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    A Case For Cycles In A Nation

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    Readings from KalaRhythms: A Case For Cycles In A Nation

    KalaRhythms founder and author, K. David Katzmire, offers an perspective on an original theory of the cycles of time by reading from a magazine article he published in 2009 title, "A Case For Cycles in A Nation."

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    Love Cycles: The Five Essential Stages of Lasting Love

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    Linda Carroll is the author of Love Cycles. A couple’s therapist for over thirty years, she is certified in Transpersonal Psychology and Imago Therapy and is a master teacher in Pairs Therapy. She lives in Corvallis, OR, offers workshops across the country, and is a frequent speaker at Rancho La Puerta in Tecate, Mexico. Visit her online at http://www.lindaacarroll.com. Join us for an enlightening interview on the cycles of love, and why it's important to recognize each stage as you deepen your relationship and reach the ultimate - wholehearted lasting love.


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    Historical Cycles: Are we doomed to repeat the past? With Stefan Verstappen

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    This week we're talking once again to Canadian author, artist, and martial arts expert, Stefan Verstappen. Stefan has a professional background in communications and business management and has travelled extensively throughout East Asia, where he has studied oriental art, culture and Kung Fu.

    Stefan is the author of 'The art of urban survival' from which the viral YouTube video documentary 'Defense Against the Psychopath' was taken.

    Stedan has recently produced another video on the topic of historical cycles of human civilization and the manner in which they appear to repeat. In his video, Stefan makes the case that we are currently in the final stage of our cycle of history, defined, like all others, by widespread chaos. Historically, only small groups of people survived the periods of destruction that defined the end of a cycle, and they did so by forming themselves into tight-knit communities with specific organizational structures.

    Join us this Sunday 23rd November 2014 from 2-4pm EST (8-10pm CET) as we discuss vital strategies for daunting times.

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    Cycles of Change: Expect a YES! (29 Day Challenge)

    in Energy

    Join me for the 29 Day Manifesation Challenge. We will take one goal and work on it for 29 days. Everyone is on a MAIN cycle. Women from puberty have been on a cycle, some just dont know it. Well lets take ONE of the Cycles Life gives us and use it for CHANGE!  Price is $125 limited time.

    Contact me at:healinglovecenter@gmail.com

  • Don Slepian: Classical Music of the Future

    in Music

    Don Slepian is a preeminent Classical Electronic Keyboardist who is famous for performing original, improvised orchestral music that excites and inspires audiences. Hailed as “one of the genre’s major talents” by Rolling Stone Magazine, he is an award-winning artist with critically acclaimed performances in both Paris and New York City.

    Don Slepian is a true pioneer in electronic music.  He has been presented in prestigious venues such as; New York’s Lincoln Center by WNYC’s New Sounds, in the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris by the French Ministry of Culture, in Thailand by the Karen Baptist Church, and at the Waikiki Shell in Hawaii by the Honolulu Symphony Society.

    Read more about Sea Of Bliss by Don Slepian

    “Sea Of Bliss” on CD Baby


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    PLANETARY COMPASS Are you forgetting things?

    in Spirituality

    Join us for another fascinating discussion exploring the nature of consciousness.


    NASA: Earthquakes shorten length of the day
    Memory and Magnetic Pole Reversal
    Circadian Rhythms and the Human Energy Field
    Magnetite crystal - Compass in the brain
    Dementia and Alzheimer’s - Response to planetary shift  


    The Emerald Alignment
    A practical Self Help approach to Energy Field Alignment, Healing, Sealing and Protecting the auric field. 

    Global Meditation - Aligning to Planetary Rhythms

    Read Carol's Blog: http://rainbowlight.uk.com/blog/

    Download show links: http://www.paranormalmatters.co.uk

    We are unable to take calls during this show but please send your questions or comments through the forum: Rainbow Light Forum 
    or via email: questions@paranormalmatters.co.uk

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    Blessing all life ~ Planetary Healing Meditation

    in Spirituality

    Please join us each Sunday for a Guided Meditation to bring healing energy to the planet!

    Send beautiful healing energy to your family and all life through a guided meditation with the Angels.

