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    The Photon Genie - Healing Frequencies for Cancer Patients & More

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    The Photon Genie is a revolutionary new electronic machine, distinct in that it is based on the concept that the bio-physics underlying the body's biochemistry plays a significant role in regulating all of life's health processes.  Electricity is found naturally in all of us. Certain electrical impulses in our bodies help facilitate bodily functions, including actions needed for health maintenance and healing. By mimicking the harmonic electrical impulses that occur in a perfect state of health, this machine helsp trigger these impulses with the harmonic frequencies, wave energy, broadcast intensity, and location of the energetic frequencies applied to the individual.

    Sounds fascinating doesn't it? I have invited Dr. Steven Davis on my show to talk more about this fascinating technology including:

    The science behind how the Photon Genie work.
    Why the Photon Genie so popular with cancer patients and how it helps those with conditions such as nerve damage heal
    What evidence is there that shows the Photon Genie really works? 


    Dr. Steven Davis D.C., CTN has been in healthcare since 1973. As a renowned alternative physician, his treatments range from nutraceuticals to energy medicine. He works with one of the leaders in quantum physics research in the world, and together they have found wonderful remedies that help even the most down and out patients heal.

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    Ways To Awakening Your Genius

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    Did you ever daydream? I guess I should explain “daydreaming” to some of you if you have never heard the term. "Daydreaming" is like pretending, not in action but through thinking. It is thinking of something desired and making it as real as possible, feeling joy and a sense of accomplishment. Long before electronic gadgetry and “virtual” imaging games, the brain created virtual tours for imaginative individuals: children could fly and become fast running horses.

     There is research evidence that imaginative people are more intelligent than those who are not. I recently read a story where Albert Einstein was asked “how can I become as smart as you?” and his answer was “read fairy tales”.  When asked “how can I become smarter than you; he answered “read more fairy tales”. Well the inquirer was frustrated by such answers and thought disparaging thoughts. But I understand!

    Fairy tales invite the reader to enter a make-believe world and entertain unusual thoughts. Such thinking stimulates different parts of the brain than routine activities. When the brain is stimulated, like a body-builder “working” his muscles, so does fantasy exercise the brain to expande it.To develop genius, the brain must be exercised.

    There are a number of companies that are cashing in on this concept and selling subscriptions to “thinking” activities. It is good to know that everyone can improve his/her brain by setting aside time to daydream and ponders abstract concepts. It is important to engage children in “What if” games to get them thinking about less concrete things. Childhood should have wonderment and make-believe and their brains should be stimulated to grow. Imagination is the incubator for genius.

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    Photon-Genius: Alternative Immune System Therapy

    in Lifestyle

    The Photon Genius is a whole-body machine that is the first and only instrument in the world utilizing the historic Genius of Ed Skilling with the sophisticated, proprietary circuitry to generate the Genius dynamics of Photon-Genetic Energy, Life-force Energy Transmission, Harmonic Frequency Tube Technology, and Harmonic Infrared Energy Transmission to communicate with all the cells of the body to balance and enliven all systems and organs of the body.
    Guest Jennifer Oliver: After traumatic events in her life created major imbalances in her health, and her blood tests revealed Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome due to exposure to mold, Jennifer was in search of a way to bring balance back to her health. She was so impressed with the personal accounts and testimonials she heard about the Photon Genius, she decided to buy one for herself and make it available for public use. She is now owner of Energy Life Center in Eureka California. More  www.facebook.com/EnergyLifeCenter

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    Hypnotism, Sleep, Dreams, and Genius

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    Tonight’s guest is Dr. Victor P. Garlock. Dr. Garlock earned his doctorate from Cornell University where he was also a researcher in the departments of psychology and education. In his 30 years as a psychotherapist Dr. Garlock has advocated and incorporated hypnotherapy and dream interpretation into his practice. Our discussion tonight is based on Dr. Garlock’s most recent publication,Your Genius Within, a book on hypnosis, self-hypnosis, sleep and dreams. We talk about the history of hypnotism, its efficacy in many healing modalities, as well as other areas, like law enforcement; and how it is so closely related to other states of consciousness, like sleeping and dreaming. All of Dr. Garlock’s work can be found and purchased on Amazon.com. You can find and follow him at www.hypnosisdreams.com, Facebook: your genius within.

    Hosted by Jason Lawrence

  • A Special Christmas show-Guest: Dr. Erica Goodstone, - Speaker, Healer & Love Me

    in Motivation

    Guest: Dr. Erica Goodstone, - Speaker, Healer & Love Mentor.

