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    Pokemon Platinum Review!

    in Entertainment

    Those Guys discuss Pokemon Platinum/Diamond/Pearl and More...

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    Platinum Queens West News: Episode 1

    in Radio

    It's been a long vacation. However, unexpected yet necessary as life happens. If you have been living under a rock, then you need to come up for air as a great deal of people are getting a front row seat as to how life really is. The 'pin elephants' in the vast room we call 'society' has been begging to have these overdue discussions and a literal call to arms to those aspiring to see and do things different. The Platinum Queens West crew are back and looking forward to continue not just speaking up but speaking out via action and consistency. The Queen herself Shanda. Chilly Chill & Ronin are back. Join us...

    (347) 884-8239 is the call in number. Showtime is 3pm Pacific Standard Time/ 6pm Eastern Standard Time.

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    Episode 162: Multi-Platinum Producer E.A. Ski

    in Music

    E.A. Ski has worked with  Ice-T, Dr. Dre, Spice-1, E-40, Master P and too many others to name. This Multi-Platinum legend is gonna chop it up with us about his latest single "They Know" and alot more.

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    Racism in Media 2014

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    "Media In Black Face; The Dangers of Misinformation & Misdirection"

    in Radio

    On this week's episode, the Platinum Queens West family gather together to openly discuss and assess the modern day scourge of Black Society; Sambo Journalism. This intentional brand of propaganda and self abasing madness is one of many branches of RWS and many forms of Black Communal erosion. Naturally, this format will often contain language of an adult and passionate nature. Sensitive listeners digression is advised.  

    The call in number is (347) 884-8239 as we air live every Sunday at 3PM Pacific Standard Time/6PM Eastern Standard Time. On the behalf of the PQW family, we look forward to hearing from the people...

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    "...Things Often Unspoken & Unseen..."

    in Radio

    In this week's episode, the Platinum Queens West family seek to address the ongoing issues that are often gone unspoken or worse...It is believed to stand among the numerous reasons why men and women especially, within the black community. For far too long, many households or the reminants of them, have been damaged by one of many misleading adages; '...what gows in this house stays in this house...'

    Today, we are encouraging unedited and open dialogue in the first of many broadcasts in order to strengthen the often strained and many severed bonds necessary to promote, repair and save ourselves as well as each other...as a people and a nation on the rise.

    The call in number is (347) 884-8239 as we air live every Sunday at 3PM Pacific Standard Time/6PM Eastern Standard Time. See you there...

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    RCO Radio Platinum Megahertz Musicshare No. 9

    in Music

    LISTEN and discover the incredible artistry streams RCO Radio follows.  No songs are remixed or altered. Be sure to visit the profiles of the select artists whose music is featured to discover more of the great music they are making and sharing.  Links to all artist profiles are provided here: www.webmediashare.com/pm.html

    1.    DJ Creath - Liquidity
    2.    Falls - Glissade
    3.    J2.0 - Feeling The Rays
    4.    NODACHI - Bonus Track (200F)
    5.    Mark Dorricott - Travel By Night
    6.    KrizKroz - Miles Away
    7.    manitee - Lakeside Limbo b4
    8.    LEAF - Opulence
    9.    LIJF - Vivid

      Drops by: www.djdropscentral.com

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    RCO Radio Platinum Megahertz Musicshare No. 7

    in Music

    LISTEN 24/7!  RCO Radio Platinum Megahertz Musicshare #7 .  RCO Radio musicshares offer 100% non-commercial music promotion for artistry streams we follow.  No songs are remixed or altered. Visit the profiles of the select artists whose music is shared in our musicshares.  Links to artist profiles for all featured tracks are provided here: www.webmediashare.com/pm.html
     DJ Creath - Trails & Streets
     Bdash - Next Level, Genki Dama
     WDY - Already Home
     Greenfinch - Calm Down Mister World
     musicformessier - 2.IS
     Kid of Earth - Take Ur Time Bro
     Axis9 - I Dig'er (Bassland Remix)
     DJ Quik - Quik's Groove (Instr.)
     J2.0 - Night 1

     Drops by: www.djdropscentral.com

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    "The 2015 Family Talk": Navigating The Way Forward...

    in Radio

    There has always been that "special" time in where both parents and children were meant to gather together in order to learn the proverbial "ropes". For the kids, they were destined to have that 'adult' conversation. Mainly in the uncharted arena of sex but in this day and age, conversations like these are literally a matter of life and death. The assessment as to why what has NOT worked then will NOT work from here on out. The conversations of where we've been, where we are and aspire to go from here. An unedited family dialogue where questions and comments are meant to be exchanged among other forward progressive suggestions and concepts.

    Live this Sunday at 6pm EST/3pm PST. The call in number is (347) 984-8239. See you there...

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    4-Dyanmic Speakers discussing "Be Authentically To Who You Are"

    in Spirituality

    Nicole Lee: During my spiritual journey for the past 12 years, The Divine God Almighty has been guiding my entire walk.  By knowing and listening to his voice, being obedient to the calling, I have been led to write this book, Healing Cosmetologist, its part of many lives’ purposes.  The Healing Cosmetologist is a book about the journey of the success and new found discovery of the gifting's of a Cosmetologist/Beauty Professional, the gift of healing.  

    Esther ReneeWright, The founder of Titus Works, Ministries, a vision I believe was downloaded specifically to me from God. This ministry has been created to spread the word freely to ages 25 and up. Titus based on the Word of God in Titus chapter 2, teaches us that the old shall be there to guide the young into a better life with Christ.  

    As a Certified Life Coach, Anita Sechesky, has gained more clarity about her own passion of empowering others. Anita is the CEO and Owner of her company Anita Sechesky - Living Without Limitations. Her vision for her company is to empower and inspire others to live their lives without limitations such as false beliefs, grief, past failures, broken dreams, struggling relationships, finding your identity, lost hope, health conditions, lies, and labels placed on by others.

    Luctricia White: There are many ways to describe Luctricia White's teaching and speaking style, however it has often been described as Engaging, Genuine and Intense!  Her conferences have also been called Inspiring, Powerful and Life Changing! So you must know, that when you hear her, you are certainly going to be blessed.Warm and personable,  Luctricia is able to speak to deep intimate concerns, common to all women, in a way that causes her audiences to address the hidden matters of the heart.  

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    Professional Speakers Radio Show- Motivating Success

    in Business

    Experts Share Insights Into Modern Success Strategies:

    This week our panel of experts examines the idea of modern success. We talk about what it means in today's world to be successful, what the most effective or the most common strategies for success are today, and what issues are the most important ones for society that are preventing more people from being successful. Join us to hear authors John Tschohl, Mitchell Levy and David Cooke join host Chris Cayer to talk about key issues and solutions for driving success in your business and your life.

    Our experts are people who know what they are talking about: they are top-selling authors, public speakers, consultants, and subject matter professionals in the industry instead of talking-head 'analysts' who are treated by mainstream media as experts in everything. If you want to know who the pros are and what the pros really think of the issues that matter to you, then listen in to The Professional Speakers Radio Show!

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