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    AKATHA, the Ancient Science of Sahaji

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    The Leslie Arnold Show features, "AKATHA, the Ancient Science of Sahaji." The latter term means "Out-of-Body Experience (OBE)," or more negatively "The Near Death Experience (NDE)." However, AKATHA (ae' kuh tuh - "th" is hard "t") teaches it is closer to an OBE life experience of liberating enlightenment instead.
    Each week, Leslie interviews the leader of AKATHA, the Mahaji, the 973rd Living SRAOSHA Master, Sri Tirkahtif ra-Zah (known as an endearing sobriquet of "Sri Kahtifji"). The interview consists of AKATHA introductory material along with enlightened spiritual insight and uplifting vibrational wisom of the teachings of AKATHA by its eminent Spiritual Master, Sri Kahtifji.
    AKATHA is not a religion, new age teaching, philososphy, metaphysical science, cult or occult teaching. It is simply the most

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    Woman_of_The_Chalice The Samaritan Woman { Faith}

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    How would you interpret the following ?
    John 4:22 You worship what you don't know, we worship the salvation of the Jews. John 4:39 Out of the city many believed on him.  How many days did the Master Teacher abide with the Samaritans? Luke 9:52 Why did the Master Teacher go into the village in the first place? John 4:5 What is the name of the village? Rev. Barbara
    Learn to listen. Listen to Learn.

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