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    A CONVERSATION WITH: Rob "Photo Rob" Arnold

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    Join Nixon Squar'D during the interview of Rob "Photo Rob" Arnold, owner of Realistic Art Photography.  Photo Rob is one of Virginia's well known photographers and business owners.  Tune in and find out why he started, what "I LOST IT" is all about, and what he has next on the horizon.

    You can also chat live to ask him questions.

    Talk to you then.


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    Intuitive Photo Detective Debbie Griggs

    in Spirituality

    Profoundly gifted psychic Debbie Griggs returns to the show to explore spiritual truths, unfolding the purpose of our souls. She will be doing live photo readings for callers and chat room participants after a time of sharing her journey and insights.

    Coming from a long line of European intuitives and working with Our Lady of Guadalupe, Debbie has been psychic all her life. She has the ability to tell the past, present and future of your love, health, wealth and more just by looking at your photo. She helps connect you to your soul and release any emotional blocks, allowing you to find your strength and the light of who you are. Debbie is a psychic photo detective, often assisting investigators with cold cases. 

    Debbie has assisted thousands of people through her powerful intuitive readings and healing, regularly appearing at popular Expos and worldwide on the radio. She and host Susan Larison Danz will both be at the Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo February 6-8.

    If you would like a reading during the program, email a photo to photopsychicdebbie@gmail.com, along with your first name and phone number (if you will be calling) or chat room ID. This information will be used only for the purposes of Saturday's show. Eyes should be clearly visible in photos to get the best reading.

    Debbie's web site:  PsychicDebbie.com

    Frontier Beyond Fear music copyrighted by Grammy award winner Larry Seyer, www.larryseyer.com, included in this podcast with his permission.

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    Natural Kids Photo Contest Winner

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    We are off today in honor of the national Veteran's Day holiday.  However, we will still announce this week's Natural Kids Photo Contest winner.  This is the last weekly contest before the announcement of the big winner on November 18, 2014.

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    My photo shoot, deflated balls, and Brian Cuban's book

    in Sports

    In this fifteen minutes I will share what's coming up during the #MIdnightRadio show, and tell you all about [ well not all about but some of the highlights of ] my photo shoot for @MancavePlayBabe ... Can't wait for the prelude to the 'Big Game' tonight!  It's been awhile and I'm ready for some football! 

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    Catfish and photo shop. Its facebook right?

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    Listen to what sbd members thin

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    Dr. Howard Green - The Gamification of Dermatology for Skin Photo Identification

    in Business

    This week Monica welcomes one of America's top doctors, Dr. Howard Green.

    Mobile apps are an integral part of most of our lives and and their use in the workplace as well as in our personal lives is growing.

    In this fasinating segment we'll explore SkinPhotoTextMatch - a medical information technology company currently focused in the field of Dermatology. The company has recently launched the world’s first cooperative apps to use gamified collective intelligence to provide professionally guided medical search service to the consumer - Skinstamatic, Dermgrandrounds, and Wikiskinatlas.

    About Dr. Green:  CEO and Founder Dr. Howard Green graduated from the George Washington University and obtained his medical degree from the Boston University School of Medicine. He completed residency training in dermatology at Harvard Medical School, and was certified by American Board of Dermatology. Dr. Green has published numerous scientific papers and holds several medical patents. For the last 17 years, he has been selected by his peers and Castle Connolly Medical, LTD as one of America's Top Doctors. Connect with Dr. Green www.skinphototextmatch.com. On Linkedin - linkedin.com/in/dermhag

    About Your Host::  A gamification keynote speaker and curriculum designer, Monica Cornetti is rated as the #1 Gamification Guru in the World by UK-Based Leaderboarded. She is the author of the book Totally Awesome Training Activity Guide: Put Gamification to Work for You. Monica’s niche is gamification used in the corporate environment. Connect with Monica (@monicacornetti) www.monicacornetti.com

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    Anthology Photo Series authors tell their story about THIS HOUSE

    in Books

    Nine writers joined together to published an anthology, "THIS HOUSE."  The book was based on the interpretations of a photo posted Sunday, April 27 by David Brunner, of Avon Lake Ohio. After posting the photo on a Facebook page, writers made story line posts. Liking those posts, Anna Renault (yes, this shows host) contacted the writers and asked if they would write a short story -- all based on that photo.

    A total of nine writers submitted their stories... and on June 7, "This House" was published and uploaded to Amazon. 

    This episode of Anna's Journey will feature Mary Garcia, Adina Guidry, and Rhonda  Hailey -- three of the authors... with Anna (me) being the fourth of nine!

    Visit yesterday's episode Monday, July 14 to hear a couple other authors who contributed (David Brunner and Amanda Kirby) as they shared their stories with me.

    Canadian author, Cathy Deslippe will not be participating in the shows as well as jason Petch, talented author from northern England. We will miss hearing their first hand account of joining this exciting new venture.

    Links to all shows are available on www.blogtalkradio.com/anna-renault.

    Listen to the show live on air... or in replay... or by phone at 1-661-554-9121

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    The Man of Seduction, Royce of Lyrical Foreplay, Luxe-Factor Mag./Inimage Photo

    in Entertainment

    Foreplay is not just the act of kissing and hugging anymore. Join me along with my Special Guest, Royce, a man of many Interesting facets, as he soothes and seduces us with his Soft, Spoken, Sexy Baritone. The Owner/Founder of InImage Photography @www.inimagephotography.com, Owner/Founder of Luxe-Factor Magazine @www.luxefactor.com, and Spoken Word artist of lyricalforeplay.com. The show starts at 7pm EST. Tune into www.blogtalkradio.com/eftradio2 or call and be a part of the show to 713-955-0783.


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    Basics of Photo Editing - Episode #32

    in Photography

     Most of you have heard of editing your photos, but surprisingly few of you actually regularly edit your pictures.
    This week we'll dig into some of the basics and meanings of digital photo editing and all the cool things that you can do with photo editing that you may not have thought possible.
    No matter what editor you use almost all of them will use some basic commands or sliders. Some examples are brightness/contrast, hue/saturation, highlights and shadows, white balance, noise reduction and sharpening. We'll also go into some specialty edits like: vignetting, lens blur and tilt shift. By the end of this show, you will actually know the basics of editing a digital photo.

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    Simply Savvy - Photo Organizing - Members Profile

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    Brighter Business Empower Presents: Members Profile - www.SimplySavvy.ca

    We'll introduce you to SimplySavvy's owner Cindy Browning.  She helps manage a lifetime of photos, slides or memorbila.  She organizes printed photos into photo safe storage systems.  And creates meaninful gifts for family and friends through digital memory/scrapbooking, calendars, greeting cards and posters.  Listen to find out more about SimplySavvy and visit http://simplysavvy.ca to learn more. 

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