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    Is There Life On Other Planets? Do You Believe In UFO's and Aliens?

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    Does life exist on other planets? Have you seen a UFO or had a UFO encounter?  Do you believe in extraterrestrials? Join us as we discuss aliens in our ancient history, historical sightings and abductions, controversial beliefs and popular events in media. Guests and listeners share their experiences. Call in number is 347-633-9648.

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    Astrological Impact of Planets in Retrograde - Psychic Peter Marks

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    Psychc Peter Marks talks about the Jupiter and Leo in retrograde and what this means astrolgically.  Are you having problems with your computer and smart phone?  Are their communication issues?  The planets are messing with us.  What can we do?  Peter Marks will explain.

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    Sacred planets of the Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury, and Sun & Moon

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    Seven sacred planets ‘were the heavenly bodies in direct astral and psychic communication with the Earth, its Guides, and Watchers – morally and physically; the visible orbs furnishing our Humanity with its outward and inward characteristics, and their “Regents” or Rectors with our Monads and spiritual faculties’. The sacred planets did not include Uranus or Neptune, ‘not only because they were unknown under these names to the ancient Sages, but because, they, as all other planets, however many there may be, are the gods and guardians of other septenary chains of globes within our systems’.1

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    Paranormal Frequencies: Ghost Sex & Life on other Planets

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    In this episode of Paranormal Frequencies, we dive into the phenomena of ghost sex.  Many people claim to have had sex with a ghost, so that got us thinking... can ghosts have sex? Then we explore the possibility of life on other planets.  Is there another Earth?  Have we already made contact?  All this and more Sunday night at 6pm Central!

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    Are The Planets Aligned For Your Success? Bill Attride Tells All

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                William Attride has lived and worked as a professional astrologer in New York City for over 30 years. Mr. Attride is known for his unique integration of the spiritual and the psychological dimensions of astrology. With a Bachelor's degree in Anthropology and Political Science and a Master's degree in Economics and Philosophy, he has developed a practice which combines the metaphysical teachings known as Theosophy with a Jungian psychological model of human development. His approach emphasizes personal growth and development through greater self-awareness. He considers astrology to be one of the most ancient methods by which we can more correctly understand our purpose and so more knowingly direct our lives along meaningful pathways.            

                Mr. Attride has been featured in articles in such diverse publications as New Woman Magazine, Avenue Magazine and the Sunday Business section of The New York Times. He has lectured on astrology in San Francisco. In the last several years he has been interviewed numerous times on radio, contributing to the Pacifica project on "The DNA of Carl Jung", as well as other broadcasts dedicated to political analysis of the USA as well as more general yearly forecasts. 

    Call in for a free reading 626-231-0306

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    Exoconsciousness: Did We Really Come From Other Planets?

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    Today's show is going to look at the origins of humanity.  In case you aren't familair with the cutting edge of genetics, there is a great deal of evidence to suggest that our DNA has been massively modified by extraterrestrial races.  In fact, we might literally come from somewhere else, perhaps MANY other planets.  WE might be the ETs!!

    To discuss this we have Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, PhD.  Rebecca founded the Institute for Exoconsciousness. She created the concept of Exoconsciousness--the study of the extraterrestrial origins, dimensions and abilities of human consciousness.

    Rebecca's most important work is researching advanced psychic abilities and extraterrestrial contact. Do humans have an innate ability to experience extraterrestrial contact?  If so, what does that mean for our species?

    Rebecca’s research has implications for technology-based transhumanism, brain-based neuroscience, and quantum-based cosmic consciousness. "An Exoconscious identity and conceptual framework is essential for our culture’s journey into technology, space, and extraterrestrial contact." 

    Exoconsciousness normalizes psychic abilities as essential for a 21st century human. Her research focuses on telepathic communication and psychokinesis. Exoconscious humans seem to birth psychic abilities, experience inter-dimensional travel and identify as a cosmic being. Taking a step further, Rebecca integrates UFOs and consciousness, renaming UFOs, Exoconscious Craft. These craft create form and generate energy from the universal field of consciousness.

    Rebecca’s book, Exoconsciousness: Your 21st Century Mind (2008) examines extraterrestrial human consciousness. 

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    Pet Radio- Dog by Dog Documentary & Animal Planets Andrea Arden

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    The director and creator of the feature length documentary about puppy mills Dog by Dog joins us, and world famous dog trainer and author Andrea Arden talks about the different approaches to dog training that you should know before choosing a trainer.

    This mov ie takes a very candid look at puppy mills, but G rated. It gives you intelligent information about the issue without cramming it down your throat. If you love dogs, you should know more about this issue. 

    Andrea Arden is a well known author and television personality and makes her first visit to Pet Radio.

    Pleas visit out FB page and web site. 

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    Mahala Gayle (Astrologer) - Rockin' n Rollin' n Sleepin'

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    Every single time like clockwork ... Mahala Gayle educates us in how everything correlates ... cause she believes there is really a master plan in action and a path to understanding the master plan is through Astrology.

    As usual, Mahala ignites and makes real just how our planets are speaking to us as we'll progress through the rest of March and into April ... and on top of that we're sure that she'll nail the highlights that certainly will keep us on our toes for more than a while.

    Website: http://www.mahalasastrology.com/


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    Do Aliens Exist? Life on other planets

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    Join us Monday as we ask do aliens exist? Is there life on other planets, galaxies. From unexplained lights in the sky to stories of abduction, once again we will ask, truth or fiction, fact or myth.

    Call us in and share your experience we would love to hear from you.


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    The Elements and Ruling Planets & Signs of the Major Arcana Continued!

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    Today I will continue breifly discussing the elements/suits and ruling planets/signs of the Major Arcana of the Tarot, and then open the airways for callers for any questions and short free readings!

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