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    Skeptical Money (with Phil Ferguson)

    in Education

    Phil Ferguson is a financial advisor and host of "The Phil Ferguson Show."  In this bonus podcast, Phil speaks with Seth Andrews about the application of critical thinking to areas of our lives beyond religion, including the decisions we make with our money.

    With (occasionally thick) financial jargon relating to things like stocks, mutual funds, college savings, retirement planning, etc, this show won't be for everyone.  But it may provide some useful information to those interested in investment-related material.

    Phil's website:  http://polarisfinancialplanning.com/polaris-blog/the-phil-ferguson-show-podcast/


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    Phil Jackson is insane!! NBA Playoffs!! Tom Brady 4 games again!!

    in Sports

    1- NBA
    1A- NBA Playoffs
    1B- Phil Jackson is insane!!

    2- Boxing/MMA
    2A- Connor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz 2 off?!

    2B- GGG beats another bum!!

    3- NFL
    3A- Tom Brady and deflate gate again?!

    3B- Josh Norman signs with the Redskins!!

    3C- Eagles trade with Browns, who got the better deal?

    3D- Jets and Broncos interview Bryan Hoyer?!

    4- Curt Schilling fired by ESPN!!

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    Phil Robertson Criticized For Prayer at NASCAR Race

    in Politics

    One this April 17 2016 edition of Team Liberty Radio, we will be discussing the uproar of the Liberals about Phil Robertsons prayer at last sundays NASCAR race.  He was criticized for using his First Amendment Right of Freedom of Speech.  We will look why this upset the liberls.  Also we will look at the 2016 Presidential Race and current delegate count,  Join us live at 6pm for Your Weekly Dose Of Truth.

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    SBPM-ATL Dr. Phil Valentine Black Athletes New Playbook Metaphysics

    in Politics

    Black Athletes Need  A New Strategy To Fight White Supremacy. Is It METAPHYSICS 

    NBA Playoffs 1st Round Recap

    Kentucky Derby (What Happen to All The Black Jockeys)

    NFL Draft, How Many Black Athletes will Hit It Big

    Bow Tie Fashion Honors Black Baseball Players

    Which Black Athlete Should Be Put On The $20 Dollar bill 

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    Paranormal Uncovered With Phil Summers

    in Paranormal

    Phil Summers is a paranormal investigator from one of the most haunted cities in America, Charleston

    Phil is considered one of the next generation up and coming paranormal investigators, which will make an impact in the field of paranormal research. You may have seen him on My ghost story, or a paranormal drama on WeTv called south of hell.

    With nearly 15 years of investigation experience, Phil is sure to be able to answer any questions you may have regarding Paranormal Phenomena.

    Over the years Phil has developed an interest in physics, which gave him the cutting edge scientific knowledge to develop an idea known as the Universal Dynamics of Paranormal Phenomena that expounds in terms everyone can easily understand, the realm of science, that can potentially explain some of the most prominently asked questions in the paranormal community. 

    Twitter: @para_uncovered 

    #WhatsintheBox open till the 6th April 2016 Enter Here www.unknownparaviewer.co.uk

    Topic 1: Talking to Phil Summers

    Topic 2 : We will also talk about dishonorable teams, CRB's etc


    Also a mention for  Farida Rahman Founder of Committed Minds a Mental Health awareness Charity Group. 

    Richard Bellars is LIVE on Periscope he is a Mentalist/ Magician who is staying awake for 100hrs live on his phone via Periscope to raise Awareness for Mental Health Please go and watch him. 

    Twitters : @bellarsrichard 




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    Isshinryu Today Presents Hanshi Phil Little's USIKA with Forrest & Vena

    in Lifestyle

    Good Evening and Welcome to Isshinryu Today presented by TEAM KIA, in association with the USIKA. Host Renshi Kyle Forrest and Co-Host, Kancho Dan Vena will be talking about Hanshi Phil Little's United States Isshinryu Association. Shimabuku Tatsuo Sensei, Grand Master Harold Long, Hanshi Phill Little is the lineage we will be discussing as well as the formation of the USIKA. Hanshi Phil Little is the inheritor of Grand Master Harold Long's lineage. So as we celebrate 60 years of Isshinryu practice around the world, we wish to present this documented journey of one of our most trusted masters. Grand Master Harold Long. Please visit the Isshinryu Hall of Fame founded by Grand Master Harold Long at www.theihof.com

    Isshinryu Today airs live every Sunday night at 6 PM EST for 2 hours.Host Renshi Kyle Forrest and Co-Host Kancho Dan Vena wish to invite all first generation USMC Students of our founder on to the program. AJ Sensei, Bart Sensei, Gunny Russ Best Sensei, Ewing Sensei, Smith Sensei, Iberl Sensei, Cooling Sensei. If there are any students that have ties to these pioneers please advise them of this open invitation.

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    Rogue talk radio with the author of Gitchie girl Phil Hamman

    in Paranormal

    Join hosts Sheila Gay and Drew Ravenscroft with best selling author of Gitchie Girl Phil Hamman the chilling true story of the 1973 murders of four teens as told to Phil by the sole survivor of this horrific crime.


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    Lo que Dios quiere siempre se cumple

    in Religion

    Jeremías 20:7-11Reina-Valera 1960 (RVR1960)
    Lamento de Jeremías

    7 Me sedujiste, oh Jehová, y fui seducido; más fuerte fuiste que yo, y me venciste; cada día he sido escarnecido, cada cual se burla de mí.

    8 Porque cuantas veces hablo, doy voces, grito: Violencia y destrucción; porque la palabra de Jehová me ha sido para afrenta y escarnio cada día.

    9 Y dije: No me acordaré más de él, ni hablaré más en su nombre; no obstante, había en mi corazón como un fuego ardiente metido en mis huesos; traté de sufrirlo, y no pude.

    10 Porque oí la murmuración de muchos, temor de todas partes: Denunciad, denunciémosle. Todos mis amigos miraban si claudicaría. Quizá se engañará, decían, y prevaleceremos contra él, y tomaremos de él nuestra venganza.

    11 Mas Jehová está conmigo como poderoso gigante; por tanto, los que me persiguen tropezarán, y no prevalecerán; serán avergonzados en gran manera, porque no prosperarán; tendrán perpetua confusión que jamás será olvidada.

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    Do you live in Lo debar?

    in Christianity

    Lo debar in the Bible, was a town of forgotten people.Right now today,we have people,who think they are forgotten, what does the Lord said about you.Its your time to arise!

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    The People's Town Hall

    in Politics Conservative

    Join your town hall host and moderator, Phil Waite as he welcomes Terry Holcomb Sr. known to many as "The Open Carry Preacher."  You won't want to miss this riveting discussion of the 2nd Amendment from a patriotic activist who is an expert on right to carry issues.  The People's Town Hall,11am to 1pm CT Saturday, April 30.

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    Learn to Love Yourself with Shanna Mota

    in Health

    Do you focus on yourself enough, or is loving yourself the last thing on your to-do list? If you're looking to find balance and press the "reset" button, join us live tonight as we discuss "ways to love yourself more" with Shanna Mota! You'll learn to:

    Let go of things that no longer serve you
    Fill your bodies, minds and lives with things you love so that you THRIVE on a daily basis. 
    Fall deeper in love with yourself and your life!

    Shanna is a Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Yoga Teacher and the founder of Live Love Detox. She uses nutrition, mindset practices and yoga as the foundation to support people on their journey to a happier, healthier and more balanced self. 

    Hosted by Dr. Lauren "Lo" Noel of Shine Natural Medicine.