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    A talk with Gospel singer Mary Murphy

    in Lifestyle

    Mary Murphy began a singing career singing on her husband's (Doc Murphy) church albums as a lead and background vocalist. Later she was a part of a group called Nu Flava that did some traveling and singing regionally and recorded a studio album. Before Nu Flava could release a second album the group broke up.

    At this point Mary decided to go Solo. She won a competion in Dallas, Tx. which caused her to be featured on The Inspiration network and to sing in the presence of Michelle Williams (former Destiny's child singer), Russ Lee, Sheri Keagy, Brian Free (an award winning vocalist) and Clifton Davis from the classic t.v. show Amen.

    Mary Murphy had the opportunity to open for Vicki Winans, Mary Allesi, Alvin Slaughter, Shawn Slaughter, Mynista, Jesse Duplentis, and Wiley Jackson. Her most recent accomplishment was a broadway tour where she performed in almost every city in Florida; travelled to Pennsylvania, Philladelphia, New York, Massachusettes, and New Hampshire.

    She is a featured singer on her husband's latest album Victory All Day. Her first solo single, titled "In Christ" is scheduled to release September 24, 2013 available on Itunes, Amazon and C.D. baby

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    Shard and Friends

    in Entertainment

    Tune in tonight as Shard, The Thug Joe Show, Smyrna Dee  and others discuss the 1-2 Atlanta Falcons, Philladelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, Bones Jones and more!

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    S.O.A.R. (Jamar Wall)

    in Education

    Today I will interview Texas Tech Alumni Jamar Wall. Jamar is a West Texas native who was born in Plainview, Tx. He played professional football for the Philladelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, and The Houston Texans. In my opionion, he is one of the best and I will talk with him about his upcoming season! Please tune in!

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    Butz and Butz- Baseball Review with Todd Pratt

    in Sports

    Jim and Eric Butz will broadcast live from the OneCrazyFan.com studio and welcome former Phillie, Brave, Met and Yankee Todd Pratt to discuss the 2013 MLB season and the NL East where he played. Call in to with your opinion..or just to talk trash. Either way the Butz brothers are ready. Of course they will always give you their fantasy picks and maybe even what teams will be this weeks winners. Listen in and check out Butz and Butz Sports and Fantasy Radio and make sure you check out our invention and show sponsor SuicideFantasyFootball.com

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    Tracey Duncan SUNDAY, Feb 10th at 3pm EST

    in Entertainment

    This is 900 Seconds 2nd show featuring the multi-talented Tracey Duncan! Tracey can do it ALL! Tracey started in the music industry playing for the many gospel curches in and around Philladelphia. 
    She has played with T.A.B.U., The Weather Girls, Pam Knight aka Spike, Craig David, and most notably, the German Legend: James Last (singing).
    Tracey is currently living in Berlin, Germany where she still commits her Sundays to playing in the American Church in Zahlendorf /Berlin and will be touring with James Last in March/April 2013. 
    Along with being a drummer and a singer, she is also an actress! She has been in two films: Half Past Dead (Steven Segal & JaRule) and Aeonflux (Charlize Theron). 
    Like I said, she does it all. 
    Call in: 646.478.0070 for a chance to speak LIVE with TRACEY DUNCAN. 
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOP2q7uWAxE&feature=share&list=PL7FA6F98EDE520ECC   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnro-1gN5HQ&feature=share&list=PL7FA6F98EDE520ECC   Singing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=quSBx9H3nog&feature=share&list=PL7FA6F98EDE520ECC

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    Underground Spotlight Radio - Where Unknown are Well Known

    in Hip Hop Music

    Underground Spotlight Radio showcases indie talent to provide an outlet for artists to bring their particular talent to the forefront of the music industry. Every Wednesday at 8pm until 10pm ( Central Standard Time )  your Host Mistress X and T-Slik will be bringing you great music, comedy, skits and current topics. The show is hosted out of Dallas, TX..
    This week we have and exclusive interview with one of Philladelphia's hottest up and coming rap artists.
    PHILLY CHASE "Why try to be the next somebody else when I could be the first me?
    Set trends and watch ya’ll rehearse me"—"Wake Up Call" Philly Chase began rapping in the streets of Philadelphia, PA at age 12 and was quickly noticed for his versatile cadences and innovative lyricism. Following in the footsteps of Jay-Z, Chase is heralded for his ability to recite hundreds of rhymes without pen or pad and record multiple songs in less than an hour. Aspiring to create a new lane in the hip-hop world, Chase prides himself on his creativity and unwillingness to conform to the current industry standards. This dedication and passion has caught the attention of people across music including

