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    Shirts v. Skins

    in Sports

    Carolina vs New England Super Bowl, right? Not so fast... Cards have one of the most complete teams we've seen in a while, and after losing to Carolina in last year's playoffs, AZ might be looking for a little revenge. Plus, it's always fun anticipatijng what Larry Fitzgerald is gonna do! That being said, I'm putting my $$$$ on the Panthers.. The Broncos already beat the Patriots this year- in New England. Granted, the Pats were without Gronk and Edelman, so it wasn't neccessarily a fair fight, but the Broncos didn't have Peyton Manning, either (Osweiler). Both teams come in at 12-4, with a home playoff game in hand. Brady seems to be playing at another level (exactly how many levels does he have?), but Denver's D is tops in the league, so to use the most played out cliche, something's gotta give! Also, Andre Drummond set a record in free throws the other night, and it's not one that is to be proud of. We'll talk about that, and much more on the next "Shirts v. Skins."

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    Writing Your Heroine's Story with Laura Jones and Hot Pink YOUniversity

    in Self Help

    We all have stories...women learn from one another through our stories...history is learned through stories.  One of the number one life goals for so many woman is to be a published author.  Your story could be completed in 12 months and ready for publishing.  Seriously!  Sound good?  Laura Jones joins Hot Pink YOUniversity for this gorgeous interview on the power of our stories and what makes YOU a heroine of your story! 

    Laura Jones is a Women's Empowerment Coach specialing in Creative Expression, Communication and Passion Fueld Livelihoods.  She compassionately supports women of all ages to rediscover their point of view, explore their creativity and pursue livelihoods that fill their hearts and wallets.

    For over a decade, Laura has guided women to heal trauma, build self-esteem and explore their purpose through therapeutic writing and energetic healing.  Her approach is empowering, supportive, non-judgmental and creative.  If you would like to know more about how she might support you or a woman you love, you can reach her at LauraWritingWisdom@gmail.com

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    16 Questions to Ask YOUrself in 2016 with Hot Pink YOUniversity

    in Self Help

    Hot Pink YOUniversity shares 16 questions to get women thinking about what they desire for 2016.  Questions filled with passion, purpose and play as we reflect on 2015 and move into a transformational time.  Questions like Have I Loved My Body This Year?  What Powerful Yes Can I Say?  And many more...Hot Pink YOUniversity will lead the discussion for these reflective and deep dive questions....YOU just need to show up with a journal and a pen and gift yourself 30 minutes of time.  See you there!

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    How to Create More Bravery in Life. Hot Pink YOUniversity's Keys to Bravery

    in Self Help

    Live a life out loud and on fire!  Sound good?  This takes brave action.  Hot Pink YOUniversity shares the keys to manifesting a life you love to wake to each day.  Our first group of graduates from our Woman of Fire Program: 7 Steps to Reignite to Passion, Purpose and Play have learned how to live out loud!  You don't have to go this alone...hear how you can join the next group of graduates and live your life with brave action!

  • Breakdowns to Breakthroughs with Chantal Leven and Hot Pink YOUniversity

    in Self Help

    Chantal Leven CPCC,
    Speaker, Trainer, Life Strategist and Business Coach  Shares with the women of Hot Pink YOUniversity her journey through creating her own business, cancer and making a decision about her marriage.  Changing these stories that can often drop us to our knees and remain a victim in life, Chantal shares that these can actually be our she-roe stories.  

    Connect with me 
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    Claim your 30 min. "Ignite Your Fire- Engage Your Power" Breakthrough Business Strategy Session by calling or clicking here https://www.timetrade.com/book/S49M6.

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    Hot Pink YOUniversity Travel Tales From India

    in Self Help

    We just returned from our tour of India and this episode is full of inspiration from afar.  We discuss the three phases of travel and how travel plugs you back into life.  Desire to travel?  Want to live out loud?  Add some spark back into your life!  Travel opens up the world of possibilities.  India brought to us a rich experience filled with incredible people and connections, a deepening understanding of people in India and of ourselves.  Learn how to manifest everything you desire.

