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    The Grip of Lions and Veils with Audra Grace Shelby

    in Christianity

    A terrorist. Two hostages. A desert lair in Yemen. The stage is set for a transfixing, fact-based, yet fiction novel, The Grip of Lions and Veils. Author of Behind the Veils of Yemen, missionary-author Audra Grace Shelby weaves a mesmerizing tale of danger and deception. Gleaning from her own real-life experiences as an American woman whose missionary family was called to Yemen, this reality fiction is real enough to be grippingly true, but fictional enough to be highly entertaining. With terror hurtling through the Middle East, especially Yemen, Shelby's latest book is both timely and Insightful . 



  • The Thinning of the Veils, a conversation with Spirit

    in Spirituality

    Diana Davies brought forward some interestion questions about how we communicate with spirit, and why this night, October 31 was auspicious! Are there special days or special places that are more conducive to communication with other realms, how do we connect, and just what ARE the veils? She asked about fairie realms, and how animals connect with spirit, how we are evolving and how spirit talks to us! So many really good questions, and lots of answers!

  • Dale Pierce joins SGWS

    in Sports

    Long time veteran wrestling personality Dale Pierce rejoins us for the first time in a very long time. He's been around the sport for many years and continues to be a manager in the Pacific Northwest.He has put his knowledge into print as he's written books on pro wrestling as well. Get ready to pick the brain of this very knowledgeable man.

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    Neil Haley Interviews Dalel Khalil, Author of FROM VEILS TO THONGS

    in Education

    From Veils To Thongs!

    Arabic women deal with very serious issues that they often feel powerless to change.
    Western women are raised to be extremely assertive and even fight for her rights. One
    who is both Arab and American is very often, very confused. Her one foot is planted
    firmly in a traditional world whose cultural rules haven’t changed in over 2,000 years.
    Her other foot is skidding on a thin piece of ice, the mega-liberal free-for-all, called
    America. And she is trying to balance walking on both.

    This hilarious, lighthearted survival guide explains how to retain one’s sanity in the battle
    of the ultimate culture clash, and offers hilarious explanations as to why we have absurd
    cultural rules such as arranged marriages. Best of all, Westerners not only finally have a
    practical tool in which to better understand us and our wacky ways, but they too, can find

    Like us, many Americans are struggling in this escalating socio-political cultural war.
    They are torn between conservatism and liberalism, tradition and progression, fidelity
    and fun, flats and pumps! It’s hard to balance it all. It really is. Contrasting Eastern
    traditions with Western ideas, V2T explains how to function when one’s conservative
    ethnic side is at war with their liberal Western side.  http://www.dalelkhalil.com/ 

  • Morning Moments With Maia; Jae Pierce-Baba on FUNtastic Parenting

    in Family

    Maia Aziz P.S.W., C.L.Y.L., writes and speaks on living a life of love and laughter. President-Elect of The Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor, Maia is joined each week on Morning Moments With Maia...Conversations of Love and Laughter by an eclectic lineup of guests who live their lives with love and laughter and work to help others do the same.


    Jae Pierce-Baba, OTR, Humorologist, is CEO of her own seminar company, LipShtick Productions and a nationally recognized professional speaker, writer and comedienne. As an Occupational Therapist, Jae has more than 20 years of experience in a variety of settings with patients ranging in age from newborns to the elderly.Her mission in life is to spread the word of the power of therapeutic humor in both our professional and private lives. She has combined her experiences in the health care industry with her talents as a speaker and professional storyteller to entertain and educate a wide variety of audiences from the health care industry to the US Army. Today Jae joins Maia for a conversation on the strength of silliness and how having fun with our kids can make parenting FUNtastic.


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    Nothing but the truth with Pastor Katie Pierce and Truth Deliverance Ministry

    in Christianity

    As we continue our study on a thankful heart, we will show how being thankful is vital to our spiritual health.  When God looks at your heart what does he see??  How can we cultivate a spirit of thankfulness?  How being unthankful can be a detriment and spotting symptoms of unthankfulness.  Let's begin to wrap our thanksgiving in praise that will bring breakthrough every time!

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    Nothing but the Truth with Pastor Katie Pierce and Truth Deliverance Ministry

    in Christianity

    Thanksgiving is the forerunner to Christmas!  It should set the atmosphere to receive and celebrate God's greatest gift to mankind, Jesus Christ. I believe we should use Thanksgiving to examine and dethrone the idols of selfishness along with just being ungrateful.  It's a time to choose which one will sit on the throne of your heart.  Let's instill the right value of the season opener with our children and grandchildren. "Let us com before His presence with thanksgiving. Psalm 95:2"

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    Broadcast For 10/01/2015

    in Politics

    News, Commentary and Talk for 10/01/2015 by Matt Pierce

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    Nothing but the Truth with Pastor Katie Pierce and Truth Deliverance Ministry

    in Christianity

    Let's talk about those who we consider a leper and untouchable.  There is no sin that Jesus cannot heal and he has sent us to bring healing to all.  The gang banger, the drug dealer, the prostitute and those who are homeless.  Jesus touches the untouchables and so should we.

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    Spectre - Bringing back Bond in style

    in Entertainment

    I have been a Bond fan for a long time. Everyone has their own favorite one, and I was no different (Sean Connery was the original, but Pierce Brosnan picked up that torch quite well.) However, with the introduction of Daniel Craig, I was less then impressed at his portrayal of Bond. Granted, Brosnan had left some rather odd shoes to fill storywise, but there was a discord in the harmony of the traditional character that did not set will with me. I managed to get through Casino Royale, but Quantum Solace left me bitter and discouraged. I had given up on Bond - until Spectre. Watching this newest addition in the Bond film line gave me back Bond in the best way. Listen in to hear my review and call with comments about your favorite Bond and what you think is the best/worst of the filmology.