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    Understanding SOPA, PIPA & the Wikipedia Blackout

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    Join Columbia Journalism School (@ColumbiaJourn) in the latest of its timely, useful webcasts about technology and media. We'll discuss the implications of the U.S. Congressional bills known as SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act), which have attracted tremendous attention in the last few days. 
    On Wed., Jan 18, Wikipedia's English section is going to be blacked out as part of an unprecedented protest against the bills. This will serve as the focus of our discussion, but we'll address various sides of this, including what issues journalists should be thinking about as they cover SOPA & PIPA.
    Everyone from President Obama to Ruper Murdoch seems to have weighed in, but what it all means isn't clear. Clarity is what we'll aim to bring to the issue.
    Hosting the show are Prof. Sree Sreenivasan (@sree), Columbia J-school digital professor and Dean of Student Affairs and Alexander Hotz (@hotzington), a reporter on The New York World, the J-school's new government accountability site named for Joseph Pulitzer's legendary newspaper. Confirmed guests taking calls include Prof. Andrew Lih (@fuzheado) of USC Annenberg, author of "Wikipedia Revolution: How a Bunch of Nobodies Created the World's Greatest Encyclopedia"; Steve Myers (@myersnews), managing editor of Poynter.org; Julian Sanchez (@normative), fellow at Cato Institute and Economist writer.
    See Andrew's detailed Storify of these topics - http://bit.ly/sopastorify
    You can participate by calling in live or Skyping in or commenting in our chatroom or emailing sree@sree.net or tweeting @ColumbiaJourn or @sree.
    SAMPLE TWEET: 8p ET @ColumbiaJourn call-in show on #wikipediablackout + #sopa, hosted by @sree & @hotzington: http://bit.ly/cujsopa #cjsopa

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    Consensus seems to be that #SOPA, #PIPA is dead, but votes are still coming up. But that's not the story, the story is how the Dept of Justice moving on people and website in this PRE-SOPA era... we're talking site shutdowns and extradiction

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    Teamworkradio: SoPA and PIPA

    in Business

    TeamworkRadio Tips Tools and Techniques to help you build a strong team and grow your business

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    STEVIE MACK RADIO - SOPA / PIPA: who what and why

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    STEVIE MACK RADIO - SOPA / PIPA: who what and why
    SOPA / PIPA Internet Blackout: Who’s gone dark to protest anti-piracy bills? Why? What for?
    Discussing all the hot button issues in the news, current events and pop culture. I flip it up, slap it and rub it down for the listeners, callers and chat room guest!
    Comedian Stevie Mack is the Writer/Host of the number one online comedy talk show!  
    Monday -Thursday 6pm (PST)
    Call in: 646-716-6113
    Get more funny at: http://www.steviemack.com

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    So here it is, this is the age of the internet. We have been here for a while now, over 20 years, and we have seen some a lot from mankind life altering creation. Let me be clear: I AM A FAN OF FREE SPEECH, FREE INTERNET, I HATE SUPER RICH CORPORATIONS AND CAPITALISM, AND I USE PIRATED SOFTWARE ALL THE TIME. Thats just full disclosure, I haven't paid for software in 10 years. BUT I AM ALSO AN ARTIST, I OWN AN INDIE LABEL, AND I CREATE INELUCTABLE PROPERTY THAT I INTEND ON MAKING MONEY OFF OF (a lot of it someday). So here is my conundrum, a new bill named SOPA (STOP ONLINE PIRACY ACT) and PIPA (PROTECT IP ACT). Two new bills introduced by our government to basically make people pay for music, film, video..anything that someone created intellectually and are trying to profit from it. This is the thing, ALMOST NO ONE THINKS ITS A GOOD IDEA EXCEPT THE PEOPLE WHO INTRODUCED IT. No one that is, except people like ME. Yes, me...the anti government, screw big brother, conspiracy theory following (sometimes) , reformed drug -dealing, democrat voting host of an internet radio show. WHAT THE F*** IS WRONG WITH ME, RIGHT? Well I will tell ya. You see...I'm all for free shit...EXCEPT FREE MUSIC THAT WASN'T MEANT TO BE FREE! At the END OF THE DAY I have too much respect for the process of making music, what it takes creatively and financially, to say that something that will force people to pay for it is a BAD THING. The industry I am in, the MUSIC INDUSTRY, is in SHAMBLES due to PIRACY. If you cant understand that, then you will have to go toe to toe with me on this. I know this bill may be extreme, and it cane be toned down a bit for sure, but what it MAINLY wants to do is make people ante up for enjoying the art that took SEVERAL people TIME AND MONEY to make. I'm not mad at that one bit. 

