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    Platonic Valentine

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    Can you have a valentine with whom you have no romantic interest??

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    Can a guy and a girl have a strickly platonic relationship?

    in Entertainment

    Tonight we are going to discuss the controversial topic that relates to relationships between opposite sexes.   Respectively, can a male and female have a 100% strictly platonic relationship, without it leading to something further?

    10 PM tonight Trent and M.J. would like to open discussion and would like listeners of the show gonzo after dark to call in and shed some insight on the topic on whether males and females can be just friends.  Our goal is to achieve more of an understanding about the relationship between males and females. We would also like to use our friendships as being friends  to prove this theory as true.

     In addition to discerning what are the pros and cons of dating your BFF if the line of friendship is crossed.

    Our truth is if trust is established between all involved  then no one should be alarmed unless there are an ulterior motives on someone’s end.  What is your perspective and are there some male and femal relationships, whether it was established in childhood or even if you met someone new of the oppposite sex, can the two just be friends?

    We hope to leave the listeners and callers of this broadcast with the notion that anything is possible and the best things in life more than likely are  exceptions to the rules.

    Tell a friend to tell a friend

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    Let's Talk About Sex, Strictly Platonic (Encore)

    in Entertainment

    Contrary to your ancestors beliefs there is nothing sacred about being sexual. Sex is so permissible these days that it has even become casual. In these circumstances it’s hard to imagine ANY relationship being strictly platonic. Fire and desire is the name of the game and when playing with fire you just might get burned! Join host Anah Mae as she talks about the reality of platonic relationships and casual sex. Just when you thought it couldn't get any better...


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    Love Talks Healthy Platonic Relating!

    in Religion

    Do you think having friends of the opposite sex is poosible, or even necessary?

    Have you ever been confused about the way your friendships with the opposite sex are going?

    Have you ever liked a friend more than you should have or had a friend feel more for you than you were comfortable with?

    I will have Kimo Richardson and Yodit Kifle on to discuss this most riveting subject and share about the importance of healthy platonic relationships and how they can enhance, benefit and propel our lives or how they can be a detriment, disruption, or deterent to where we are destined.

    Kimo Richardson is the author of When The Ordinary Won't Do, and well versed in the discipline of leadership training and coaching. He works with emerging leaders and corporations. He has maintained a great balance in platonic relationships and knows how to teach us how to also. His website is peopleprofitconsulting.com

    Yodit Kifle is the author of Every Day With My Maker, has a women's ministry that connects women with each other to promote godly living callled Within and Disturbed 2 Deliver where she along with co founder Beckie Vasquez, bring awareness to human sex traffikking in the Unitred States. Her website is yoditkifle.com   

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    Everything with Kathy B, Paula Y. Martin, Dr. D Ivan Young,Dr. Marvin Thompson

    in Entertainment

    Source Nation!  Join us tonight for 2 amazing shows of Love Zone Mondays & Parents and Teens Talk.

    At 6:15 Join us for Love Zone Mondays with Kathy B as she welcomes Relationship Coach Paula Martin into the studio to discuss the topic, How To Handle Conflict In Relationships.

    Paula Y. Martin, Owner & Operator of “Marriage Relationship Synergy/Martin Maximum Mediation, LLC” is a Certified RCI Relationship Coach and Conflict Resolution Professional who is committed to helping clients infuse energy, ability, life, love and longevity into their relationships worldwide.  She has helped to save and maintain many marriage, business, family and platonic relationships because of her belief in the lasting, valuable, personal and cultural benefits of maintaining relationships even when challenges arise. One of her core beliefs is that “positive relationships are the most important investments you make in life because they create a level of peace and security within which last an eternity”. Paula has practiced relationship coaching and conflict resolution with families for over 20 years and in court mediations for businesses as well as divorce cases since June of 2005.

    At 7:15 Join us for Love Zone Mondays with Kathy B & Co-Host Dr. D Ivan Young as they discuss the topic, How To Attract Masculinity In Our Lives. Ladies do you often wonder why your energy attracts the wrong man? Well, are you aware there's a way to attract masculinity into your life? Tune in as Kathy & Dr. Young address this issue.

