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    Episode 1: Frankie Picasso

    in Spirituality

    The Unstoppable Frankie Picasso is the Founder &  Host of The Good Radio Network, a socially conscious radio network Professional Certified Life, Business and Master Coach Trainer, Self Help Author of best seller- Midlife Mojo-How to Get Through the Midlife Crisis and Emerge as Your True Self as well as  No Bull Allowed- How to Lose the Losers and Lasso in Love.
    Frankie is a Philanthropist in training, an Advocate for Socially Consciousness Planet and an who just happens to specialize in the Impossible!

    In 2003, Frankie was in a horrific motorcycle accident that changed her life. After breaking both femurs, hip, pelvis she spent 6 months in the hospital learning to walk again. During her time in the hospital, she was let go from her job, was divorced by  her husband, her Blues band dropped her as their drumher and  she missed out ( after training for months) to  travel and race with her team, The Canadian National Seniors Dragonboat Team, who were leaving for  ShangHai in just 8 days from the day of her accident. Three days after coming home from the hospital, her beloved dog died and 2 weeks later, the rod in her leg broke leaving her to walk on a broken leg for a year until she could get surgery.




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    Quise Picasso

    in Entertainment

    For this another episode of the show. I have a special guest who goes  by the name of Quise Picasso who's a Hip-Hip Artist/Songwriter/Radio Personality, and more

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    WASH ME- Lava Mae cleans up the Homeless in San Francisco

    in Culture

    Please join host Frankie Picasso along with her guest Doniece Sandoval, founder of Lava Mae on Thursday, June 11th at 1:00 pm est for The Good Radio Network.

    Doniece is the brainchild and founder of Lava Mae, a mobile washroom and shower station that services the 3500 plus homeless in  San Francisco and gives them a chance to get clean on a regular basis.

    Doniece knew she wanted to help the homeless and a chance encounter gave her the idea she needed to help deliver dignity and unlock the opportunity for these street folks needed — one shower at a time.

    Let's face it, most of take water  and bathing for granted, but imagine how difficult it would be to get a job, control hygiene or even find housing when no one will let you use their public toilets or washrooms? No one wants to sit next to someone who  is smelly, dirty and literally an attraction for disease? So Imagine how difficult it is to get yourself OFF the streets when you can't get clean? No one will hire you or give you a clean apartment.

    Lava Mae offers these folks their dignity. By giving them a washroom, and a chance to bathe away the grime, these homeless folks can now shedule their bathing opportunity weekly,  and through partnering alliances, maybe even get fresh underwear, socks and clean clothes.

    Lava Mae is run by volunteers.


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    Frankie Picasso, Author of "Midlife Mojo"

    in Self Help

    For many, Midlife is a time of great questioning. It is a time when many seek their purpose and look for a more esoteric existence, searching for their spirituality, their soul and more meaning to their life. It is also a time when many feel TRAPPED within the confines of responsibilities, family and fears. How can we make overcome these obstacles and emerge as our “ True Self’? What is the Midlife Crisis?

    During today's show Laura will be talking with Frankie Picasso about Frankie's book "Midlife Mojo- How to Get through the Midlife Crisis and Emerge as Your true Self" and what is a Midlife Crisis, does everyone go through a midlife crisis? How to know if you are having a midlife crisis? Is it possible to rid ourselves of self-doubt?

    About Frankie Picasso

    The Unstoppable Frankie Picasso is a Professional Certified Life, Business, Relationship and Master Coach Trainer as well as Certified Hypnotherapist specializing in Metaphysical Hypnosis, Energy Healer and Certified Angel Card Reader.

    Frankie is the Founder of Thoughtatudes-Centre for Positive Outcomes.

    For more information visit Frankie's websites at www.frankiepicasso.com or www.thoughtatudes.com

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    "Franco The Great" On The Danny Tisdale Show

    in Lifestyle

    Today Danny talks to "Franco The Great" on The Danny Tisdale Show. Danny talks to world-renowned Panamanian born Harlem artist Franklin Gaskin, aka “Franco the Great,” "The Picasso of Harlem" who has painted hundreds of iron gates in Harlem for over 30 years.