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    MOMocrats MOMochat:: The SOPA/PIPA Blackout

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    It's Wednesday, January 18 and many of your favorite websites have gone black in protest of a couple of congressional bills that would destroy the Internet as we know it. But Cynematic, Julie Pippert and Donna Schwartz Mills are still here today to explain it all to you. And with the State of the Union address just a week away, we're thinking about what we'd like President Obama to say. Anita Jackson of MomsRising will be with us to discuss what would be most valuable to women.
    We'll also spend some time talking about the War on Women and the Silver Ribbon Campaign's Trust Women Week and March, January 20-27.

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    SOPA/PIPA, Net Neutrality: Value Of Social For Businesses

    in Family

    We are very excited to have Jon Hansen on #CHWR live today, with Dave and Bill... He is the host of the PI Window on Business Show here on BTR... 
    As the lead writer for the PI Social Media Network’s Procurement Insights and PI Window on Business Blog’s since their introduction in May 2007 and June 2009 respectively, syndicated monthly readership has grown to more than 2 million worldwide.
    Collectively, Jon has written 1,500 articles and papers on subjects as diverse as supply chain practice, public sector policy, emerging business trends as well as social media.
    Jon is also the host of the highly acclaimed PI Window on Business Show on Blog Talk Radio (BTR). As a BTR Network featured host, Jon has welcomed leaders and bestselling authors from the world of business discussing both timely and thought provoking topics. The show recently aired its 300th episode.
    On November 2, 2009 Jon’s first book, “Your Show Will Go Live in 5 Seconds” was released receiving strong reviews within the industry. This represents the first instalment in what will become the Corporate/Personal Branding in Social Media Series. In “Your Show Will Go Live” Jon shared his experiences and insights in helping you to create and host a show that informs, empowers and enriches your audience, your guests and yes, even yourself.

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    FIREFOXNEWS ONLINE™ Podcast Commentary on SOPA & PIPA

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    Today's Podcast was recorded at the Blodgett Memorial Library in Fishkill, NY and is on the SOPA & PIPA proposals.

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    Any rebroadcast and/or transcript in whole or in part without the express written permission of FIREFOXNEWS ONLINE™ PRODUCTIONS & its owner is expressly forbidden.

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    CTCX #55: Prédictions, CES 2012 & SOPA/PIPA

    in Education

    Happy 2012 #CTCX Friends! Whew... this year has started off with a bang. Join the #CTCX podcasters as we talk about the recent CES 2012 show, Jeff's almight predictions for the tech year ahead, and what you should know about SOPA/PIPA. 

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    Episode 91 - Miss DJM, PS VITA, SOPA, PIPA, RE6, MegaUpload

    in Video Games

    In this episode we sit down with mom, gamer, techie and twitch.tv broadcaster - Miss DJM. Also joining is is TheDCD (talkingaboutgames.com) and Jubalral (shifted2u.com) We capture this past week's news. For more information on Miss DJM visit https://twitter.com/#!/missdjm. For more information on The Show Radio visit http://theshowradio.info. Subscribe to our feed via ITunes, Stitcher, Zune and RSS. Thanks for listening.

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    1/18 Internet on Strike! Garlin Gilchrist on SOPA/PIPA, Tina Dupuy at Occupy Congress

    in Politics

    Garlin Gilchrist II from MoveOn.org on today’s internet strike and what SOPA/PIPA could mean for internet freedom.  And reporting from Occupy Congress, Tina Dupuy from Crooks and Liars.  Plus, SOPA/PIPA discussion continues, a call for a May 1 general strike,  Governor … Continue reading →