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  • 01:30

    The Life and Times of Deirdre Franklin and the Pinups for Pitbulls Model Call

    in News

    Attorney Fred Kray and the PBLN crew will discuss the life and times of Deirdre Franklin and Pinups for Pitbulls model call. Regular show episodes include:

    Recap of last week's show
    Weekly news update
    BSL updates with Kris Diaz from StopBSL
    Chat with Denise
    Dog Training with Yvette Van Veen

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  • 01:01

    Adopting, Breeding and Fostering Pitbulls

    in Pets

    In this episode, we will discuss pitbull breeders and provide info and tips on rescuing and fostering pitbulls. Special guest include Jill Navary of the Bully Paws Rescue and Advocacy Group. 

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    in Entertainment

    The Speilberg Experience Live is FW Speilberg sharing his friends,opinions and thoughts with the masse! Supporters and freinds of TSE know what to expect and know how entertaining it is in person so now you dont have to wait for Shows and ect to get it . We will bring it to you ! Yes The Bully World is a huge supporter of TSE but there are many more places we go and love! So take a journey with us and lets take it all in ! TSE knows alot of people and connecting them ids the key!! 

  • 01:14

    Pet Radio- The Legacy of Wallace the Pitbull

    in Pets

    Wallace the Pitbull was one of the first pitbulls on the internet stage to prove these dogs are much more than the stereotype and public reputation and has helped change the public view of the bully breeds today. We will talk to Andrew "Roo" Yori about the journey he went through with Wallace and the impact it had. It is a great story that you do not want to miss!

    Please visit our web site, Pet Radio Show

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    in Politics

    Tonight we talk about the evil pitbulls and how they just attack people for no reason at all. I hear that they like to team up with cobras and take over plains..lol

  • 00:57

    70: The Walking Dead S06E09 "No Way Out" Plus: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies!

    in Television

    There's "No Way Out" for Arnold, Scott, and special guest Deirdre Franklin of Pinups for Pitbulls as they talk about the big Season 6 midseason premiere episode of THE WALKING DEAD! The horde has moved into Alexandria, we lose a few folks (hey, it happens), and Daryl's cool again! Plus, Arnold gives a brief review of the recent zombie movie release, PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES! And check out the brand-new feature-length VOICES IN THE DARK audio commentary for THE EVIL DEAD (1981)...and yes, there are prizes!

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    Show Music: "Bitter Pill" (feat. Vosmoy) by Still Pluto.

  • 00:27

    kids on Pitbulls

    in Pets

    time to pass the wisdom down!

  • 00:57

    It's a PittieWorld: Latest News About Pitbulls

    in Pets

    Hosts Shalaya and Kelli share and discuss the latest national and local news concerning pitbulls. Topics include President Obama's support for banning breed-specific legislation (BSL), updates on BSL around the country and upcoming dog events and activities. 

  • 01:23

    Alex Cardinale Uncensored on AVN: Monday January 18 2016

    in Podcasting

    This is the one show where Alex Cardinale will get to let loose and cut any promos on he wants on any given topic! Only I get to choose what I want you to hear and what I will be saying!  Alex Cardinale UNSCRIPTED is going to be exactly as it sounds, AN UNSCRIPTED TALK SHOW THAT WILL BE ALL ADLIB and NO HOLDS BARRED! I will say what ever I want without a care in the world as only I Alex Cardinale can!

    Topics for this week's show:

    - NFL Divisional Playoff recap and NFL Championship Playoff preview

    - My Thoughts on Homosexuality and Gay Marriage


    -My Thoughts on Problems in the world today, and pitbulls



  • 01:31

    Deirdre Franklin - Pinups For Pitbulls & Thesis Against BSL

    in News

    Attorney Fred Kray and the PBLNR crew will with Deirdre Franklin her work at Pinups for Pitbulls and her Master's Thesis against Breed Discriminatory Legislation. Valerie Schey, Council Representative Third District, South Bend Common Counsel will update us on what is happening in that city with the overhaul of their animal control ordinance and BDL. Regular show episodes include:

    Recap of last week's show

    Weekly news update

    BSL updates with Kris Diaz from StopBSL

    Dog bites with Jim Crosby

    Facebook favorites with Amy Conrad

    Chat with Matt Cook

    Don't miss our newly designed network website PBLNN.com where you can see all the latest updates from Pit Bulletin Legal News, Pit Bulletin Legal News Radio, StopBSL, K.C. Dog Blog, Canine Aggression with Jim Crosby, the Doglawreporter, Beyond Breed and Dangerous Dog Law. New content every day. Bookmark it!


  • 00:51

    Dead Inside Featuring Andrew Goldstein

    in Comedy

    On this week’s #ITC, Damien, Ali, and Vlad welcome TV writer and producer Andrew Goldstein to discuss a variety of topics including Andrew’s take on what makes good TV, advice about how to break into television production, especially as a young, creative person of color, a clip from Project Greenlight of Matt Damon saying not to worry about diversity until casting, and a broader discussion about how much diversity matters particularly on the production side, two pitbulls attacking a guy in New York, Mayweather/Berto, the upcoming movie Creed, UFC needing to be more like WWE, and a lot more. Check out this great conversation.

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    Watch live on DailyMotion, Tuesdays at 6:00pm: dailymotion.com/video/x2hj1sj_s…y-labs-live_fun

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