    With divinely aligned intentions, Planetary Healers can create miracles in healing the collective consciousness. The level of peace on the planet at any given moment is the sum total of each of our individual energies. Each of us is capable of enhancing the inner healer in us and acting as a Planetary Healer.

    With our pure intention and focus we can transmit energy to change and shift the patterns of the collective energy grid that surrounds the planet. Shifting the collective energy field is not difficult, especially when we connect with our own Divine Eternal Spirit and then ask for High Beings of Light to assist us to heal discordant energy systems.

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    Psychotherapist/wellness coach & host of Planetary Spirit tell of life journeys

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    New Show with double guests: Light of the Hour

    Charlotte Cassidy is a psychotherapist, counselor and wellness coach who received her Master of Arts Degree in Counseling Psychology from the Adler School of Professional Psychology in Chicago. Charlotte has experience in a variety of treatment modalities and has worked in private practice, hospital and school board settings. She is an advanced PSYCH-Kâ Facilitator and is currently completing her Diplomate Certification in Comprehensive Energy Psychology. Charlotte utilizes a variety of energy psychology techniques to increase her client’s sense of health and well-being.

    Jeff F/Jeff Ferrannini (Ferr-ah-nee-nee) is creator, producer, and host of Planetary Spirit, an internet radio program started in March of 2006. For 2 ½ years Jeff shared production and hosting with Magdalena. Since June 2009 Jeff is now sole producer/host. In June 2010, Jeff began broadcasting Planetary Spirit “Live” from ETIN (Emerson Talk & Information Network) studio at Emerson College, in Boston, MA. In November of 2012, Planetary Spirit affiliated with Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network on the East Coast and their two West Coast internet radio affiliates.

    “Jeff Ferrannini is one of the best interviewers I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Insightful, heartful and always on the top of his game. Jeff does a wonderful service to the world.”


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    Jeff Ferrannini - is creator, producer, and host of Planetary Spirit

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    For 2 ½ years Jeff shared production and hosting with Magdalena the internet radio show Planetary Spirit. Since June 2009 Jeff is now sole producer/host. In June 2010, Jeff began broadcasting Planetary Spirit "Live" from ETIN (Emerson Talk & Information Network) studio at Emerson College, in Boston, MA. In November of 2012, Planetary Spirit affiliated with Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network on the East Coast and their two West Coast internet radio affiliates.


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    Love Cycles-Linda Carroll Live with Scott Cluthe on Positively Incorrect Radio

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    Join Scott Cluthe on FACEBOOK HERE. 


    Free Book From Scott Cluthe HERE 

    Scott Cluthe talks with Linda Carroll about her new book, Love Cycles: The Five Essential Stages of Lasting Love. Carroll has over 30 years experience as a couples therapist.

    Linda Carroll's Love Cycles will teach you how to rediscover love, fun, and passion in your most intimate partnership, no matter how challenging your relationship has become. It is a book that is relevant and applicable to people of all ages, gender identifications, social backgrounds, and personal histories.
    Full disclosure: This is not the usual kind of self-help book. Instead, Love Cyclesis an original and coherent theory about the cycle of romantic relationships, providing a guide for how to effectively navigate this cycle—whether you are gay or straight, single, divorced, coupled, married, or contemplating engagement.

    Love Cycles will help you to understand where you are in the circle of a relationship and provide strategies and clarity on how stay happy and committed, even in difficult times. Our road map will take you from The Merge, through Doubt and Denial, Disillusionment, and Decision to the joy of Wholehearted Love.
    Love Cycles unlocks the secrets of attraction, showing why we don't always choose the person who is best for us, why even the most solid-seeming couples don't always make it & more.

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    Radio Century Cycles (Episode 30)

    in Sports

    Most everyone is familiar with the Tour de France, but if you want to discuss a truly grueling cycling event, nothing tops the Race Across America.  Last time, we talked to one of the founders of the race, but this time, we will be chatting with local Ohio racer, Mike McClintock, who just completed the 2014 RAAM in 11 days, 20 hrs!  Hear his adventure first hand!

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