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    January Jones - Michele Sfakianos - Philippa Gamse

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    How To Be Successful     preventing       injuries,         illness          & accidents              at home! January Jones Interviews Guest: Michele Sfakianos Topic:  Home Life Skills Author: The 411 on Life Skills Website: http://www.my411books.com How To Be Successful      on your website! Guest: Philippa Gamse Topic: Internet Web Presence Author: 42 Rules For A Web Presence That Wins website: http://www.websitesthatwin.com

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    Philippa Gamse: 42 Rules For A Web Presence That Wins

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    Web strategy expert and author of 42 Rules For A Web Presence That Wins, Philippa Gamse, CMC, describes how to improve your overall internet presence to add value and revenue to your company. Philippa shares ideas to prevent the all too frequent problem of leaving money on the table through we strategies and tactics that drive traffic to the site and convert those visitors into paying customers. Philippa offers valuable insights into better communicating with customers and for building powerful connections that last and result in returning clientele. Learn how to build and maintain a website that really works for you and your business through enhanced strategies and a more visible web presence.

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    The Unnecessary review of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

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    Release date: December 17, 2014
    (3D/2D theaters and IMAX 3D)
    Studio: New Line Cinema (Warner Bros. Pictures)
    Director: Peter Jackson
    MPAA Rating:  PG-13 (for extended sequences of intense fantasy action violence, and frightening images) 
    Screenwriters: Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens, Guillermo del Toro
    Starring: Ian McKellen, Cate Blanchett, Martin Freeman, Stephen Fry, Jed Brophy, Christopher Lee, Orlando Bloom, Billy Connolly, James Nesbitt, Ian Holm, Hugo Weaving, Ken Stott, Benedict Cumberbatch, Graham McTavish, Lee Pace, Luke Evans, Evangeline Lilly, Richard Armitage, John Bell, Adam Brown, John Callen, Ryan Gage, Mark Hadlow, Peter Hambleton, Stephen Hunter, William Kircher, Sylvester McCoy, Dean O'Gorman, Mikael Persbrandt, Aidan Turner, Manu Bennett, Lawrence Makoare
    Genre: Action, Fantasy, Adventure

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    Jesica Ryzenberg,Philippa Gamse,Christopher Aguilar, & more

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    Jesica Ryzenbergwww.ryzenbergon.comPhilippa Gamse, CMCAuthor "42 Rules for a Web Presence That Wins" (2nd ed.)http://www.amazon.com/Rules-Presence-That-Wins-Edition/dp/1607730960Twitter: @pgamseLinkedIn:  www.linkedin.com/in/philippagamseChristopher AguilarAGUILAR LEGAL AND BUSINESS CONSULTING CORP415-439-0110 directSponsorsIntelligent Office  www.intelligentoffice.comClub OMG-www.clubomgsf.comSHIELDS & COMPANY INTERIORS www.shieldsinteriors.comTenderloin Neighborhood Dev. Corp.http://www.tndc.org/Events eventbrite.com/org/370674686?s=11260727

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    Doreen Bennett Ngati Tuwharetoa, Ngati Raukawa, Te Arawa and Te Wainuiarua. My life’s work is reflected my belief to restore traditional values, beliefs and practices as the basis for our Maori families to forward in today’s world.  My career objective is to add value to Indigenous people through sharing knowledge and experiences.  This has been an active part of my work since 2011 establishing a Cherokee and Maori network, international cultural exchanges for your youth and education programs.   
    Naku tou rourou, Nau toku rourou, ka ora ai te iwi (with your basket and my basket our peoples will strive)
     Mashu White Feather of the Chickamauga, Ani Gaduwa Tsalagi (Cherokee) and also Osage.  We are Ani Tsisqua (Bird Clan), one of the seven clans that make up the Tsalagi (Cherokee) tribe. I am a retired healthcare professional and have also worked Indigenous education, in the state of Wisconsin, with Baraboo school district and also as Indigenous American Student Advisor at Madison Area Technical College. I also have been lecturing on our people and culture , internationally, for about 45 years.

    Doreen and Mashu are Indigenous Consultants for Two Feathers International.

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    Website Strategies that Win with Philippa Gamse

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    According to Philippa Gamse, 95% of the 5,000+ websites she has reviewed since 1995 were leaving money on the table. Could your website be missing the mark and not be as profitable for you as it should be?
    Join Biz Buzz Host Becky Cortino as she discusses profitable website strategies and online marketing ideas with Philippa.
    Since forming her own consulting and speaking practice in 1995, Philippa has critiqued over 5,000 websites in North America and Europe. As a consultant, she drills deep into the visitor experience of each site, and creates actionable and specific recommendations.
    Sound interesting, but are you concerned about seeing results sooner rather than later? You'll want to tune in to this show! Philippa says after implementing her ideas, clients report significant improvement in their levels of quality Web traffic, visitor engagement, customer loyalty and qualified sales leads, within 30 days. She has much to share with us, including lots of actionable ideas, cool strategies and about her new book 42 Rules for a Web Presence That Wins!

