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    ScreenPicks Movie Reviews: Mad Max, Pitch Perfect 2

    in Movies

    On this week's ScreenPicks Movie Show, we review three new films. First we look at Mad Max: Fury Road with Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron. Then we'll review Pitch Perfect 2 with Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, and Brittany Snow. Finally we review I'll See You In My Dreams with Blythe Danner. 

  • The Perfect 10 Project Lactation Matters

    in Moms and Family

    This episode of The Perfect 10 Project Lactation Matters discusses tips for breastmilk expression.  Hear from our working mother who is also in the National Guard.  Hear how she balances working, expression, and nursing.

  • The Perfect 10 "Lactation Matters"

    in Moms and Family

    Episode two of "The Perfect 10 Project" ~ Lactation Matters focuses on an exclusively pumping mom!  Hear her Top 5 Tips on exclusively pumping and meeting the needs of your infant.

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    ISAIAH 26:3 Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.    


    Come fellowship with Us and  Love On Purpose 


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    International Slow Pitch Softball Radio Podcast

    in Sports

    International Slow Pitch Softball Radio Podcast


    We're talking about International Slow Pitch Softball each and every Tuesday night!

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    99 problems: Mad Max vs. Pitch Perfect. plus Supergirl? No thanks...

    in Entertainment

    This week saw opening of two movies both sequels in one way or another one rated R the other Pg-13. One powered by an endless promotion machine the other moderate promtions and dual cycle T.V. and internet spot. 

    this weekend Mad Max was beaten out by Pitch Perfect 2 and we'll discuss the reason behind that. 

    but first we'll break down Kia's beloved supergirl and how it's being handled by CBS. (there might just be a few F-bombs in this episode.) 

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    CHAMBER OF PRAYER - in Perfect Flow and Perfect Circulation

    in Spirituality

    Today, my communication with the Omnipresence opens the channels of my soul system so I receive and give in perfect flow and perfect circulation. The Fountain of Life flows through me endlessly and I am refreshed in every moment. I rejoice in knowing that the Fountain of Divine Life never runs dry; it is Eternal. It pours into me always and all ways, clearing out all false debrie of human ideas and renewing Truth in every dimension of my being as I rremember the True Source of All-That-Is. I am in perfect connection with the source of All-That-Is because IT is within me as my very Life. It is the Omnipresent I AM. IT is Onipresent Omniscience --right here where I am -- right where each one of us is. This Infinite Intelligence is at work in me and I receive perfect insights flowing into my conscious reasoning mind. I place my awareness clearly in the center of my my being where the Divine Presence is. I am renewed, reset, refreshed, and restored. I think from a place of perfect wisdom. I feel from a fount of Perfect Love. Absolute wealth, health, love, and joy circulate freely and fully in every aspect of my experience right now! My Life overflows with Grace, Peace and Prosperity!

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    Greg Hofbauer of Nimble Pitch

    in Business

    William Eastman, Executive Producer of BIZLIVE,news and RichmondBIZLIVE interviews Greg Hofbauer of Nimble Pitch and GroundWorkDesign on his development of Nimble Pitch and its applications.

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    "Barbershop Talk: The Definition of the Perfect Wife"- Classic Rebroadcast

    in Radio


    At the end of the day, every young girl dreams of one day walking down the aisle in a beautiful dress and becoming the wife of the man of their dreams…Unfortunately, society has given women a very false idea of the qualities most important to a true man of God. If you’ve ever wondered what’s most important to men of today when seeking a mate, tune into “Barbershop Talk” on “The Dedan Tolbert Show” TONIGHT at 9:00pm EST as some of the realest men in America discuss “The Definition of The Perfect Wife 2014”. Listen 7 nights a week, 365 days a year by calling 646 200 0366 or listen online worldwide at www.dedantolbertshow.com... “REAL Radio that Matters”.

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    Finding Your Perfect Love

    in Christianity

    Many marital love relationships today are based upon match-making, trial by error, negative affection and false attraction, customs and traditions, emotional bonding, etc. The foundation originated from the earth realm or man-made and in some worst case scenario, demonically influenced to defile the marriage. There is no perfected love without the life of Love, which is why the first perfect marriage took unusual spiritual depth in God. Many people see marriage as a part of the lists of important arrangement of things to do in life. The order of true marriage begins in the spirit realm and it is the reason why demons are interested in impacting the order of marriage to defile the holiness of marriage. Marriage does not stop within the bounds of the union of marital vows and the consummation of marriage through sexual intercourse -- it goes beyond the physical activities to be established in the realm of God. When two become one, it is engaging a deeper and higher -- dimensional law of the Spirit because the spirit realm and the physical realm play pivotal roles to make the marital love relationship a great success. Unless the marriage honors God and the purpose of God, it is a failed marriage relationship even if everything looks successful in this life! 

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    Beautiful Butterfly Welcomes Author Of No Perfect Affair Charmaine Galloway

    in Lifestyle

    Join Us for Another Great Show and and there will be Book GIVEAWAYS!!

    MEET THE AUTHOR OF NO PERFECT AFFAIR: Charmaine was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. Writing has been her passion and a positive emotional outlet since middle school. As a teen, writing in her journal allowed her to escape the negativity of her world. Around that time she also began writing her first fiction novel. She finds joy in creating unique and awe inspiring story-lines for the characters in her stories. Ingenuity and imagination is a mainstay and compass in her work.  Charmaine has a Bachelor of Arts in Family Life Education, an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education and she is currently working on her Masters Degree. Becoming a fierce advocate and supporter of troubled young women has been a goal of hers since overcoming struggles of her own as a young woman. “I believe turning a blind eye or deaf ear to our struggling youth only promotes destruction and demise. They are human. They have a voice. You’ll be surprised by what you learn from them if you just listen.” 

     Charmaine, being the wearer of many proverbial ‘hats’, is a self-publisher and the founder of Charming Gal Publications. She is the CEO and jewelry designer for Charming Gal Boutique. CEO and Pre-Kindergarten Teacher at Amazing Grace Childcare and a Motivational Speaker. Charmaine uses her personal challenges and triumphs as she speaks, to encourage her audience that they can have a bright future despite what their past looks like. She pulls from her life experience and education as she speaks with a unique and upbeat perspective that adds flavor to personal development.