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    Positively Autistic: The Magazine Show

    in Lifestyle

    On this week’s show we will be joined by Vanessa King , a very dear friend of mine and a mother and carer to Jamie who is on the spectrum. We will be talking about the decision by Tereasa May to block Gary McKinnon’s extradition to the United States and the implications this will have. We will also be talking about our exciting new venture of taking Positively Autistic to the FM airways. Plus our entire regular updates and features.
    We will also have Courtney Malow on the show, who is responsible for the development of LOOPEEZE
    Shoe Tying? Loopeez works by accelerating the learning process and eliminating frustration. Teaching kids to tie their shoes using the Loopeez shoe tying system is simple, fun and most of all requires little time to master. Courtney is from Philladelphia and will talk to us about Loopeze.
    Join us in the chat room to join in on the discussion, or you can call in to talk with us on 1-(619)-393-2848 or you can call in via the Skype link.

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    The Sports Kritik

    in Sports

    The show where sports and society collides returns for another espisode!!! JerzeeWorld of Sportzfam.com reprises his usual role as my worthy co-host. The lefty report will tickle your funny bone and the Silent Partner makes his return as we pick back up in the 434 studios. We'll talk NFL training camps that have opened and all of the Free agent moves. Is Peyton Manning's contract a wise investment? Why has the media drawn the parallel to the Miami Heat with Philadelphia Eagles. Is the contract of Kevin Kolb riskier than that of other free agent QB's. These topics and so much more on the show Tuesday night sports party!!

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    in Comedy

    Season 3 Premiere. This week Tony and Dan discuss how Philladelphia is making life hell for New York sports fans. Plus Maris joins in to discuss WoW and other cool games for the holidays

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    The 24hrmom Show Presents "Her Game Plan" A Discussion with Author R. Michelle

    in Lifestyle

    Where do I begin? My name is Raquel Baker. Six months ago I was living in a one and a half million dollar house, I had a thriving business and married to the man of my dreams. I was living a fairy tale life and it all fell apart as quickly as you can pull a trigger.As a matter of fact, that’s exactly what happened. I pulled the trigger and almost killed my husband. I promised to love him until death did us part and I almost ma...de death part us at that very second. Of course, he promised to love, honor and cherish me but I guess he forgot .....(listen to show to hear more)...excerpt of Author R. Michelle entitled "Her Game Plan". Philladelphia native Novelist R. Michelle discusses with 24hrmom her phenomenal novel "Her Game Plan". This book will leave you in suspense and will rock your reading world.

    Also joining us is Kars Consulting Group, founder and CEO, Keisha Rivers- Shorty for a very special announcement! You don' want to miss this show.

    Join us live at (646) 378-0291 and or on the web chat line http://www.blogtalkradio.com/24hrmomSee More

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    Live From Music City August 17 w/ Gina Sicilia & Shar'n Clark

    in Music

    Joining us this week are:

    Gina Sicilia, Blues/Americana singer from Philladelphia PA. During her sophomore year of college, Sicilia began attending the weekly blues jam at Warmdaddy's in Philadelphia. It was there she got her first performing experience and was introduced to numerous people who would help her to record her first demo.

    JazzReview called her "the best blues singer on the music scene today." BluesWax said she was a singer with "...star potential.." She was nominated for a 2008 Blues Music Award in the category of 'Best New Artist Debut'.

    And Shar'n Clark, a 'song-plugger' and owner of Shake ‘Em Up Music, founded in 1999, offering music placement and administrative services within the entertainment community.

    As an independent song plugging service they place songs through recording artists, record labels, producers, film/television, commercials.

    Present clients include Mark Prentice (Song For John), Rockie Lynne (Carolina Blue Sky Music), Big Al Sostrin, The Bellamy Brothers, Jesse & Noah, Marc Christian, Stephanie Brown, Jim & Joe Nelson, Paul Gillia, Wayne Baratta, Shay Sparks, and Alex Call.

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