    They discuss Gaskin being a musician who painted blind folded, how Dr. Martin Luther King influenced his work, and today painting his first gate in five years and the future plans for his gates in Harlem.

    Join Harlem Nation at:




    Website: HarlemWorldMag.com 

    E-mail: harlemworldinfo@yahoo.com.

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    Even Strong Sexy Woman can Be ABUSED! ToshaMakia Speaks out against Violence

    in Culture

    This week, ToshaMakia, the sexy latina model, singer, club host and radio personality joins Frankie Picasso host, of The Good Radio Network at 1:00 pm EST on Thursday, May 21, 2015.

    ToshaMakia came to fame when her hit single,  'Be Yourself'  skyrocketed  up the charts gaining her the exposure and attention of some of the biggest names in the music business. She became noticed by likes of  NYC’s Hot 97’s Angie Martinez, and touring with folks like,  Ashanti, Ciara, Diddy, Lil Kim, LL Cool J, Trick Daddy, and Busta Rhymes just to name a few.

    'While she was nominated as one of the top 50 sexiest single Latina's in NYC, there is another side to ToshaMakia that she may be even more proud of, her work with victims of domestic violence and that brings her here today. ToshaMakia uses her real life experiences to help others. She herself  is a survivor of domestic violence, bullying, molestation, and she uses her story to help empower others in abusive situations. She’s also assisted in physically helping these victims get out of their abusive relationships.

    When ToshaMakia  was interviewed by Winston-Salem's "The Chronicle" in regards to an ARTICLE about the controversial and abusive celebrity relationship Rihanna had with Chris Brown, they stated thatToshaMakia has a trendy, edgy, and unfiltered voice for teens and women to follow.

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    Styles Q -Big, Bold, Bald Biker RIDES to SAVE LIVES

    in Culture

     You may remember me writing that The Good Radio Network is on the look out for people who have answered ‘what can I do to change the world”, and not just the BIG world, but the one that you live in too. The world that is close to your heart and home.. your community, your street even, making your world a safer, happier, healthier place for those whom you call neighbors and friends.My guest today has done just that.

    He is a man for all reasons..Styles Q- yes his name,  BIG, BRASH , BOLD and BALD..and he has a lot of EGO to back him up. An avid motorcycle enthusiast for over 35 years, Styles Q Weinberg  may have a larger than life presence, but he also has a larger than life heart that pulls him to lead and organize those around him for the betterment of others.

    Motorcycle communities are drawn towards causes that benefit some kind of an organization and/or charity.  I first got my Motorcycle license so I could go on the BAD RIDE- ( Bikers Against Despair), and likewise, many riders are bonded by the love of riding and helping others.  That’s what they are all about.
    When Styles left Zen Club to start his own Motorcycle club called ACME (All Canadian Motorcycle Enthusiast) he looked at the demographics of the members and realized that most of them lived in the City of Vaughn. While the Canadian Diabetes Association was a worthy cause, the group under Styles leadership decided to undertake a new cause, one which benefited more people on a larger scope.  It was the new Vaughan Hospital, a desperately needed state of the art facility to be located in the City of Vaughan at the corner of Major Mackenzie and Jane opposite Canada’s Wonderland, slated to open in 2019.

    Styles Q's work in his community won him an Volunteer Recognition Award by the City and to date has raised over 60,000. for the hospital.