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    The Sandie Sedgbeer Show with Pippa Merrivale and Simran Singh

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    LIVE Broadcast

    Miracles Along the Rebel Road with Simran Singh (20 min)
    In August 2013, creative visionary and award winning publisher of 11:11 Magazine, Simran Singh, embarked on an 11-month, 66-city Rebel Road Tour. Four women, two kids, 66 live shows and NO EXCUSES!  It’s an adventure we would all secretly love to take, but don’t because we’re afraid to let go of our lives, be judged as “irresponsible,” face our fears, or go to the edge… LIVE from the road, Simran demonstrates the miracles that can occur when you throw off your shackles and put your faith in the journey that unfolds.

    Love, Money, and Miracles . . . and Archangel Metatron

    At its purest, Love is the most vibrant of all energies – the vital source and force of Life. But for many of us this fundamental sustenance often seems hard to find and keep. The truth is we've not always been too good at loving, though our potential for it is vast.  Money, too, is divine energy. Properly understood and used, it's alive with the Love that is its essence, few of us have been able to understand the true nature of money. 

    In this episode renowned healer and founder of Metatronic Healing®, Pippa Merivale will reveal how we can erase blockages that keep us from experiencing love, money and miracles in our lives, and provide a demonstration via a live transmission from Archangel Metatron. 

    Philippa Merivale (Pippa) is a renowned UK healer, author and broadcaster with decades of experience as a pioneer and international teacher of color therapy. She is also the founder of Metatronic Healing®, a gentle but radical transformative and healing modality designed to remove the “stories” of lack, fear and wounding in one’s self and one’s lineage. 

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    Crazy in Love: Maintain a Lasting Loving Relationship

    in Relationships

    World-renowned dating coach and TEDx speaker, Sandy Weiner interviews author, Lisa Renee on the Crazy Things People Do When Dating. The second half of the show, Sandy will speak with London based Personal & Professional Development Coach, Philippa Waller, on How to Maintain a Lasting Loving Relationship.

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    INTERVIEW - Philippa (Pip) Ballantine - HARBINGER COMETH!!

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    HARBINGER COMETH!! -- Philippa (Pip) Ballantine and Kriss Morton talk Epic Fantasy!
    New Zealand born fantasy writer and podcaster Philippa (Pip) Ballantine is the author of the Books of the Order and the Shifted World series. She is also the co-author with her husband Tee Morris of the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences novels. Her awards include an Airship, a Parsec, and a Sir Julius Vogel. She currently resides in Manassas, Virginia with her husband, daughter, and a mighty clowder of cats.
    Author of: Geist, Spectyr, Wrayth and Harbinger (2013) from Ace Books and Hunter and Fox and Kindred and Wings (2013) from Pyr Books
    Co-author (with Tee Morris) of Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences— an Airship Award winning steampunk series. Novels: Phoenix Rising and the Janus Affair. Also includes digital short stories and a free award winning podcast series
    Website | Twitter | Facebook
    Harbinger is #4 in the Book of the Order series.
    The Deacons of the Order are all that stand between the wicked spirits of the Otherside and the innocent citizens of the Empire. They are sworn to protect humanity, even when they cannot protect themselves…
    Though she is haunted by the terrible truth of her past, Sorcha must lead the charge against the gathering hordes of geists seeking to cross into the Empire. But to do so, she will need to manipulate powers beyond her understanding—powers that may prove to be her undoing…
    ((complete synopsis))

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    Ask Sue Show JOINED BY Philippa with the DON'T BUG ME SHOW!!

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    Ask Sue Show has another DONT BUG ME SHOW
    Where Philippa McKee and Ask Sue talk about various subjects.
    Callers can call in asking us questions or bringing to our attention certain subjects news etc
    Call in  on 347 327 9694 or from the UK 001 347 327 9694
    or email asksueshow@gmail.com
    Ask Sue on facebook - http://www.facebook.com/askxsue
    Philippa on facebook -
    Ask Sue Show on facebook -
    www.asksue.co.uk advertising for everyone
    http://asksueuk.wix.com/ask-sue all about ask sue xx
    Please share the show.

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    Ask Sue Show JOINED BY Philippa with the DON'T BUG ME SHOW!!

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    Welcome to the Ask Sue Show
    Where Ask Sue is joined by Philippa McKee in the Dont Bug Me Show talking well about anything and everything. Bringing news to your attention, cruelty etc etc
    Please if your looking for help
    Please Call
    ** Telephone
    U.S. Listeners 347 327 9694 or
    UK Listeners 0843 715 7777 wait for the prompt then press 001 347 327 9694
    Thanks Sue
    Please Join the ASK SUE SHOW GROUP on FACEBOOK

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