    At 8:15 Join us for Parents & Teens Talk with Chevonna Johnson as she welcomes Dr. Marvin Thompson into the studio to discuss, Prison To Pipeline: How Is This Impacting Our African American Youth Males In Particular & Where Do We Go From Here?


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    Can Men And Women REALLY Be Friends?

    in Relationships

    Can men and women really be friends? Is that something that is even possible? A male and female relationship that is purely platonic with no flirting, sexual tension or innuendo? Join the ladies of Trois After Dark as we discuss this topic, have some fun AND the position of the week!!!! See you at 6! 

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    Willem Witteveen: The Great Pyramid of Giza, A Modern View on Ancient Knowledge

    in News

    “The legendary Egyptian Hall of Records is hidden in plain sight! Willem Witteveen uses not only 21st century science, but also overlooked reports from past explorations, in this meticulously researched account. He has cracked the code of our past to show us our future. The Pyramids of Giza can now be understood in their rightful place as the center of our world.”

    – Marcus Allen – NEXUS Magazine

    Willeveen will explain the discoveries he has made within the great pyramid and the unknown science which he has uncovered. 

    From the book;

    The four visible side faces of the Great Pyramid reflect the four earthly elements Earth, Water, Air and Fire. The fifth invisible element Aether is represented by the invisible ground surface of the pyramid, the foundation on which the four elements are arranged, and at the same time the divine medium that merges these four elements. The perfect metaphor for creation; five elements, five Platonic solids.

    Each of these elements represents a sustainable process inside the Great Pyramid, and together they represent the essence of the message in stone that is bequeathed to us. This new and groundbreaking book 'The Great Pyramid - a modern view on ancient knowledge' by Willem Witteveen describes these extraordinary processes and makes the Great Pyramid of Giza indisputably the most outstanding library of knowledge and monument of creation.


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    in Relationships


    If you have questions about your relationship, this is the show for you! Listen while Dr. Nefertiti L. Nowell (Founder of Nowell and Associates Counseling Firm and the Nowell Institute on Empowerment) and Darren Nowell (Life Coach) answer the questions that you have about your relationships. This show is fun, interactive, and honest. have your questions answered and your voice heard. 

    Relationships are difficult; even the best relationships need a little help.  We cover all of the hot topics and we give you a chance to have input as well.  Tune in to our show, make us a weekly habit and watch your relationships grow!

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    in Lifestyle

    KXRW "YOUR COMMUNITY CONNECTION" Internet radio station presents "Gena's Groove Theory".Thursday August 9, 2012. @ 11:30 pm tonight (pst)Long Beach Ca.  KXRW'S "Your Community Connection" internet radio station presents... "Gena's Groove Theory".  Host Gena talks about "Friends & Lovers" platonic/ non platonic relationships. Call Gena (347) 327-9517

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    Catching feelings in a platonic relationship

    in Culture

      Can men and women engage in a platonic sexual relationship without "catchin' feelings?"
      .........and who is more likely to catch feelings ,or become attached, ----men or women?
      We will dig into this subject  and listen to valued input from our all-star panel as well as the listening audience.  Who can hold out longer ?  Not only verbally speaking or saying "I love you"......but in actuallity, who "wears their feelings  on their sleeve first?".........Hmmmmmmmm......very "KUTTING EDGE!!!"

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    Global Dating - What happens after platonic friends start a relationship?

    in Romance

    Tonight on Global Village Dating we are talking about Platonic friends and what happens when you decide to stop being friends and have a relationship. We will discuss the transtition and how that works for you.  Why would you date a platonic friend? 

    A relationship without sex can be just as intense, or more so than a sexual one. Not surprisingly, in most cases, approximately 80% according to Dr. Shirley Glass, author of Not Just Friends: Rebuilding Trust and Recovering Your Sanity After Infidelity, the dynamics of these platonic liaisons crosses over into sexual love sooner or later.

    So....let's talk about it 


    Get 30 minutes of FREE one to one relationship coaching  @ http://www.ebonyempresstv.com