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    It’s October, otherwise known as “Pinktober”. As we enter Brest Cancer Awareness Month, join us as we welcome our friends Dr. Angela Wall (Communications Director)  and Annie Sartor (Policy and Campaign Coordinator) from Brest Cancer Action, a national, feminist grassroots education and advocacy organization fighting to achieve health justice for all women at risk of and living with breast cancer. Survivor Spotlight on Seporah Raizer. 

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    Young Adult Survivor, Breast Cancer
    Breast Cancer Survivor
    Award-Winning Actor
    Spokesperson, Chemo Myths Or Facts
    Communications Manager
    Breast Cancer Action
    Policy and Campaigns Coordinator
    Breast Cancer Action
    Membership Coordinator
    Breast Cancer Action

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    Cuntilicious~ two out spoken women telling people how it is.

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    This program we will be discussing~

    1.  Who is the funniest admin on fuimpostingit and/or facebook

    2.  Pinkwashing

    3.  We have the answers to your love and sex questions

    4.  Give us a call.  Remember you are on live!!  Shut off your radio and when we say fuck off you you are gone.

    We are uncensored and unrated and the views of the host does not reflect the station.


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    "Tie a Purple Ribbon"

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    CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE PROGRAM ON VIDEO LIVE-STREAM:  https://new.livestream.com/accounts/4415443/tie-a-purple-ribbon

    Enough is enough!

    At BHtv, we decided long ago that the time has more than come to teach about the real causes of cancer and all other disease, in order to produce genuine health, not corporate profits!

    But, we couldn’t ignore how successful the pink ribbon campaign has been for “Komen for the Cure” and other so-called breast cancer awareness organizations, and so we developed a ribbon counter-campaign of our own, borrowing on the positive associations everyone seems to have, but founding it in Biblical and scientific truth!

    Launched just about a month ago, Biblical Health TV’s “For the Prevention” Purple Ribbons Campaign is a grassroots effort to both co-opt and correct the global breast cancer “pinkwashing” phenomenon that has turned a horrible disease into a big-bucks marketing scheme for just about every type of business under the sun.

    Are you tired of all the “pink-afacation” while we never seem to be offered a real cure?

    Then join the Biblical Health Revolution, proudly “wear and share” the purple ribbons, and spread the word about God’s plan for health wherever you go!

    Today on BHtv Radio & Video LiveStream we’re going to "Tie a Purple Ribbon", and we hope you will too!

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    It's October which means pinkwashing and corporate abuse for the cause of Breast Cancer awareness. Join is as we welcome our friends Dr. Angela Wall (Director of Communications) and Annie Sartor (Policy and Campaign Coordinator) from Breast Cancer Action. Think before you pink, be a smart advocate and learn how to fight back against the system. Special guest John Greene in the survivor spotlight.

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    Think Before You Pink for Susan G Komen

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    Think before you PINK! With Vicki Saputo, RN.  Pink washing or "pink ribbons" can be a marketing ploy to sell products.  BIG cosmetic companies  sell products containing the toxic chemicals like carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, etc. that are known to cause breast cancer, as well as many other diseases. These companies are sponsors for "Walk For The Cure" and need to “Walk their Talk” and encourage prevention, says Vicki.
    In 2011, pinkwashing reached a new low with Promise Me, a perfume commissioned by Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Promise Me contains unlisted chemicals that are regulated as toxic and hazardous, have not been adequately evaluated for human safety, and have demonstrated negative health effects.

    What should we be aware of before we shell out our money and think pink?
    Vicki Saputo is a registered nurse, actress, model. Vicki is affectionately known as “Nurse Vicki” on Prescriptions for Health radio and PRN.FM Internet radio, What’s New in the News in Medicine on TV and on www.doctorsaputo.com.

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    The Robert Scott Bell Show 45

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    The Robert Scott Bell Show #45
    Mike Adams, Shocking GMO Cereal ‘killers’, Ron Paul Debate Update, Leslie Botha Sane Vax, Gov. Brown HPV Mandate Doggy Exemption, Liam Scheff Pinkwashing and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show October 12, 2011
      Breakfast cereals are loaded with GMO’s! A new report from the Cornucopia Institute reveals which ones and the deceptive marketing hiding them even in “natural” products. Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, returns to The RSB Show to blow this story wide open
    What happened in last night’s Republican presidential candidate debate? Super Producer Don and RSB review the highlights. Did you hear Ron Paul nail former Fed chairman Herman Cain?

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    PINKNAUSEA Conspiracies

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    COURTNEY BUGLERYoung Adult Survivor, Breast Cancer
    Executive Director,
    Young Survival Coalition, Atlanta Chapter

    KASHA HOProgram Manager
    Breast Cancer Action

    DEVRA L. DAVIS, PHD, MPHFounder, Environmental Health Trust
    Professor of Epidemiology, University of Pittsburgh
    Author, The Secret History of the War on Cancer

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    Stupid Breast Cancer

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    STEFANIE LARUEYoung Adult Survivor, Breast Cancer

    JANINE E. GUGLIELMINO, MACommunications Director
    Living Beyond Breast Cancer

    JENNA GLAZERYoung Adult Survivor, Breast Cancer
    Associate Director of Development,
    Young Survival Coalition