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    Battle of the Pitches

    in Automotive

    Auto Dealer Live is a weekly radio show that broadcasts nation wide for the automotive industry. We bring together the most up to date news, information, controversy and methods being used around the country to progress the industry.

    Co Hosts David Villa, CEO of IPD, and David Cribbs, Lead Trainer of Auto Dealer University, have a combined 45 years working in the Automotive Industry. The Automotive industry is one of their biggest passions in life. They strive to continue pushing it forward.

    Auto Dealer Live is not a run of the mill show. We bring content, people and information others aren’t. We were first to get Edmunds on the phone and sales people on the phone when the edmunds commercials came out and brought a lot of anger with it. We held a full blown BDC debate between Industry greats Sean V Bradley and Alan Ram. We bring big names guests in the industry such as: Grant Cardone, Jim Ziglier, Tom Hopkins, Alan Ram, Danny Benites, Amanda &amp­;amp;amp;amp; Erin Ryan, Laura Madison, Corey Mosley, Kate Frost and many others.

    Want more information about who we are and what we do? Visit our site:


    Tune in each Thursday at 3:30 PM (EST) to hear us live.

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    Speaker Training: Original, Intriguing Books, Blogs, Presentations TEDx Talks

    in Women

    During this hour with Marnie and guest, Sam Horn, you'll discover:

    Develop powerful, one-of-a-kind titles using the magic of intrigue.
    Three keys to establishing real-world relevance so people pay attention.
    The power of “Did you know” questions to quickly earn respect.
    Create the “next new thing” so you have a competitive edge.
    How to illustrate your ideas with TRUE stories so they come alive.
    How to keep things concise in a world of INFObesity.
    Why offering options is always better than giving orders.
    The value of turning “Aha’s” into “Ha-Ha’s” so people laugh and learn.
    How seeing speaking as a sport turns nervousness into confidence.
    Why never again to give an elevator speech – and what to do instead.
    An exercise that helps you express your inner genius and legacy message as a writer/speaker/consultant so you stand out.

    Sam Horn is the Intrigue Expert a TEDx speaker, and a positioning and messaging strategist who helps people create compelling, one-of-a-kind presentations, pitches, books, brands, businesses, campaigns and causes. She is a popular speaker and her books POP!, Tongue Fu!® and Got Your Attention? have been featured in Fast Company, INC.com, BusinessWeek, Forbes and The New York Times. Learn more atwww.SamHorn.com.

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    Immaculate with John Cairney

    in Baseball

    An immaculate inning refers to a situation in which a pitcher, facing the first three batters in an inning, retires all three on consecutive strikes. In other words, three batters are retired on only nine pitches. John Cairney explores this rare feat, one accomplished less than a pitcher tossing a perfect game. We discuss that and other baseball related topics.


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    The Voice of the Turtle, Episode 9: Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

    in Sports

    In this week's episode, Rob and HookSlide talk about the biggest news in Tigers-dom: Tom Gorzelanny's new arm angle and whether Neftali Feliz should be tendered a contract. Oh, and that whole thing about Ausmus returning next year, too. They also look east to discuss the feud that went down in our nation's capital between Jonathan Papelbon and Bryce Harper, and point out the key differences between the still employed Brad Ausmus and newly-fired Matt Williams.

    Topics in this week's episode include:

    Pick protected!
    Why the No. 9 overall draft pick is a good thing
    J.D. Martinez didn't hit 40 homers, but that's OK
    Daniel Norris threw 54 pitches in an inning and everyone hated it
    Tom Gorzelanny, Neftali Feliz, and other players we don't want to see in 2016
    Guess who's back? Back again. Ausmus is back. Tell a friend...
    Does Al Avila need to Ausmus-proof the roster?
    Which teams will (not) win the World Series
    Jonathan Papelbon and workplace etiquette
    Listener questions!
    Rest in peace, Buck Farmer
    The Tigers' new direction


    2:29 - Rounding the Bases: what was the best and worst part of the 2015 season?
    21:49 - Warming in the Pen: why to avoid watching Tigers baseball in 2016
    44:11 - High and Tight: when did baseball players become above the law?
    59:32 - Into the Mob Scene at Home: the guy the Tigers need in 2016
    1:15:49 - The 7th Inning Kvetch: why the Tigers are already behind the 8-ball in 2016

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    Gateway To Baseball Heaven

    in Sports

    Every week, two of the Best Fans In Baseball (TM) bring you all the news and analysis you need about the St. Louis Cardinals.  This week, Daniel Shoptaw (C70 At The Bat) and Tara Wellman (Bird Seeds) talk about another roller-coaster week, a sweep in Milwaukee followed by barely surviving in Chicago.  There's a lot of talk about purpose pitches and retaliation and rivalries as well, plus a look forward at the week when the Cardinals hopefully will clinch the division or at least get that magic number of 10 way, way down.

