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    Jim Lynn Associates hosted by Kevin Hunter, TBFS Radio

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    Meet Jim Lynn, business consultant and guest, with host Kevin Hunter on The Business Forum Show.

    For more about Jim, please visit his website: http://lynn-and-associates.com/who-we-are/dr-james-j-lynn/

    As president of Lynn & Associates, Dr. Lynn consults with senior executives to assess organizational needs, develop strategic plans and install quality human resource systems that improve performance.

    Dr. Lynn developed a broad based understanding of business functions from thirty years of increasingly responsible experience in both public and private organizations.

    Dr. Lynn has been an examiner for the Minnesota Council for Quality, which administers a state version of the national Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award.

    Dr. Lynn was a senior consultant for Hay & Associates and Tarkenton & Company before establishing his own consulting firm. He has also authored numerous training programs and books including The SMART Manager, Making Decisions Work and People, Pay and Performance, and The Quality Hour Series.

    Dr. Lynn earned his doctorate in Educational and Counseling Psychology from the University of the Pacific, a master's degree in Cybernetic Systems from San Jose State University, and a bachelor's degree in Psychology from Columbia University in the City of New York. Dr. Lynn is a Licensed Psychologist and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer and Developer.

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    Purple Pink

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     Bringing progressive people to positive events. #PurplePink with La'Shaun Jenice

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    Close-Up Talk Radio spotlights Cheryl Alexander & Associates

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    Maple Grove, MN -- As the economy continues to improve, more and more organizations are looking for ways to support their employees to become peak performers. Coaching has become one of the fastest growing service industries in the world because it’s one of the most cost effective ways to help employees reach new levels of performance and interaction.

    Cheryl Alexander & Associates is a coaching and consulting firm that provides leadership development to both individuals and organizations. Since 2001, Cheryl and her team have delivered transformational results by combining coaching with structured leadership program to help individuals develop their own unique leadership style.

    “Strong leadership is about being able to stand in your unique strengths while leveraging the skills and talents of the people around you,” says Cheryl.

    The primary concern of Cheryl’s clients is their employees’ resilience and ability to adapt to change. They want to know how to effectively encourage them to work hard while taking care of them at the same time.

    “The stress people are under in the work world today can be extremely challenging,” says Cheryl. “We give them permission to put a little more focus back on what they need to get present, get focused, and get energized. It turns out they become better performers, better bosses and better people.”

    Of the individuals who have participated in Cheryl’s program, 74 percent have either been promoted or changed positions within the company to something more suitable to their strengths within nine months.

    “Leadership requires character, competency and commitment. You need all three to achieve success,” says Cheryl. “We help bring our clients to a point of authentic, strong, nurturing leadership that fits with their style, their values and personal satisfaction."

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    Pink Perseverance - Linda & Delvin Whitlock - Breast Cancer Survivor

    in Health

    DrEthel James welcomes The Whitlock Family to My Next Is Now w/ Dr. "J"! Perseverance is our strength! Linda and Delvin Whitlock are founders of PINK PERSEVERANCE, an organization promoting Breast Cancer Awareness. Tune in from 11a-1p ET to hear their powerful story of love, grace under fire and how they emerged victorious. LISTEN: 347-945-7725 I www.blogtalkradio.com/mynextisnow.

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    Financing Your Passions. Getting Clear on Your Money with Hot Pink YOUniversity

    in Self Help

    Hot Pink YOUniversity tackles the number one issue holding women back from living out loud and turning dreams into reality.  Clear your blocks about money.  Manage your finances Hot Pink style!  Learn how to live with Passion, Purpose and Play by redefining your relationship with money.

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    Part 2: Close-Up Talk Radio welcomes back Cheryl Alexander & Associates

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    Maple Grove, MN – We all have a voice inside us that calls us forward, but all too often we ignore it. We tend to acknowledge only that which fits our past experience and affirms what we already believe until our lives become a story we tell ourselves that may not even be true. Eventually we form habits to reinforce those thought patterns.

    ]How can we break these habits to create new patterns and be our best selves both at work and at home? 

    Cheryl Alexander & Associates is a coaching and consulting firm that provides leadership development to both individuals and organizations. Through strategies designed to achieve more balance in life, Cheryl and her team help clients navigate the challenges hindering their performance to bridge the gap from where they are to a life that’s more purposeful, meaningful and fulfilling.

    “I see individuals for their own uniqueness and special gifts and I’m committed to getting them where they want to go in a healthy way,” says Cheryl.

    Cheryl works primarily with individuals, both men and women, who are in some form of career transition. Some have been overlooked for promotions; some are stressed to the point of exhaustion. Still, she finds what they really want is to be more meaningful contributors.

    Cheryl describes her clients as highly functional people who want to grow, get perspective and be held accountable. Together, she and her clients develop the interactive, personal and social skills that contribute to great leadership. In fact, 74 percent of the individuals who have worked with Cheryl Alexander & Associates were promoted at least once within the first year.

    “If you’re not moving or changing, you’re not leading,” says Cheryl. “When you can finally move beyond, ‘This is just who I am,’ it’s incredibly empowering.

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    ON the Air with Carla and Denise

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    Learn more about the Hot Pink Mission with Carla Hall and Denise Thompson. 

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    Faye Hill & Associates on Social Media

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    The Chaplain Show special Thursday broadcast with host Rev. E. jean Jones is featuring Faye Hill of Faye Hill Associates. The two will discuss the importance of small businesses and entrepreneurs investing in social media. 

    Faye Hill is a social media specialist who provides social media strategies to businesses and entrepreneurs to help increase their exposure in their market and attract new clients. 

    For more information on how to increase exposure for your business and attract new clients contact Faye Hill.

    Visit  Faye Hill & Associates website at  www.faye-hill.com.


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    Best-Selling Author Alana Marie talks about her new book.

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    Hot Pink Best Sellers presents Pick a Struggle Cupcake, and delightful book about the life of Alana Marie who lost over 200 pounds and found herself in the process. 




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    Happy Tuesday's - "Pink Crush Show Interview! CC Xpressions"

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    "Happy Tuesdays!"

    "Pink Crush Show Interview! CC Xpressions"

     Every Tuesdays 7PM to 9PM, call in and listen or answer the question of the week! (323) 927-2990
     Fantasy Crew's WHHA is a radio show that plays the music of artist around the world. From Hip Hop-Rap to R&B. We are a show made to entertain the young and older generation. The show is hosted by a group of young girls called; Fantasy Crew ( KK, AJ, && ShayShay ). FCWHHA is open to the general public and offers other entertainment besides the awesome music; FCWHHA Offers Interviews too!

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