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    " Her Voice" 90 Day Rule .....

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    Tonight, the Platinum Queens West family warmly welcome the birth of a new broadcast devoted to conducting open heart surgery on the Black Sisterhood in order to mend, repair and unite the women of various generations together as 1. The heavy-handed sister of the PQW broadcast feature Philly’s Finest in Dee Neal & California’s Brightest in Celeste Watson featuring PQW’s own, Shanda Sealey. 

    Tonight’s Opening Topic: 90 Day Rule - Does it Work? Do U put Stipulations, Rules when your dating? Join your Hosts Dee Neal, Celeste Watson & Shanda as they discuss and share their Experiences of Dating and all things pertaining. The Era of the Forward Progressive Female begins here at 8PM Pacific Standard Time/11PM Eastern Standard Time. Looking forward to seeing you there...

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    The Robert Rule Show

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    We are back again. Election season is upon us and its time to get informed. You could just watch TV but why would you?

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    "Platinum Resolutions; Standing Up in 2015"

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    Afer weathering many storms and an unscheduled ‘hiatus’, the Platinum Queens West family will return to celebrate over 6+ years on Blog Talk Radio. Aside from recalling many memorable moments, we will also honestly speak on everything that needs to not only start & continue in 2015 yet what must be stopped and left behind in 2014. There are many things that demand our collective focus within the next few years and together, we look forward to adding our respective amount of bass to Black Media as intended. Time to give 2014 a proper send off...  

    The call in number is (347) 884-8239 as we air live every Sunday at 3PM Pacific Standard Time/6PM Eastern Standard Time. See you there...

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    The Robert Rule Show 3/26/2015

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    You could watch TV, but why would you?

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    Platinum Queens West Radio presents: Ethnic Integrity

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    With the Spring season approaching, there are many conversations needed to be had amongst the Melanoid Collective. In today's episode, we are going to discuss the importance of addressing the unnecessary traffic running through our neighborhoods and numerous affairs overall. It is high time for security measures amongst the numerous channels and alleyways that have been left open for all the wrong reasons...

    Per usual, the following views and opinions are unedited and can be deemed flammable to ears, hearts, minds & egos of a ‘delicate’ nature. Listener’s digression and full body flame retardant armor is strongly advised. Standard issued Pepto Bismol is available for those with moderate or severe cases of heartburn...

    To those black businesses, artists and entrepreneurs abroad, looking to get put on or advertisement; your information must be sent to platinumqueen1@gmail.com. We take care of our own here as we all must stand up and represent. Also, comments, show topics and all things pertaining are most welcomed and will possibly be read on the air. We broadcast live each Sunday at 6PM Eastern Standard Time/3PM Pacific Standard Time. See you there...

  • The Rule Report

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    If you don't want the truth, go watch tv!

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    Platinum Queens West Radio presents: New Year's Revolution

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    2015 is officially here and the Platinum Queens West Radio family is back with its 1st episode of a brand new year. We are destined to approach everything step by step in a brand new light. Granted, as perfectly flawed as we are, remaining content with outdated mindsets, practices and deadweight is one of the many ingredients of certain failure. The expansion of the broadcast also includes the gradual forward progression of the audience as well. This year is the start were the often voiceless are seen, heard and encouraged.

    These steps must not only be measured yet emboldened by commitment and daring to fail and stand up for yourselves and your beliefs; Social. Interpersonal. Economically. Sexually. Spiritually. Mentally. Overall. Per usual, expect to hear and speak unedited. Individuals whom have opted to remain allergic to Truth & Reality...Egocentric Digression is strongly advised...

    The call in number is (347) 884-8239 as we air live every Sunday at 3PM Pacific Standard Time/6PM Eastern Standard Time. See you there...

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    "Where Angels Tread" with Leslie Rule

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    Leslie Rule has spent over a decade researching spirits and has chronicled her paranormal tales in four previous nonfiction books, Coast to Coast Ghosts, Ghosts Among Us, When the Ghost Screams, and Ghost in the Mirror. With more than 150,000 copies sold, Rule builds upon her successful series of mystical works with Where Angels Tread.

    Where Angels Tread presents startling cases of angelic intervention, carefully documented through research and interviews, and accompanied by 30 black-and-white photographs of the subjects. In addition to enjoying tightly written yet detailed stories, loyal readers will be pleased to see Rule's trademark "In the News" sidebar articles where actual news accounts of angels and miracles are spotlighted.  

    An enticing foreword by best-selling author Ann Rule will whet readers' appetites when she confides that an angel once saved her life.





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    Platinum Radio Opening Show

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    Welcome to the opening show here on Platinum Radio. We play nothing but the best music independent and mainstream. Want to give a shoutout? No problem call (646) 787-8534 and press 1 to go live. We are going to tear the night up so join us as we listen to some great music and speak on the hottest topics! Join us from 8-10p.m Est either by phone by calling (646) 787-8534 or by computer at www.blogtalkradio.com/platinumradio and let's get the party live.

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    ENVISION THIS: We the People are powerful enough to dismantle corporate rule!

    Join us as we talk to one of the most powerful adversaries of corporate domination of our government and our culture.

    Paul Cienfuegos, Workshop Leader, Lecturer, Writer, Bookseller, and Engaged Citizen, powerfully challenges corporate rule.  Knowing how threatening an undertaking this can be for people, he also helps people come to terms with their difficult feelings about the current state of our world and teaches active listening skills to activists.

    Paul’s workshops include:

    We the People Are More Powerful Than We Dare to Believe: First Steps in Dismantling Corporate Rule
    Next Steps in Dismantling Corporate Rule: Visioning, Developing and Managing a Campaign
    Taking OUR Local Mass Media Back From Large Corporations: We the People Are More Powerful Than We Dare to Believe
    Despair and Personal Power in an Age of Corporate Rule and Climate Crisis
    Active Listening for Activists

    He answers our question such as, "Can we yank corporate culture out of our own heads and speech?" and "Is a truly sustainable society achievable as long As corporate rights trump the rights of people?"

    Join us for this powerful visionary speaker!

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