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    Beth interviews Richard Weiskopf, member of Physicians for Social Responsibility

    in Spirituality

    Dr. Richard Weiskopf will speak about his experiences as a member of Physicians for Social Responsibility and his involvement in peace activities in Central New York and abroad.

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    Physicians Unprepared for Sunshine Law

    in Business

    Survey Reveals Physicians Prefer Filtered Sunshine
    A conversation with Michaeline Daboul, CEO of MMIS, about her company's third annual survey of doctors and their knowledge of the Sunshine Act. The survey found that physicians are actually less informed than they were one year ago.

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    Eric Holder resigns. Steve Jacobs on Physicians/Medicine under siege

    in Politics Conservative

    Bye-Bye Eric Holder! America's first African-Anerican Attorney Geneneral is vacating his office. The liberal left is in a panic; conservatives are asking "What took you so long?"

    Why did Holder resign? Why now? Who will Obama nominate to replace him?

    The speculations are going wild!


    So Long, Marcus Welby, MD: Today's Health Care Is Suffocating Independent Physicians and How Some Changed to Thrive, addresses the most pressing issues facing U.S. doctors, and how the landscape is dramatically changing for them.

    Steve Jacob, former nationally syndicated healthcare columnist and founding editor of D Healthcare Daily will be joining us to discuss the issue that is changing the way doctors practice and how your healthcare may change.

    - Why physician autonomy is under siege and morale is declining

    - Texas: A last bastion for independent physicians

    - Medical stagnation: Survey says most physicians would not recommend a career in medicine

    - Why physician suicide rate is higher than any other profession

    - Why medical care is the leading cause of bankruptcy in U.S.

     - How rising medical expenses are consuming a growing proportion of household budgets

     - How 30 million more insured Americans will impact the unchanged provider base

    - The high stakes of getting patients engaged in their health

    - Why physicians aren’t talking to patients about the ACA

    This and more at 8AM-10AM EST this morning "In the Pickle Barrel

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    Ohio Academy of Family Physicians Annual Meeting Reflections

    in Health

    Dr Synonymous (Pat Jonas, MD) reviews the recent OAFP Annual Meeting, then comments on Direct Primary Care issues of interest to Family Physicians.  He gets philosophical (no surprise) about the role of the Family Physician including some comments about the "Myth and the Magic of Family Medicine"

    Check it out. And Twitter photos from the OAFP meeting at #Ohioafp.  You'll see Dr Jonas (48th President of OAFP) in more than ten selfies with other leaders.

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    Physicians Evaluate Employees Online, at Home and at Work

    in Health

    If employers want to maintain or reduce healthcare spending, one of the best places to start is with employees’ use of hospitals. The long-time mantra in addressing health care costs is to keep employees out of emergency rooms, avoid unnecessary hospital admissions and, if an employee or their dependent is admitted, get them out of the hospital as quickly as possible. 

    A growing number of employers and insurance companies are using different strategies to direct employees to the best care, including concierge medicine and virtual-physician-diagnostic services for minor medical conditions.

    Join the CoHealth community as we talk with Alan Roga (StatDoctors) and Natalie Hodge (PersonalMedicinePlus) -- two physicians who are changing how and where physicians meet patients, including via virtual, computer-based visits, mobile apps and concierge services.

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    Joseph Gonzales, R.D., - Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

    in Self Help

    Joseph Gonzales, R.D., is a staff dietician for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a nationwide organization dedicated to promoting preventive medicine, especially better nutrition, and higher standards in research.  As staff dietician, Mr. Gonzales conducts clinical research studies in weight loss, diabetes reversal, and pain management.  Joseph also provides dietary guidance to employees in corporate wellness and spearheaded Food for Life, a program designed by the Physician’s Committee to promote cancer prevention and survival through a better understanding of cancer causes, particularly the link between nutrition and cancer. For more information, please visit www.pcrm.org

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    In Short Order -- rebroadcast with Dr. Warren levin

    in Health

    Lyme, candida, and so much more! This physician recently retired but spent more than 45 years treating someof the most difficult cases.

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    Sizzle Sells, Even for Doctors

    in Business

    Are Better Headlines Just What the Doctor Ordered?

    Pharmaguy interviews Jeff Tangney, CEO & Founder, Doximity, who talks about physician clinical reading patterns and trends and the impact on patient care. The discussion focuses on how Doximity has added some 'sizzle' to life-saving medical news to make it more readable and engaging for its online physician community. 

    Questions/Topics of Discussion

    Why should anyone care about physicians reading clinical news?
    Medical publishing and journals are booth booming. How are doctors managing the tidal wave of new medical literature?
    How, when and why are doctors reading medical news today? What are the most interesting physician trends?
    How does Doximity's DocNews feature work? Who does it reach?
    What are some case studies of boosting physician readership through Doximity? What has Doximity learned from testing and optimizing?
    What are the larger pros and cons of social news curation?
    What best-practices can life sciences learn from Doximity's success with adding sizzle to medical news?

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    In Short Order -- Jeff Thurston

    in Health

    Probiotics -- what are they -- how do we benefit from them -- and is there a defference in products?

    Jeff is with Master Supplements -- the probiotic I always recommend.


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    Rey Hernendez ~ 01/27/15 ~ Experiencer's Network ~ Aquarian Radio

    in Education

    Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin interview guest Rey Hernendez on the Extraterrestrial Contact Organization. 

    The Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters, or FREE, together with Starborn Support International, fully understand that there are likely millions of individuals worldwide who have had, and continue to have contact experiences with non-human intelligent beings.  The majority of these individuals fear discussing their experiences due to the ostracism and rejection they receive from the people in their social circles, including family, friends, and associates.  They become private, reclusive, frequently depressed, and in many cases, suffer from symptoms of post-traumatic stress due to the nature of some of their encounters.  A few will talk about it, but their revelations are highly self-censored and do not include most times the most important information, namely, that which hurts them physically, emotionally, and again, socially.

    Many members of both FREE and Starborn Support have spoken out, publicly announcing that they are indeed experiencers and have had contact with intelligent, non-human beings.  As an example, FREE has five medical professionals, all physicians on staff, but only two have “Come out of the closet,” as it were.  The others will not.  They are still licensed, and are in fear of losing their practices or their positions.

    This scenario is not limited to medical professionals.  People in all fields from lawyers, to professors, to psychologists, teachers and police officers – individuals in all careers, both white-collar and blue-collar dread the ridicule and persecution they will suffer if they publicly expose their experiences to others.

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    S06:E01 A Conversation with Tuck Kamin

    in Lifestyle

    Tuck Kamin is an award-winning creative director, writer and speaker.  He’s created ad campaigns for Southwest Airlines, Colgate Palmolive, Dell Computers and many others.

    Tuck has traveled the world to gather the wisdom from our leading physicians, psychologists, brain scientists (as well as from folks just like you and me) and synthesized his experiences into a new book, "Design Your Age: What's Best About You Never Ages."

    Here is a link to Tuck's website and book:  http://designyourage.com

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