    Join us on air at (845) 241-9943 for more info


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    Michelle Dawson,Lillian Harrison,Frankie Picasso,Tina Dietz, Joni Aldrich

    in Business

    Michelle Brown-Dawson Founder and President of Catalyst Enterprises International, Her mission is to “help organizations and individuals turn potential into performance.”  With over 20 year experience as an Organizational Strategist

    Lillian Harrison publisher/editor of Delmarva Small Business Magazine. She also is the owner/ceo of Innovative Success Enterprises, a business development co and has been working with entrepreneurs, small business owners and non profit organizations 

    Frankie Picasso Professional Motivator, Author, Radio Host, and Advocate for Socially Consciousness Planet who just happens to specialize in the Impossible! She is trained and Certified in/as a Hypnotherapist, Life, Business and Master Coach Trainer, Mediator, Crisis Intervention, Emergency Management and more 

    Tina Dietz international speaker and exquisite business coach.She is on a mission to kindle 10,000 Thriving Businesses, she is the creator of the Success Funnel System™, and she has worked with business owners in 20+ industries to create incredible time and money freedom for her clients

    Joni Aldrich published six books on surviving cancer, caregiving, brain illness, and grief. She speaks out in seminars 

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    Gay's PSA

    in Self Help

    This week, I will conclude my discussion regarding the dynamic change in the dynamics of a relationship when your significant other becomes your baby’s mama or baby’s daddy. My guest today will be Dr. Pastor Picasso Nelson. He will be sitting in to give us the male perspective and the spiritual perspective. Tune in today and each Friday at 4:30 CST/5:30 Eastern time. You can call in at 917-932-1078 or link in at www.thishasbeenapublicserviceannouncement.com

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    Portrait of a Storyteller with a Social Conscience.. Emeka Mbadiwe

    in Culture

    Please join Frankie Picasso , host of The Good Radio Network, Thursday May 7th at 1:00 pm EST when her guest is Emeka Mbadiwe, creative filmmaker, storyteller, inspirational speaker, actor, author and CHANGE artist.

    Emeka's voice is ringing out and it's not falling on deaf ears. His video shorts are reaching the youth of today and his message is clear..you need to get your act together, you are Worthwhile and loved, and "I  am here to help YOU!"

    Through his film company Triple T Films..( To the Top)  Emeka has brought  his Strong, Enthusiastic, Engaging and Comedic energy to thousands of people over the years.

    He speaks on issues concerning the youth and motivates people to reach their highest potential. He may be Changing the World One Person at a Time but Millions are listening.

    Emeka  has studied the science of achievement and mastered while specializing in topics such as Motivation, social media marketing and self improvement


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    Dr. Terry Gordon- How the Wounded Healer HEALS Hearts

    in Culture

    Dr Wayne Dyer calls him a ‘best friend’, thousands call him a life saver and Dr. Terry Gordon calls himself, Wounded Healer.

    Dr. Gordon, is a Cleveland Clinic trained cardiologist and heart surgeon who practiced within mainstream medicine for over two decades. In 2012 he was named the American Heart Association’s National Physician of the Year and he is nationally recognized in all matters of the heart.

    As a leading health advocate, one of Dr. Gordon’s missions in life has been saving the lives of our children. After the untimely death of Josh Miller, a 15-year-old high school football player who collapsed and died of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) during a hometown football game, Dr. Gordon began a purposeful mission,impactt the lives of thousands upon thousands of people at risk of dying. His passion became the placement of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in schools across the state of Ohio. Ultimately over 4,470 defibrillators were placed and over 15,000 individuals were trained in CPR and the use of AEDs. The result has been at least 15 lives saved as a direct result of his initiative.

    He spearheaded a national campaign, which resulted in legislation put forth by U.S. Congresswoman Betty Sutton to recreate the Ohio School AED initiative on a national scale, the goal being to place one AED in every school in our country. The Josh Miller HEARTS Act passed the U.S. House of Representatives twice.

    Terry  is the author of No Storm Lasts Forever-Transforming Suffering into Insight, a personal account of the tragedy and dramatic shift that occurred,  when his son, Tyler was involved in an automobile accident sustaining a severe spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed. In leading his family through this life-changing experience, Dr. Gordon’s journey has resulted in a spiritual awakening to a clearer understanding of life and the truths it has to offer.

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