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    Episode 104- Sports Quiz

    in Entertainment

    On this weeks show J will ask Jay Sport questions. Baseball, Football, and Basketball cause the others don't really count. Also we aren't really fans of them and its our show and we will do what we want. Who has been hit by the most pitches? Who has the most Extra point Attempts? Who has played the most minutes? These Questions and much much more. Call in at 646-929-0936, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

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    DC Movies That Never Happened Part 3

    in Film

    Have you heard about the crazy film pitches Adam West had for Batman?  Did you know that Chris O' Donnell was going to be Nightwing?  Would you like to see a movie where Catwoman faces off against an entire city full of Nathan Fillions? What of the in-canon Justice League film that would bridge the gap between Justice League and Justice League Unlimited? And what about that pre-Gotham Bruce Wayne series that Warner Bros considered before creating Smallville? Join us on an adventure to discover more once-pitched-but-quickly-ditched Batman/DC projects!

    Source: Batman Movies That Almost Happened

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    Ryno's Hot Spots

    in Sports

    Ryno’s Hot Spots / August 13th  

    Join Ryan Van Hofwegen as he discusses NBA, MLB, NFL and MMA topics and answer questions that you may have at 9pm ET/6pm PT


    * Division leaders and sleepers by division

    * Assembly approves Bucks arena deal

    * Adidas make bid to sign James Harden

    * Kobe Bryant believes Lakers is playoff team

    * Which NBA West team will make the biggest jump

    * Hawks Mike Scott faces felony drug charges


    * Managers on the hot seat

    * Dodgers Howie Kendrick goes on DL

    * Red Sox closer Koji Uehara to miss rest of season

    * Clayton Kershaw ties Sandy Koufax Dodger record

    * Hisashi Iwakum pitches no hitter


    * NFL Week #1 predictions

    * Johnny Manziel

    * Jadeveon Clowney’s father charged with attempted murder

    * Lions:  Loss of Ndamukong Suh overblown

    * Lions / DeAndre Levy agree to 4-years

    * Teddy Bridgewater:  Top flight QB

    * Super Bowl Sleepers

    * Buccaneers / Tony McDaniel agree to 1-year

    * Cardinals / Chris Johnson agree to 1-year

    * Best Fits for Ray Rice

    * Ryan Fitzpatrick:  Keeper


    * Cris “Cyborg” Justino’s camp says she will cut weight for Ronda Rousy fight

    * Ovince Saint Preux submits

    * Amir Khan enters MMA in Super Fight League investment

    To listen to the show, go over to www.SportzAddix.com and click on the live radio player or to listen or be part of the show, simply dial 646-378-1303

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    How to create trust.

    in Management

    Why is trust so important?  The fact is that most mortgage sales pitches are very similar:  "great service", "on time closings", "make sense underwriting" and offers to partner and grow our Realtor's business through mutual referrals. Great stuff but the same stuff.  In this week's episode we look at what it takes to build and keep trust.

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    Darius Soriano of ESPN's Truehoop breaks down the LA Lakers free agency doldrums

    in Basketball

    On this edition of The Versus Podcast, Bonta Hill (@BontaHill) and Eddie Maisonet (@edthesportsfan) talk with ESPN Truehoop blogger Darius Soriano (@forumbluegold) to discuss the latest shenanigans and tomfoolery taking place with the Los Angeles Lakers and free agency. How could Kobe Bryant mess up multiple free agency pitches to LaMarcus Aldridge and DeAndre Jordan? Are the Lakers ever going to be able to challenge the Golden State Warriors again as a rival? Will Bonta ever stop throwing shade at Lakers fans?

    Show your support for The Versus Podcast by subscribing to the show! For Apple/iPhone users, you can subscribe on iTunes, and for Android users, please go subscribe to our show on Stitcher Radio

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    Clio Express: A Conversation with Gene Chandler

    in Lifestyle

    From 1962 to 1970 Gene Chandler put nineteen songs in the top forty, but he will always be known all over the world as the Duke of Earl, his first hit that topped the pop and R&B charts in 1962 and launched his career.   In 1957 Gene became a member of the Du-Kays, a rhythm and blues group with a strong rock and roll sound. After a stint in the Army and singing solo in the Army he returned to Chicago in 1960 and rejoined the Du-Kays. Their first professional recording session was late in 1960, at which time they recorded "The Girl is Evil ".

    They recorded " Nite Owl " and " Duke of Earl " in 1961. "Nite Owl" was recorded first and out for distribution when they recorded the Duke, but the creation of the Duke of Earl was a bit more unusual.     The Du-Kays would warm up by singing do-do-do-do- in various tones and pitches. Gene started singing duke--duke--duke and from there added fellow member "Earl" Edward’s first name to complete the phrase. He then began composing the lyrics on the spot.

    Calvin Carter, A&R man with VeeJay Records absolutely loved the tune and especially liked Gene’s singing style. Carter was more interested in Gene alone than in the whole group sound and felt Gene could top the charts easier as a solo artist.  In January of 1962 Eugene Dixon became Gene Chandler, taking his last name from actor Jeff Chandler because he thought it had a romantic ring. Under Gene Chandler he released solo records while still under contract with the Du-Kays as Gene Dixon. The " Duke of Earl " was finally released and it sold a million copies in little over one month.   A great conversation about the life of a tremendous hit making artist.