope. Tonight, he will go over a few news stories, but will also speak on Step Parenting and Platonic Friendships and whether they work or not with women. Feel free to tune in tonight from 9-10pm Mountain Time / 11-12 EST. Yes, we have upgraded and will be going a full hour tonight and from here on out. Feel free to call in @ (347) 884-9225.

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    KXRW "YOUR COMMUNITY CONNECTION" Internet radio station presents "Gena's Groove Theory".Thursday August 9, 2012. @ 11:30 pm tonight (pst)Long Beach Ca.  KXRW'S "Your Community Connection" internet radio station presents... "Gena's Groove Theory".  Host Gena talks about "Friends & Lovers" platonic/ non platonic relationships. Call Gena (347) 327-9517

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    Catching feelings in a platonic relationship

    in Culture

      Can men and women engage in a platonic sexual relationship without "catchin' feelings?"
      .........and who is more likely to catch feelings ,or become attached, ----men or women?
      We will dig into this subject  and listen to valued input from our all-star panel as well as the listening audience.  Who can hold out longer ?  Not only verbally speaking or saying "I love you"......but in actuallity, who "wears their feelings  on their sleeve first?".........Hmmmmmmmm......very "KUTTING EDGE!!!"

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    Platonic Friends Make Good Lovers? Marriage For the Kids?

    in Romance

    Hour 1: Do Platonic Friends make for the Best Lovers?!?

    Hour 2: Should You get Married for your Kids? Should you Stay Married for Your Kids?

    Tune In Call In Share Your Knowledge and Experience! The World wants to KNOW!!!


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