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    12-On The Record: Stay with Your Integrity and Be Open

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    Singer/Songwriter/Producer Linda Perry is one of the most sought after names in the music business, and is often credited with bringing out the real artist in some of today’s most acclaimed artists. From her first major cuts and productions with P!nk to numerous hits penned and produced for artists Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys, Gwen Stefani, and James Blunt.

    Prior to her current incarnation as singer/songwriter/producer/label owner, Perry was most notably known for former Interscope recording artists 4 Non Blondes.  Perry’s song, What's Up, catapulted the band to international stardom and the album Bigger, Better, Faster, More, sold 7 million copies, landing Perry the Best New Female Vocalist award in the Rolling Stone Reader's Poll. She's toured with The Who, Aerosmith, Prince, Neil Young, and Pearl Jam, and has appeared on David Letterman, Conan O'Brien, the Billboard Music Awards, MTV, and England's Top of the Pops.

    In June of 2015 Perry was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

    Perry's most recent project is a children's album released with her wife, Sara Gilbert, under the name, Deer Sounds. The album is inspired by the children in their family, including their newest member, Rhodes Gilbert-Perry.


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    08-On The Record: Opportunities Lead The Way To Success

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    Amanda Alexandrakis holds a Degree in Marketing and a Masters Degree in International Business from Florida International University. She has run a record label, multiple promotion companies in various genres and has worked in almost every facet of the music industry. For over 10 years, Ms. Alexandrakis was the Vice-President of South Beach Marketing & Promotion (SBMP), a radio promotion company that specialized in A/C radio campaigns in the USA. From 2004-2008, SBMP was the European Music Office’s (EMO) US Radio Consultant. Amanda was recently the Worldwide Radio Consulting/Marketing Director for the David Lynch Foundation Music and (through a re-organization of the company) is currently the Radio Promotions Manager for Transcendental Music (a charity label that raises money for the David Lynch Foundation) and is also the President/Owner of Music Promotion, Inc., her latest venture.


  • 13-On The Record: Package Yourself, Be Creative, Live Your Dreams

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    Bree Noble is an entrepreneur, musician and speaker. She founded Women of Substance Radio & Podcast to promote quality female artists in all genres. The Podcast, a 5 day per week show which promotes Independent female artists, hit #1 in New & Noteworthy in all 3 of it's categories and #4 Audio Podcast on all of iTunes. She draws on her extensive experience running her own music business, both as a solo musician and as an Industry professional, to train and mentor other female musicians through her Female Musician Academy.  On her weekly Podcast, Female Entrepreneur Musician (also #1 in New & Noteworthy), she conducts interviews with successful Indie female artists and industry pros that are both inspirational and informational.

    Women of Substance - http://www.wosradio.com
    Female Entrepreneur Musician - www.FEMusician.com or www.FemaleMusicianAcademy.com
    Social Media Links: http://www.twitter.com/breenoble, http://www.facebook.com/breenoblemusic
    Instagram: @breenoblemusic

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    Tarence Farrell- Song Writer, Record Producer, Label Owner

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    As is a songwriter Tarence is known for his clear and honest style of writing and as a producer he creatively brings out the message of the song with the musical elements that surround it.  Tarence is the owner of Levite Music Group LLC, a record label dedicated to Christian based music and he is also the VP of Qhuas Fitness, a Christian based fitness company.

    Tarence's story started when his young parents learned that their newborn child had a heart defect and needed surgery. Through much prayer his parents dedicated Tarence to The Lord and God continues to show him favor even today.

    Tarence was born and raised in queens, NY and began playing the drums at an early age with guidance from his father who was also a drummer.  As his talent matured he began playing for countless churches, groups and solo artists, including a staff position as a percussionist at Harlem School of the Arts.  After a three year musical director position with recording artist By Dezign, Tarence moved to the audio engineering and production side of the music industry.  He continued his passion for music, however only on a part time basis when he released his first project, Instrumental Offerings in 2002.  During that release Tarence was laid off from his job as a technical recruiter at a well know firm. This is when he began to realize that God had plans for him to work full time in the music industry.

    God has blessed Tarence with experience working with countless established and up-and-coming artists/musicians giving him a growing perspective on what works.  Become a part of this amazing journey by connecting with Tarence and the projects he’s a part of.

    Join Us! 917-932-8802.

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    09-On The Record: Look Inside for Personal Power

    in Business

    Sandra Dee Robinson is a well-known daytime actress, TV and Radio Host, Product Spokesperson, wildlife advocate, CEO and Founder of Charisma on Camera Media Training Studio, and Horsepowered Consulting.  She is author of, IMPACT! Secrets to Powerful Personal Presence on Camera and Off. 

    Sandra Dee is under great demand as a coach, consultant, and speaker for companies, entrepreneurs, authors, celebrities, and well-established experts to help them develop their most powerful personal presence and leadership communication skills.  She has appeared in major roles on Another World, Sunset Beach, Bold and the Beautiful, General Hospital, Days of Our Lives, The Bay and guest starred on many prime time shows and films, like CSI Miami, Criminal Minds, and Two and a Half Men… among others.  She attributes her consistent success in this challenging industry to the lessons she now has honed into effective workshops and seminars.


  • 10-On The Record: Real, Raw, Relevant, Meangingful Content Changes Lives

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    Pamela Nebeker, visionary and creator of TalkAbout Productions has been an entrepreneur most of her

    life.  Born in Washington State in 1960, she began working in the modeling entertainment industry at

    age 11, with a short stint as a spokes model for PlayBoy International between 1979 and 1983.  As a

    single mother raising 6 children she earned a living as an interior designer and real estate broker from

    1989-2007.  She started TalkAbout Productions in 2007, coming full circle back into the entertainment


    With TalkAbout productions, Pam’s vision began by seeing a way that she could help other

    entrepreneurs, artists, realtors, non-profits, speakers, writers and other professionals express their

    passion authentically.  Helping professionals connect with their target audience via the web, she

    believes nothing is more powerful than when one speaks his/her own truth.

    Today she spends her time telling the stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things, changing

    the world one person at a time.  Currently she’s working on a project that tells the story of courageous

    women of Africa called the Witches of Ghana, exiled from their villages to the mountains of Ghana.

    Women from different tribes that have been cast out thru no fault of their own and must learn to live

    together dealing with nature, language barriers and isolation. Pam and her crew tell the women’s

    stories, challenges and triumphs, as well as the stories of those trying to help them .

    She resides in Salt Lake City, Utah with her husband Gaylen Nebeker, filmmaker and love of her life,

    their 8 children and 4 grandchildren. For Pam all things are spiritual – our families, our homes, our work,

    the earth. It's all sacred work.


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    Setting the Record Straight

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    Setting the Record Straight

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    Setting the Record Straight

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