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    Black Thoughts and Theory: The Radio Show- Flint, Tee Shirts & Politics

    in Politics

    Flint, Tee-Shirts & Politics


    This week on Black Thoughts and Theory: The Radio Show Alex Primo(aka Stokely Carmichael for 2016) and Asha Zuri will be talking about the water situation in Flint, Michigan, the N-word comedy tee-shirt, Trump, Hillary, Sanders, and other current events that we need to dissect and explore.


    And I must admit that I do not believe that anything that happened in Flint was accidental. You don't switch from "clean" water to lead-loaded poison by accident. So we will have to discuss this for a few.


    We will also talk about Black solidarity and what it means. Some of us need another reminder that sticking together is the only way that we can defeat this opponent. Marching and trying to be good citizens has never freed us. So let's be real and learn from our wise forerunners ... unify and embrace black economics.


    Plus we will have another Healthy Matters update from Dennis Jefferson, who has a lot to tell us about Flint.


    You can call in at (917)889-2830 to speak with your hosts.




    You can click the link to just listen.


    Remember, Always Keep It Real & Keep It On Point

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    #FlintMichiganWater, N-I-*-*-E-R on T-shirts TheWWShoW

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    #FlintMichiganWater, N-I-*-*-E-R on T-shirts TheWWShoW
    The Willie Williams Radio Show
    free call (347) 677-1859 to listen/talk


         To Watch Live:
    click the ON AIR BUTTON



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    Shirts v. Skins (from the RV)

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    NFL Divisonal Round.. Who's In? Do the Packers stand a chance at upsetting the Cardinals? Is the Steelers doomed w/Big Ben hurting, and Antonio Brown out (DeAngelo,too)? Can Super-Cam beat out the Seahawks (who shouldn't even be playing) and their revitaled D? And I'm calling it here, even though it hurts (because I've got crazy man-love for Brady), but the Chiefs will beat the Patriots. The game is always won in the trenches, and KC is dominating the trenches! I'm usually wrong on betting the NFL, but tune in and see who I got right, and to see how much money I lost! 

  • The Power of YES! How to say yes to your desires with Hot Pink YOUniversity

    in Self Help

    Women are so often over-obligated in life.  They accept an invitation for lunch out of fear of upsetting a friend, or go to a family gathering that they really do not want to attend, but feel they have to.  When we do things out of obligation, resentment builds and our life becomes unbalanced.  Join Hot Pink YOUniversity as we explore ways to get clear on your deepest desires in life. Learn to be bold enough to say big "Yes's" to those steps that bring our desires closer. And, develop to skills to say "no" to things that lead to an over-obligated life.  Conversations that empower women!

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    Shirts v. Skins (from the RV)

    in Sports

    Wow, a lot of crazy football has taken place, and we'll do our best to disect the chaos, especially what happened in Pit/Cincy & MIN/Seattle. Burfict cost his squad, period (and got 3 games for it). Same goes for Blair Walsh. St. Louis Rams to Los Angeles! Sucks to be a St. Louis Rams fan, but the NFL is a business, and this is a no-brainer business move by the NFL. Will San Diego join the them? They've got a year to think about it. Hue Jackson is headed to Cleveland to be the Head Coach. Over/under on how long he'll last? A-Rod & the Pack looked like them old selves against the Redskins, and Kansas City put the Texans in a Goddamn sleeper-hold! Alabama wins their 4th National Championship in 7 years in a thriller against Clemson. Congrats to the Crimson Tide, even though I wanted you to lose. Is Alabama's dominance as impressive as the Patriots? Why or why not? I'll give my take, and is Derrick Henry a legit NFL prospect? I don't think so. And the WIAA (Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association says students can't say "Airball" at WI high school basketball games anymore. That, my friends, is the end of Humanity. Call in and vent! Phone lines will be open, 213.943.3423.