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    Bars, ATM, and Pinball

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    Today I talk about the days of Pin Ball old Juke Boxes coin opperated machines to today where we have Poker machines and Pull Tabs but I thought that was illegal or is it? 

    A bit about ATM's and floor space maybe talk about a interesting idea or two


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    In With The Knews: Pinball Wizard

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    Weds, August 14th, 11pm est . 8pm pac ... IWTK: Pinball Wizard. We will be discussing various video games. The technology has come so far in the video game world, it's ridiculous. Fromm arcades to Atari to Xbox.
    Call in at 626-414-3414

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    Pinbull - EP01 - Let's talk pinball

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    This is the premier broadcast of Pinbull. The newest podcast talking about all things pinball. We'll have some great stories and discussions. I'll give away some sweet crap. Hopefully we'll have some calls and we'll have a great time

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    NFL 2014 Week #11

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    The boys look at a Week 11 schedule with compelling matchups Seattle visiting Arrowhead Stadium, the Lions at Drew Stanton and the Cardinals, Mark Sanchez and Philadelphia in Green Bay, and the Patriots and Colts in a pinball shootout.  In the aftershow, they discuss deer crossings and housing values.


    Theme music credit:  "I Dunno" by Grapes



    grapes / CC BY 3.0

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    Special Guest Jockey Shane Shane

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    Bob Baffert's Bayern takes the Breeders Cup Classic but not without any controversy! Many think that Bayern should have been DQ and taken down after pinball type start. We'll get former Star jockey Shane Sellers to talk about the Classic and get his opinion on if Bayern win is legit! Call in 714-816-4628 let's hear your opinion on the Stewards non action in the Classic.

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    Feb 8 2010; Anne Ortelee; Pinball Astrology;

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    According to what Anne has on her website as the description of her approach Anne calls it the Pinball Approach to Understanding Your Natal Energy. The Pinball Approach is a combination of Horary, Uranian, Jyotish and Western astrological techniques. The Pinball Approach focuses on how the energy of transiting planets flow and stimulate the planets in a natal chart.http://www.astroanne.com/index.html

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    Lady's Nite (no cover charge) with Sam & Matt. Gentlemen too!

    in Relationships

    Welcome to the first (maybe last) edition of "Lady's Nite" on BrainInjuryRadio.  If you are looking for Jasmine, she left her job on BIRN.  And it's Saturday after all, and Sam Way or Matt have no dates; figured they'd 'hang out' together. Uh, Matt Duffin doesn't really need a date - his neuro doc's said "NO MORE WOMEN THIS SUMMER" on Wednesday.  Yet he thought he'd take a few tips from Sam Way, his Co-Host and buddy, who overwhelms women with his strong, straightforward, insperation of being a TBI Survivor.  Men more than welcome, of course, to Lady's Nite - but don't hit on the fella's! Sam and Matt have there own table reserved; to watch the women of BI Recovery sashe' into the club.  Please, feel free to call in, any gender, and offer tips, problems, concerns, confidence and other situations caused by brain injury and dates.  Or, just sit there and listen to some music, grab a "Virgin Jack & Coke" (which is simply Coke), look over the crowd and 'flirt'.  But don't get slapped!  And NO PINCHING!

    Hit the Juke Box, request almost any song a lady desires.  Sam just may sing along.  Doubt if Matt will, ain't into Kareoke much he stated.  But they enjoy talking to women AND men who have survived Brain Trauma, or their families/caregivers.  And, Sam will also buy the house a round!  (Matt told him a girl can have his seat; the pinball machine looks interesting).  But do, all call (424) 243-9540 and let's talk. Its an open club, talk about anything!  Lady's first, of course. But, as TBI Survivors, we also need to be aware of the pit falls of simply trying to regain confidence towards the other gender.  Dance floor is open until 2 a.m.

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    16Bit Assassins Episode 83: Listen... do you smell something?

    in Video Games

    Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back for another episode of the 16Bit Assassins, and have got a great show tonight. On this episode we talk about Wolfenstein's hillairous Steam reviews, why SWATting is still a bad idea, TakeTwo interactive has some good news for Bioshock and Red Dead Fans, Toaster buts heads with Kotaku, We find out Telltale has next gen plans for The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among us, someone over at USC figured out the Kinect can help babies, Blizzard links Battlenet to consoles, Edgar Wright out as Ant-Man Director, Ray360 defends his Gamer Girls magazine to VentureBeat, Toaster talks some Watchdogs. Big Lebowski Pinball, Marvel spiting Fox, Clippers get sold, and Levar Burton Kickstarter rekindles the 16Bit Assassins' faith in humanity, all this and more on Episode 83: Listen...do you smell something?

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    CrackHead Pinball

    in Self Help

    Have you ever noticed that you don’t meet many old crack cocaine addicts?  Almost as if she had a map that led from one crack head boyfriend to another our guest worked her way through this crazy landscape.  To her, at times crack was a solution to her anxiety and at other’s it was her complete undoing.  At times she used crack to stay in relationships she wanted to leave and at others she entered psychiatric treatment to avoid using it.  From a schizophrenic boyfriend to a car crash; from an East Coast college expulsion to rehab our guest has packed a lifetime of consequences into  years of using drugs and alcohol and 30 years of life.  Please join us this week to hear Kaitlin tell her story of an unexpected miracle.

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    Interview w/ Musician Jann Klose (@jannkloseband)

    in Music

    Born in Germany, raised in Kenya, South Africa, and Hamburg, Jann came to the States as an exchange student in Cleveland. He performed in touring productions of Broadway shows (JEKYLL & HYDE, JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR) and portrayed The Pinball Wizard in THE WHO'S TOMMY before he started his band.

    Jann's music is heard on the GRAMMY-nominated HEALTHY FOOD FOR THOUGHT, on MTV CRIBS, the movie “Dead Broke” (Warner Bros.) featuring Paul Sorvino. He maintains a steady touring schedule of about 75-100 shows a year in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

    For more info on Jann Klose, check out our Blog at http://TheSashaMarinaShow.com

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    Art of Living Well - All Healing Is Self-Healing - Medical Diagnoses WTF

    in Health

    Host Rev Lindsay Babich shines a light on the business of allopathic medicine in this discussion of diagnostic codes, the classification of diseases and treatments and what can go wrong. From 179 "causes of death" in 1893, the medical industry has spawned an international system of disease coding witih over 21,000 codes. It can be seen in AMA literature regarding coding that the major concern is billing for treatment and hospital stays. Is this Healing?  They talk about "patient trajectory" as if we are little more than a small metal ball bouncing off the walls of a pinball machine with medical staff pushing the side buttons to activiate the code levers that bounce us back hitting the money rail and ringing up dollar points for hospitals and practitioners. When one goes in the hole at the end they pull the springload rod at the front of the system and here comes another ball with a trajectory! Once the ball is set in motion the outcome is in question. You are at the mercy of the operators. Some are great players and some should take up miniature golf instead.

    In All-Healing-Is-Self-Healing the philosphy is that we are ultimately responsible for our health and wellness. This entails being aware, conscious, responsive, educated and engaged. Where are you on this spectrum? This program is your challenge to take charge of your life on all levels. Our framwork for evaluating healng is that we are all holistic beings and function in our bodies on energetic levels including the subtle fields encompassing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Healing is not about curing symptoms. To heal is to make whole. Let's make the world a more "wholesome" place. 

    Call in to discuss live 805-292-0349

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