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    Food Nation Food Talk Radio EP #25 Pizza Party!

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    Food Nation Food Talk Radio EP #25 Pizza

    brought to you by www.thunderbaydining.com

    When the moon hits your eye like a big PIZZA PIE! That's an episode! And party you say? Have a couple cocktails with us this show, we will!

    What can I say? I love the stuff, you love the stuff, stuffed or not stuffed. Even "bad pizza" to me is atleast ok pizza. Dough, cheese, and what ever else you can possibly imagine = comfort food over load. Chef Shawn makes his own thin crust, normal crust or even deep dish at home! This episode we will talk about everything and anything pizza! We will talk about Thunder Bay's favourite pizza joints from franchises to the local small mom and pos kind of places. We will discuss what is Thunder Bay's favourite pizza topping! The Chef will share a recipe or two also. Stay tuned, Food Nation Food Talk Radio We Celebrate Food With You! MMMMM Pizza.... How many slices of food fun do you want?

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    Pizza! Pizza! Pizza! Yep, Pizza! is the subject of The Halli Casser-Jayne Show Wednesday, August 8, 3 pm ET and Thursday, August 9, 9 pm ET. Pizza recipes, homemade pizza, pizza recipes gourmet, pizza dough recipes…we’re leaving no pizza stone unturned. We’ve got quite the guest line-up for you as we travel around the country in search of the most delicious, delectable and divine pizzas. We’ll talk to Mike of Mike’s Road Trip dot com; renowned cookbook author Diane Morgan; Food & Wine magazine editor, Tina Ujlaki; Ryan Hays – The “Ultimate” Pizza Fan. We are even going to introduce you to The Big Green Truck Company, a catering service with a fleet of antique trucks fitted with wood-fired brick ovens whose pizza is out-of-this-world. The Halli Casser-Jayne Show is Talk Radio for Fine Minds and palates.

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    George O'Barts and Pizza Shop the Moive!

    in Film

    Aftermy fighting off the V.A. The Black Dog and fake Redheads, I bring you George O'Barts and his great film Pizza Shop the Moive!

    Hear How he made thins, Why he made this and his thoughts on Film Making!

    Who other then Indy Film Wisconsin can rock this hard?

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    Louddmouth Radio Host Open Mic Mixer at Pizza Day Restaurant Stockbridge, GA

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    LouddMouth Radio is presenting the Open Mic Mixer with LouddMouth Comedy and a Live Radio Show at Pizza Day at 5248 North Henry Blvd. in Stockbridge, Georgia this Thursday November 13, 2014 at 7:30pm. Pizza Day is a local Restaurant Celebrating Community Week for local residents to come out and enjoy some good food within a comfortable space in a spacious dining room. LouddMouth Marketing & Entertainment Group invites people that have talent in spoken word, comedy, singing to come out and enjoy the evening. Free Tickets are online here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-louddmouthradiocom-open-mic-mixer-hosted-by-pizza-day-in-stockbridge-ga-tickets-14210829975

    Open 7 days  a week, Pizza Day has been open since April 2014 and welcomes groups, family and individuals to gather for lunch & dinner as well as special occassions. Follow them on Facebook at: http://facebook.com/itsapizzaday & Order online for delivery or pick-up at http://itsapizzaday.com 

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    Master Chicago Style Pizza in Your Own Kitchen!

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    Chicago style pizza is the perfect pizza for the vast majority of people - unless you are from New York! It is available in both think and thin crusts. The thin crust pizza can actually be a diet friendly food while the thick crust can satisfy your indulgent side. After mastering this simple technique you'll prefer it to going out to your favorite pizzeria!

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    The End of An Era: The Pizza Pocket Gut

    in Comedy

    This episode of Kienan and Ben Funky Times we talk about Kaelan Atkinson the Pizza Pocket gut man himself, along side of us tonight we have our loyal companion Jesse Meating, you don't want to miss this sweet treat!  Gonna be a golden night tonight ladies and gents!

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    Chef Alex's Fast Food Friday: Pizza and Grinders!

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    On this week's episode of Fast Food Friday, Chef Alex will be talking about Pizza, Grinders, and Calzones! Pizza is a very common fast food that everyone loves! Grinders are a bigger sized sandwich that everyone loves! So Chef Alex will discuss them here on the show!

    Chef Alex will discuss Chain Pizzeira vs. Pizzeria Restaurants, why pizza is a good fast food, the different kinds of pizzas, then we will discuss calzones, and grinders.

    Alex will share a few pizza,calzone, and grinder recipes!

    Feel free to call in at 646-716-6458 dial 1 to ask any pizza grinder or calzone questions!



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    Tony's Pizza &Restaurant Review

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    On this show, Chef Alex will be doing his 8th restaurant review. Alex is going to review another local Pizza shop and restaurant. This time Alex is going to review his favorite High School ''skipping'' spot. This is where I used to eat lunch on my Senior skip days! I am going to be reviewing Tony's Pizza and Restaurant right here in Springfield MA. Tony's has become a Springfield favorite. I am going to review the menu, the service, the food, and so much more. I am also going to read some customer reviews and tell you what the public thinks! Call in at  646-716-6458 with your review of Tony's Pizza, what you think of the food and more. If you aren't from Springfield, you can call in to ask cooking or baking questions or talk pizza ! Enjoy the show!

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    We love Pizza, Pizza Man does not!!!!!!!!

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    On the show, "The Pizza Man" goes off on the local Pizza joint. Robert says he is sorry for not doing a show last night, but plans on making this one worth the wait. So curl up next to your comp and prepare to be boned! With Robert Boner!

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    Courtesan Candy: Pizza Workshop In Your Own Kitchen

    in Cooking

    Tune in to listen to Yolanda Shoshana talking the art of making pizza with martriarch of pizza in DC, Ruth Gresser. Find out more information about Gresser's new book, Kitchen Workshop-Pizza: Hands on Cooking Lessons For Making Amazing Pizza at Home. Become your own pizza expert and have delicious pizza without having to learn the comfort of your home. 

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    2 Bros Pizza Sheet

    in Comedy

    Nick Vatterott can't make it this week, he's out to lunch. So this week week Tony Pizza (formally of 3 Bros Pizza) will be talking pizza, puns, food and funs with comedians Nate Fernald and Adam Newman.

    Follow us at @nickvatterott and @standupnylabs

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