    "Helping You Heal Through Love!!"

    "As a practicing therapist and former professor for several decades, Dr. Erica has taught thousands of men and women how to heal through love, improve their health and well-being, and create loving relationships that last. Spanning several decades, Dr. Erica has presented lectures, seminars and full day workshops at many different professional conferences." 

    "Her relationship healing wisdom has been quoted in many different magazines including Mademoiselle, Cosmopolitan and Penthouse Forum and her poems appear in a variety of poetry anthologies. Many national radio stations and online radio shows have interviewed Dr. Erica and her unique relationship healing system. She has often appeared on local CBS TV."


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    Do Better December 16th 2014 Your Creative Genius

    in Family

    Why creativity?  Because for those of us celebrating holidays over the next couple of weeks, it usually requires creativity to get through them in a happy and healthy way.  Whether you embrace your creative genius or you're still searching for your creative spark, your creativity matters  Listen in and maybe you'll find the creativity you never knew you had.  If not, you'll at least be headed in the right direction.

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    Journals Of A Healer: Unleash Your Hidden Genius with Mary Blake!!!

    in Motivation

    Guest: Susan Delano Swim, author and expert

    If you feel you're a slave to your "to do" list and you have no time for anything else, Susan Delano Swim, The Balanced Lifestyle Expert, has some choice strategies for you. She teaches women to find their own voice, rise up and avoid the pitfalls she personally experienced and conquered.

    f you feel there's no end to the demands of work, stress, and frustration, listen up, sisters! Susan Delano Swim, The Balanced Lifestyle Expert, pushed herself to the point where her health and the wellbeing of her family was at risk. Now she helps women to find their voice, rise up and avoid the pitfalls she herself struggled through. In her international practice, she applies principles and practical, simple applications she learned the hard way in what she calls "Zelatious Lifestyle Strategies."

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    Journals Of A Healer: Unleash Your Hidden Genius with Mary Blake!!!

    in Motivation

    Guest:  Jeff Bowe, spiritual artist. 

    If you've ever wondered what makes a creative genius tick, listen in as Jeff Bowe generously shares his thoughts, his dreams and his transcendent, spiritual art. Don't miss it!  

    Art for art’s sake is well and good, but some art far transcends mere paint and canvas (or any other medium). Jeff Bowe, todays guest, blends spirituality into every piece of magical art in his showroom, and every other room at his disposal. How fortunate we are that he didn’t follow the guidance counsellor’s advice and become a physicist or something equally mundane. 

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    Debra Landwehr Engle, author!!!

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    Original airdate:  October 2014

    Most of us have had our epiphanies, our "aha's" and revelations. But how many of us follow through? Deb Landiwehr Engle did, and is delighted to share the process with us. Come be inspired as you listen in on a very private, very special preview of her newest book.

    How many "significant moments" catch us for an instant and then melt away? Debra Landwehr Engle received an answer to a plea to a higher power for help. The response  was soon reinforced by a significant moment leaving her compelled to follow the experience wherever it would take her and write about it. That decision, plus the discipline and passion of a well seasoned author, resulted in a very special book. Ms. Engle eloquently takes on her journey as she anticipates the book launch. Come be among the first to learn about it!  

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    Independent Everything: LIVE with an Eclectic Musical Genius ~ Dashi ~

    in Music

    Emerging from Long Island N.Y, singer, songwriter, musician, quasi-producer Dashi stands poised, polished, and prepared to establish her eclectic musical styling's within the music industry. She has already been making her mark through out the streets of NY and her town knows her as "The female Kanye West," with her controversial personality and her genius in music and art. She has opened up for artists such as Young Jeezy, Chrisette Michelle, and Styles P... just to name a few. She has performed at many places such as The Roxy, McDonald's Gospel Fest, The Underground, The Supper Club, and for many charity organizations. She has a wonderful imagination and a wonderful heart. Her fusion of styles makes her a talent extaordinaire. She knows her journey will never stop and music is what she breathes. Welcome to the world of Dashi....    

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    Learn To Be a Marketing Genius

    in Business

    To be successful in marketing your business in this day and age, it's not only important to be involoved in social media and other marketing strategies...it's important to do it well, so that people notice you, remember you and engage with you.  Our guest Christie McLaughlin talks about how business owners CAN  do marketing well, so you can make your business goals reality and reach the levels of success that you dram of!

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