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    Talking natural hair with Jamesetta Walker

    in News

    Pilot Radio speaks with columnist Jamesetta Walker about her cover story "Natural Beauty" - a brief look inside the world of natural hair and the social implications of donning natural hair among women of color. Jamesetta examined the topic from the view of the founder of a hair and fashion expo this weekend in Newport News that promotes natural hair and teaches women how to care for their natural mane. Jamesetta provides commentary on fashion, lifestyle and consumer affairs.

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    Test Pilot

    in Pop Culture

    Kai & Kevin Test Pilot for RedCarpet Show

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    Are You A Planet or A Pilot?

    in Spirituality

    If you are a planet ...

    You have huge mass, a set trajectory, inability to explore other planets. There is no objective reality because life on other planets has no relevance for life on your planet. Your experience is 3-dimensional. All experiences are equally relevant. You have a gravitational field around you affects everything around you. There are different conditions on each planet. 

    If you are a pilot...

    You have small mass, so you can change course at will based on your map. Your biggest assets are maneuverability, your quantity of maps, and the quality of your maps. To maintain high quality, you must visit planets. To maintain high quantity, you must explore. Space is always 2-dimensional – going from point A to point B. You need a variety of technologies, skills for using technologies, and cultural skills for interacting with people on different planets.

    There are 3 kinds of maps.

    1. Map of a planet and its regions,

    2. Map of planets in the context of other planets

    3. Map of galaxy in context of other galaxies

    However, "the map is not the territory." No matter how many maps you have, and no matter how good they are, you cannot substitute a map for an experience. The larger your ship, the more skills you need!



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    in Atheism

    This will be our first airing of the show YardieSkeptics! In this pilot episode we introduce ourselves and our work, explain why it is important to foster skepticism and critical thinking, lay out the case of a secular Jamaica and have fun while doing all that! We'll be ironing out any kinks in our equipment so keep an eye out for the occasional blooper - this episode will be a collector's item! Tune in and hangout with YardieSkeptics. 

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    in Technology

    Pilot for Tech Talk

    Gregory Schuch goes in and out of technology and shares EVERYTHING with you!

    Why read articles when you can listen to them!

    We discuss iOS, Mac OS, and Chrome OS.

    We also discuss new technologies.

    And Technology soon to be released.


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    All Rights Reserved

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    Pilot episode of News America.  Describe the objective and format.
    Current events to be discussed:
    Gun Control - What is the problem we are trying to solve?

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    Air Travel is the Safest Form of Travel, Unless Your Pilot is Crazy!

    in Current Events

    This installment of The Forbidden Fruit will look into the crash of the Germanwings Flight 9525. WTF? Are pilots now using their company's jet to commit suicide? Whatever happen to the old fashion gun barrel to the head? Who kills themselves and takes 150 unwilling  people with them? They say when it's your time, it's your time, but happens when it's just the co-pilot's time? Are we overthinking this security thing? Before 9/11, this probably couldn't have happened. Did the Airline know the mental status of the co-pilot? I blame this on the Airline and Homeland Security. I want to get back to the days of dropping off and picking up a love one at the gate. Sadly to say, those days are more than likely gone for good and now reduced to just folk stories passed down from generation to generation. So fasten your seat belts and return your seat to the full upright position because this show may be a bumpy ride.

    Call in number is 347-202-0492 or just use Skype.

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    Talking retail, spending, and saving with Carolyn Shapiro, Part 2

    in News

    Pilot business reporter Carolyn Shapiro covers consumer affairs, the retail industry, utilities and telecommunications for The Virginian-Pilot's business desk.

    She will share with us the inside scoop of some of the region's big retail projects, like the  Dollar Tree/Family Dollar merger, the overhaul of Lynhaven Mall and the sale of McArthur Center, and the closing of Sears at Chesapeake Square. This is part two of our final conversation with Carrie about retail in Hampton Roads.

    Tune in to Pilot Radio today at 3:00 p.m.


    in Religion

    We must trust God , for he will guide and protect us  and give us his  grace to make it through every hardship..God says  i am with you    i will help you  i will take good care of you.The pilot trusted his instruments to guide him through the storm you need to trust the lord to help you through times of uncertainty in your life.only  God knows exacctly where you are, where you need to go, and what route you need to take to get there.

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