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    Talking natural hair with Jamesetta Walker

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    Pilot Radio speaks with columnist Jamesetta Walker about her cover story "Natural Beauty" - a brief look inside the world of natural hair and the social implications of donning natural hair among women of color. Jamesetta examined the topic from the view of the founder of a hair and fashion expo this weekend in Newport News that promotes natural hair and teaches women how to care for their natural mane. Jamesetta provides commentary on fashion, lifestyle and consumer affairs.

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    Pilot for Tech Talk

    Gregory Schuch goes in and out of technology and shares EVERYTHING with you!

    Why read articles when you can listen to them!

    We discuss iOS, Mac OS, and Chrome OS.

    We also discuss new technologies.

    And Technology soon to be released.


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    All Rights Reserved


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    We must trust God , for he will guide and protect us  and give us his  grace to make it through every hardship..God says  i am with you    i will help you  i will take good care of you.The pilot trusted his instruments to guide him through the storm you need to trust the lord to help you through times of uncertainty in your life.only  God knows exacctly where you are, where you need to go, and what route you need to take to get there.

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    Talking retail, spending, and saving with Carolyn Shapiro, Part 2

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    Pilot business reporter Carolyn Shapiro covers consumer affairs, the retail industry, utilities and telecommunications for The Virginian-Pilot's business desk.

    She will share with us the inside scoop of some of the region's big retail projects, like the  Dollar Tree/Family Dollar merger, the overhaul of Lynhaven Mall and the sale of McArthur Center, and the closing of Sears at Chesapeake Square. This is part two of our final conversation with Carrie about retail in Hampton Roads.

    Tune in to Pilot Radio today at 3:00 p.m.

  • Strengths in Focus with Chris Trout

    in Fitness

    Chris Trout is a lover of great jazz, fascinating people and transformative ideas. For 37 years, he has explored the power of hidden strengths, his teachers an endless stream of resilient youth, adults and organizations who have tapped that new story to transform their lives.  After 27 years as an educator, therapist, mediator, speaker and administrator, Chris entered the national conversation, bringing his message of resiliency and hope to diverse audiences, from inner-city Los Angeles to rural Canada. His writings have extended that reach around the world. Chris an be found on the beautiful coast of Maine with his wife, artist Suzanne Drown, adapting to a new adventure, life with adult children.


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    Pilot Show #2

    in Christianity

    Pilot Show #2

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    The Mountain and the Word - Pilot #3

    in Christianity

    This the third pilot show for The Mountain and the Word, and the last pilot of the year 2014. In this show, we will be considering events around the birth and early years of Jesus, and showing how these were in fulfilment of the Scriptures.

    In order for The Mountain and the Word to continue, we need sponsorship of $40 per month. If you would like to sponsor the program for a minimum of $10 per month, then please contact me through our website. It would be useful if you could commit to, for example, a minimum period of 6 months. However, we will accept sponsorship for single months as well.

  • 1st EL Moore Journal Pilot

    in Radio

    This is the first pilot episode of the EL Moore Journal. This show will feature an audio clip from The Talk Back Show with Pete Allman and Nancy Perlman.

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    Just having alot of fun 

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    Sec Smack Radio Pilot Episode

    in Football

    Sec Smack Radio Pilot Episode. Shannon and Rocketman will be discussing issues regarding the SEC Smack FB Group, Talking about up coming bowl games and taking phone calls.

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    in Current Events

    The first episode of the Inspectah Ant and M. Bowden show.

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