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  • 01:13

    Soul Cafe - "Living with Soul"

    in Spirituality

    On today's show I am joined by photographer and intrepid traveller Rupert Davis to talk all about soul.

    Rupert has been inviting soul more and more into his life, being open to its grand gifts and the joy this brings into his life. Today we will talk about talking and listening to soul. Knowing when our mind or aspects are talking. How to open this communication and allow it to express itself in your life.

    Please feel free to interact in the chat room with any questions.

  • 01:19

    Soul Cafe - Out Of My Mind With Joy!

    in Spirituality

    Believing we are entitled and worthy of lives filled with joy can be a challenge. We have spent lifetimes learning that being victims and suffering are the natural order of being human.

    When we step into a life of awareness, that we are a soul choosing experience, these old beliefs can shift. It is then that our minds love to come and play with their full cache of weapons!

    In today's show Kuthumi will talk about balancing the mind, how we can always allow joy, why do we get distracted from joy and how do we get it back.

    We will be taking questions if time allows- these need to be emailed to Marisa via her website at www.newenergywriting.com

  • 01:12

    Soul Cafe- Chocolate and Flushing Toilets; What a Time to be Enlightened!

    in Spirituality

    Suffering is for schmucks! Remember all those lives hiding in caves with out running water, electricity, clean laundry or cable TV just so we could find ourselves. Well thank God/Spirit/Our Aspects that those times are over!

    Join me and Jann Morgan for our annual laugh at all things spiritual and of course ourselves. Today we take time to give thanks for choosing enlightenment in the comforts of the modern age. Now our caves have flushing toilets, a chocolate stash, pizza delivered to the door and Game of Thrones.... and we can share every detail on Facebook!

    What a time to be alive! What a time to be enlightened! What awesomely delicious and dramatic distractions we have created to make the journey so much more rewarding than the simple silence and solitude of being alone with soul!

    *Kuthumi will return for our next show- June 20th.*




  • 01:16

    Soul Cafe with Kuthumi- "....And Then What?"

    in Spirituality

    So you choose enlightenment? ...and then what? So surrender to your self love and trust?....and then what?

    Many of our blocks and patterns are set up in the comfort of the known world or what our mind can imagine and predict. Stepping into our soul freedom invites us into a world of unknowns and often this uncertainty can make us compromise the very freedom we are seeking.

    On today's show Ascended Master Kuthumi will talk about what comes next and how to truly allow through our trust and self love.

    Kuthumi will also be talking about artistic creativity and it ability to break old mind programming, as well as the energy we infuse into our creations to remind others that they can break from linear mind programming.

    No questions will be taken during this show. Instead Kuthumi will lead us through some experiences to reconnect with our soul wisdom and self love .... where all our answers are anyway!

  • 01:27

    Soul Cafe with Kuthumi- "Let's Live Life!"

    in Spirituality

    Join Marisa, Joep and Kuthumi as we talk about diving into embracing life as it is right now.

    Kuthumi has asked that the show also be subtitled "Do you want to be a creator or a victim?" which may be a clue as to where the discussion will go.

    There will be a short question and answer session at the end. Please send in any questions via our website at www.newenergywriting.com

  • 01:22

    Soul Cafe with Kuthumi

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to the very first Soul Cafe! Join us to celebrate life on Earth in the new consciousness, living life as creators, hand in hand with our souls. Ascended Master Kuthumi Lal Singh will join us to share his wisdom and guide us in embodying our enlightenment.


  • 00:56

    Your Inner Will with Piero Ferrucci

    in Spirituality

    Dr. Piero Ferrucci is a psychotherapist and philosopher. He is the author of The Power of Kindness, Beauty and the Soul, and Inevitable Grace. He was a former student of and collaborator with transpersonal psychologist Roberto Assagioli, His newest release, Your Inner Will: Finding Personal Strength in Critical Times, explores human resilience and the various facets that compose our concept of the will, and provides concrete lessons in developing internal willpower during times of personal crisis. 

    His website: www.pieroferrucci.it


  • 01:22


    in Spirituality

    El año pasado salió publicado el tercer libro sobre una de las vidas de Kuthumi Lal Sing, canalizado Marisa Calvi, en este caso le tocó el turno a la vida que tuvo como Balthazar uno de los tres reyes magos.

    En esta emisión de Visiones Multidimensionales queremos entrevistar directamente al protagonista de la historia para que nos resuelva algunas inquietudes que nos surgieron con la lectura del libro y comparta con nuestra audiencia la destilación de esa vida en la que encarnó a otro famoso personaje de la historia.

    Para mayores informes sobre los libros publicados por Marisa Calvi vayan a este link: www.newenergywriting.com

  • 01:28

    Living & Creating with Soul

    in Spirituality

    All we need to do is come together and just be ourselves and the results can be joyful, profound and light hearted too.

    This month we will have a reading from Ann Bromley's collection of inspirational stories.  We will have conscious, loving breathing with Anita Boom.  We'll have a message from Marisa Calvi at the Taj Mahal in moonlight, either by way of a live telephone call or a written message if the 2am time out there means that she has already gone to bed.  As usual I will start with some breathing and sharing.

    We all have so many talents and gifts that we can share.  Soul reveals these to us step by step as we walk together through life.  Join us with your energy and wisdom (and any questions you may have) in our shared space of truth and compassion that this show is dedicated to - the truth and compassion of self.

  • 00:45

    Episode 11: Eddie Johnson, Del Piero, Kljestan and Beasley rumors

    in Sports

    Is Eddie Johnson right with his assesment of D.C. United's talent? Are Alessandro Del Piero, Sacha Klestan or DaMarcus Beasley worth DP money in MLS 3.0?

  • 01:28

    Traducción Kuthumi sobre las Elecciones y el Cuerpo de Luz

    in Spirituality

    Traducción Canalización de Kuthumi sobre las Elecciones y el Cuerpo de Luz

    Aunque este mes no hay Shoud los oyentes de este programa tendrá una oportunidad muy especial de escuchar uno de los episodios más trascendentales y con mayor audiencia en Awakening Zone, la canalización que Marisa Calvi hizo el 20 de junio.

    Kuthumi nos lleva a los distintos tipos de elecciones, desde las guiadas por el alma hasta las humanas y la energía que hay alrededor de estas elecciones. Nos lleva  a sentir nuestra elección última y cómo ésta apoya la iluminación.

    Luego nos guía en una experiencia rica y profunda con el cuerpo de luz para liberarnos de las barreras  de las creencias, el karma y aún el ADN. Así podemos darle la bienvenida al cuerpo de luz para que se una aún más a la experiencia de ser un humano divino.

    Así describe Marisa esta gran experiencia.

    Hoy 11 de septiembre pueden descargar la versión editada de esta traducción sobre las elecciones y el cuerpo de luz. A una semana del famoso Shaud del 14 de junio, Kuthumi nos lleva por esta experiencia tan iluminadora.