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    Show 293: Don't Forget The Pineapples.

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    Join your hosts Scott Bull and Jennifer Jacker-Bull during this hour of unscripted madcap comedy and mayhem as they talk about whatever to help fill the void that is Sunday evening with music and laughter.

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    FINAL Wet Your Whistle Episode - Don't yuck my rum - Zacapa!

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    Sadly, all good things must come to an end.  Yet what better way to bring our Fall “Wet Your Whistle” series to a close than with the Brand Ambassador of the premier rum company, Zacapa!  On Wednesday, December 17th at noon Lynnette Marrero will introduce us to the first rum to be inducted into the International Rum Festival’s Hall of Fame.

    This honor may have something to do with the fact that Zacapa is aged in “The House Above the Clouds,” a facility 7,544 feet above sea level in the highlands of Guatemala.  The naturally thinner air and lower atmospheric pressure of this unique location intensifies the infusion of flavors into the barrels.  This is not the only thing that makes Zacapa’s creation process surprisingly unique.  Instead of using traditional molasses as a base, Zacapa is made from concentrated first press of sugar cane, called virgin sugar cane honey, and a specialized strain of yeast extracted from pineapples.

    Clearly, there is nothing typical about the way in which this rum is made, nor in the way that it tastes.  Tune in this Wednesday to hear more about how this company has made their rum EXTRA-ordinary.

    Clearly, there is nothing typical about the way in which this rum is made, nor in the way that it tastes.  Tune in this Wednesday to hear more about how this company has made their rum EXTRA-ordinary.

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    The Love Story Behind Emmy's Organics -and- Halloween Treats in NYC & Hawaii!

    in Food

    Meet Samantha Abrams from Katonah, NY and hear the love story behind Emmy's Organics. A delicious young company that grew in an upstate kitchen.

    Ever think of carving a pineapple instead of a pumpkin for Halloween? Learn the legend of Hallowaiin and you might be on your way to the Island of Pineapples in Hawaii, free!

    The Ride: Masquerade is an "only in New York" Experience for Halloween and the holidays. Listen in and hop on board the million dollar bus in Times Square.

    All aboard!!

    Thanks for tuning in, 


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    Lady Dee & LanceScurv Speak: You Are Your Own Remote Control!

    in Relationships

    Lady Dee & LanceScurv chop it up in an unscripted conversation that went all over the place in a very enjoyable way. It's always a pleasure to hear Lady Dee speak in her free flowing down to earth and very truthful real manner.

    When you get a taste of her personality you will get the feeling that you've known her your entire life!

    From the first day that we met I got that same feeling and I also know that with her being such an authentic individual, she will be in my life until God calls me home!

    Enjoy our exchange and feel free to add in your comments and thoughts as you wish.

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    March 4: Fixing The Unbroken

    in Sports

    Sometimes if it's not broke, it's best not to try to fix it. This is not an opinion shared by men of power in the sports world. Mike "the Buzz-saw" Asti and George "the Howitzer" Gerbo aren't broken and don't need any fixing. 

    One word can ignite so much hate. One word can create so much controversy. One word has so much meaning. That one word is on the verge of being banned by the NFL. A player saying the "n-word" on the field could become a 15 yard penalty. Is it possible to fairly and accurately police this? Even though this is a term that represents so much negativity, should a sports league go down the slippery slope of outlawing speech? As usual, Mike undoubtedly has some unpopular thoughts on another very hot button issue. 

    With the Olympics now in the books, the NHL is in the midst of its second half sprint for the playoffs. David Malinowski, of SB Nation, the Hockey Guys, and Michigan Daily, joined the Buzz-saw to discuss trade rumors and the impact certain of possible trades. Has adding Ryan Miller made the Blues more of a cup favorite? Will Ryan Kesler be dealt? Which franchises need to make a move? And which franchises should stand pat? 

    It's not just the NFL trying to impliment a controversial new rule into their game. Major League Baseall is looking to minimize contact at home plate. Do active catchers even support a rule designed to protect them? Will this actually increase the work load of umpires? 

    Raymond Felton has taken the New York Knicks from just an awful team with some drama, to now a full fledged soap opera. Should a player be allowed to play while facing serious gun charges? Carmelo Anthony, please take a seat, have some pineapples, and listen to the Buzz-saw. 

    There's nothing to fix here, as the Howitzer & Buzz-saw conquer sports radio, one day, at a time....

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    A Titillation Of Bullshittery!

    in Entertainment

    Guest Host Skinny Montana prances through the realm of mischief with the minions of mayhem themselves!

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    Amazing Cancer Fighting Properties Of Pineapples-Rebroadcast

    in Health

    This is a rebroadcast from BlueZone Wellness on the local radio station Big 810 AM earlier in 2012.

    Dr. Keith Henry, N.D. is joined by Dr. Orret Morgan N.D....listen as they follow their usual format in this very interesting show.

    In the week in Natural News Segment they discuss how spending less time sitting can actually add healthy years to your life, and they also discuss natural ways to avoid costly dental bills with natural remedies.

    Listen as they discuss the amazing cancer fighting benefits of pineapple enzyme and the incredible amount of evidence to support this in the healing foods segment.

    Finally they  discuss the amazing properties of various herbs. In all..an amazing show!

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    Business Forum-l- Perspectives

    in Business

    We continues to promote Mwinilunga Pineapple Industry.

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    June 27: Pineapples, Aliens, & Anger!

    in Baseball

    God speed to the Howitzer in his attempt control the Buzz-saw in this one. A Hall of Fame gets ASININE! Mike "the Buzz-saw" Asti sits a committee down and unleashes. This is a rant that would make the Soup Nazi blush. No pineapple chunks for you! On a happier note, college football is heading towards a playoff system. Does this signal our end of days? Will the aliens come down and reverse District 9 us? While an extraterrestrial invasion would make many of Mike's crazy dreams a reality, it's unlikely. What is likely? The NCAA finally waking up. How will this impact college football? Is the method for change actually the right one? Is it possible to please everyone? No!
    LeBron James is officially a king! LBJ won his first NBA championship, as his Miami Heat completed a five game series victory over Kevin Durant's Oklahoma City Thunder. How will a crowned LeBron effect the NBA? Can the Heat actually become the dynasty they celebrated upon their inception? Where did their ESPN Live covered parade rank on the asinine scale? Hey Dan Gilbert, FYI: you were wrong! The Cleveland Cavaliers are still without title and the Cursed City is perpetually in the midst of a never ending drought. After officially putting to rest the insane NBA season, a brief draft recap will grace your ears. 
    Finally, the HBS catches up on their wheel house. Major League Baseball is approaching the mid-way point. Mike "the Buzz-saw" Asti and George "the Howitzer" Gerbo break down the Kevin Youkilis trade while answering some questions burning up all over the diamond. What teams have been the biggest surprise and can some perennial power houses fend off the injury bug to stay at the top of the MLB mountain top? One team that will eternally remain above the rest - the Howitzer and Buzz-saw, joining forces to conquer sports radio, one day, at a time.... 

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    Summer Fruits: How They Can Help You Feel Better Than Ever

    in Health

    Summer fruits including peaches, pineapples, papaya, nectarines, and cherries have many health benefits that can help you feel better, and lose weight! Tune in to see how fruits can change your life!

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