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    "The Picnic of The Year"

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    We will discuss the scenario surrounding "The Picnic of The Year". The lines are open for anyone who wants to speak on the  2nd annual All Alumni Picnic. Call (818)301-5834.

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    Picnic Picks. Menus and Recipes.

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    Being outdoors is great for your body and mind - why not go on a picnic!  Want to know the best foods to pack, how to prep and pack them, and even some last minute grab-and-go ideas?  Travel with us for some outdoor picnic food fun! 


    Stacey Antine, RD, (HealthBarn USA) and author of Appetite for Life will lead the way.  Along for the ride will be recipe maven, Kelly Schriver, RD.  “Drive” with us to your favorite picnic spot, set it up and look forward to enjoying every bite.


    Come into our Family Food Experts Kitchen.  You will find invaluable food fun for all summer. See you then!

    … for the health of your family,
    ellen (host)
    Family Food Experts.com


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    The Starving Artist - Picnic Recipes

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    Picnics are a summer staple! The traditions, recipes, and scope of the picnic are as diverse as this great nation! This week we will be taking a look at several picnic theme ideas, as well as your best and our favorite picnic foods and recipes. Join us with your stories and comments. 

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    Patriot Picnic live

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    We will be broadcasting live from the Patriot Picnic this saturday aug. 31st time to follow.If you can't make it we will have some of the shinanigins live.So tune in and enjoy.starting at noon

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    Shi's July I'm All Choked Up Picnic

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    Tune in Monday July 7, 2014 @8pm EDT for Shi's July "I'm all choked up" Picnic!

    We've got some tasty vittles and some fireworks and some good fried chicken from Shilohkoko herself!

    It just might be the funnest 60 minutes of your entire life! Why? Tune in and find out!

    We're going to save karaoke! YOU can help... if you love karaoke, tune in! Go to www.daputershack.com and say hi

    You can even like us on face book and other social sites! Free cyber cookies..... close your eyes... see them? yum!!!

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    πŸ“πŸ—πŸChicken Race & Winter Clothing Drive! LIVE !!!πŸ“πŸ—πŸπŸš₯

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     Hi, I'm Jeremy Beals. Founder of the Mental Health Awareness Network 'Jerdiggity'TV.' Come join me and the other local area sponsors & supporters for this free event!! This Saturday October 10th 2015 for the 2nd annual Homeless NOT Hungry 'Picnic in the Park. BBQ in support of Ending STIGMA! Let's stop the language that takes away a person's dignity and self worth. We are all people first. Food fun friends! Free BBQ Free Raffle Great Great PRIZES PRIZES PRIZES! Irving Street library park 7400 Irving Street Westminster Colorado 80030 it's going to be fun! See you there! Help me in Sponsoring a Chicken for the grill! MR.POLLO 72nd Federal will be There to Serve the Best Chicken anywhere!!! I need to reach my goal of 20 chickens and MR POLLO will do the rest. Please!! Share your Care! And Come Eat with Me to Show your Support! Everyone Is Welcome!!! Thanks! Jeremy.

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    South Shore Tars For Life Pt.4 - Host Keith Bledsoe

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    Tomorrow evening Thursday 10/1 at 7pm…Part 4 of “South Shore Tars For Life” on  “We Are Everyday People” global internet radio. I continue to keep alive the vibe from the SSH “75” reunion with alumni guests and more interviews from the picnic. Please call in to share your thoughts and memories
    Among my guest will be:

    SSH “75” Rev. Lee Lavender of Las Vegas, NV who is also a social worker for The Bridge of Hope charity organization.

    SSH “77” Tomiya Melvin (“Ella Pace” back in the day), of Houston, TX. Founder, Owner, President, of Melvin and Associates Consulting.

    Also joining me will be regular show contributor Carl Pc Sanderson.

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    Wednesday Septemeber 30, 2015 topic is Mental Illness in Society Part 2.  We have discussed the signs, and the intervention.  But have we really touched bases of what mental illness is doing in society... What can we do to help?  Find out by calling in @9pm 347.327.9515 with you thoughts, ideas, comments or questions.... We welcome all to join in!

     Remember Our Teen Progress Picnic is coming up October 24, 2015 @Creel Park from 12noon -5pm.

    We hear ya later

    The Opulent Network Team


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    The Matt Duffin Show - Last Week, The Weeks Before, or Tomorrow?

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    We often 'wish THIS hadn't happened - this TBI sucks so'.  You are absolutely correct, the sudden life surviving then chaanging events was a LOT to take.  

    Was.  Every second gets ''better''' with deeper understandings.  Serious, sad.  If you are like me, that's enough of that.  The day just started!  Every day, that is.  They all begin sad and serious, hurts, take meds, burn one, feel better - go into the day happy.  If only the ''regular - non-chronicallly ill citizens could see inside our body."  No, wait, I wish a Brain Injury on NO ONE.  Well, maybe a few Iranian Militants.  But that was my past, or is my past.  Yesterday, which is gone (in case you are looking for it) leads into tomorrow.  The only day most Survivors look forward too.  Next week is too far away, as we well know.  And outside of experience, history & memory's - there is nothing yesterday can do for us.  Stop looking towards the traumatic past - it happend.  That's what 'yesterday' says, anyway.


    Tomorrow?  Is Monday, I'm looking real forard to that.  The rest of the days ahead?  Oh, I do have a schedule of appointments.  The rest or wants and dreams.  I can always hold that thought, without getting confused.  Now, remembering what I was thinking about....

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    South Shore Tars For Life Pt. 3- Host Keith Bledsoe

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    This evening Thursday 9/24 at 7pm…Part 3 of “South Shore Tars For Life” on  “We Are Everyday People” global internet radio. I continue to keep alive the vibe from the SSH “75” reunion with alumni guests and more interviews from the picnic. Please call in to share your thoughts and memories
    Join in online: 

    Among my guest will be Kathleen Hamlet - “DJlitebright” Allen SSH “75” just getting her thoughts after the celebration

    SSH “77” Alumni, pest control specialist and former Chicago “Honeybear” and Chicago Blitz cheerleader, Carolyn Bowman

    SSH “73” Alumni, management consultant Charles Walton .

    Also joining me will be regular show contributor Carl Pc Sanderson.

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    Understanding the signs of mental illness in our families......

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    Understanding the signs of mental illness in our family, church and community.  How to begin treatment and intervention?  Our Guest Speaker will be Dr. Thomas L. Francis, who is an Adjunct Professor at United Theological Semicary and Chaplain at Hospice Advantage.  

    Please call in early to reserve your space....@ 9pm WEDNESDAY NIGHT.... 347.327.9515 and share your thoughts, ideas, opinions and comments.

    SAVE THE DATE FOR OUR TEEN PROGRESS PICNIC IN CREEL PARK.... OCTOBER 24, 2015 M12 NOON - 5PM.  Email US @ oneopulentnetwork@gmail.com


    Hear Ya Later,

    The Opulent Network Team