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    Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:ARNA) Analysis

    in Finance

    Playground Radio brings you market news straight from The Playground. Join your host Demian Russian, Editor-in-Chief at Market Playground, for a discussion on Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:ARNA) with Seeking Alpha writer Spencer Osborne.
    Listeners are welcome to call in and participate in the live discussion by dialing (347) 934-0239.

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    Arena Pharmaceuticals' Belviq: The Ellie Wenker Story

    in Weight Loss

    Playground Radio brings you news straight from The Playground. Join your hosts Demian Russian, Editor-in-Chief at Market Playground, and Spencer Osborne, a journalist at Market Playground and Seeking Alpha, for a discussion on Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:ARNA) and their recently launched anti-obesity drug Belviq.   Ellie Wenker, who blogs about her journey as a patient on Belviq at http://belviqdaily.blogspot.com, will be our special guest.   Listeners are welcome to call in and participate in the live discussion by dialing (347) 934-0239.

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    Arena Pharmaceuticals (ARNA): Belviq Pre-Launch Analysis

    in Finance

    Playground Radio brings you market news straight from The Playground. Join your host Demian Russian, Editor-in-Chief at Market Playground, for a discussion on Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:ARNA) and Belviq pre-launch analysis with Seeking Alpha writer Spencer Osborne.
    Listeners are welcome to call in and participate in the live discussion by dialing (347) 934-0239.

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    Allergan Moment of Truth: Botox, Juvederm and Latisse with Expert Cindy Ramunno

    in Health

    Join us today to learn about health and beauty secrets that will allow you to look your best!
    Allergan, Inc. is a multi-specialty health care company focused on discovering, developing and commercializing innovative pharmaceuticals, biologics, medical devices and over-the-counter consumer products that enable people to live life to its greatest potential — to see more clearly, move more freely, express themselves more fully.

    Our focus fosters deep engagement with medical specialists and we make it our business to listen closely to their needs so that together we can advance patient care. We combine this strategic focus with a diversified approach that enables us to follow our research and development into new specialty areas where unmet needs are significant.

    In partnership with the medical community and experts such a Cindy Ramunno and her team at Alpine Laser Clinic in Eagle, Colorado, we bring scientific excellence and rigor to deliver leading products that improve patient lives.

    We are pleased to offer a number of leading products, including: BOTOX® (onabotulinumtoxinA), innovative Clarisonic Pro, Latisse, Skincceuticals, LaRoche-Posay, SkinMedica, BioPelle, OC Eight, and our own ALC brand, BOTOX® Cosmetic (onabotulinumtoxinA), and the JUVÉDERM® family of dermal fillers.

    It takes an artist to enhance your looks.  Dr. Werner combines art and science to create the perfect, natural look for you.
    To schedule a FREE consultation with Cindy and her team including Dr. Werner 
    Call 970-328-7546 or email today!

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    November/ December Show: Your Career Questions Answered

    in Self Help

    SixFigureStart offers career coaching by former Fortune 500 recruiters. Our show is hosted by Caroline Ceniza-Levine, former recruiter in financial services, management consulting, media, technology, and pharmaceuticals. Caroline answers YOUR QUESTIONS about job search, career advancement, salary negotiation, networking, interviewing, resumes, career change, entrepreneurship, and more! Email info@sixfigurestart.com to submit your question for a future show.

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    Wealth thru Health - Let's talk with the Doctor.

    in Entrepreneur

    Have you ever wondered if nutritional supplements are right for you but did not know who to talk to?  Well, first of all nutritional supplements are right for everybody and there are medical professionals who understand and want to help treat their patients using not only pharmaceuticals but also nutritional supplements.

    Join us this Monday, 12/1 at 11 am EST for our disucssion with Dr. Yusuf (JP) Saleeby who is director of Priority Health of South Carolina, an Integrative Medical center in Murrells Inlet.  It is so refreshing to talk with a medical professional who understands nutrition in the body and who uses it in his everyday practice.  

    Some of the many topics he will discuss is Fibromyalgia, Cronic joint pain and Inflammation...just to name a few.



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    Environmental Awareness - The Grayl - Safe Drinking Water

    in Environment

    Environmental Awareness - The Grayl - Safe Drinking Water

    Water has shaped our landscapes and every civilization. Today, far too many people do not have access to safe drinking water, and those of us that do rarely have truly clean drinking water. Sadly, serious contaminates such as fracking chemicals, pharmaceuticals and even E. coli contamination are turning up in our "potable" water.

    At GRAYL® headquarters in rainy Seattle, their comparatively clean and abundent water still contains added chlorine, trace amounts of arsenic and lead. They have dared to imagine that it should be possible to avoid both immediate and cumulative water hazards, and we've now made that simple to achieve.

    GRAYL makes water treatment for every occasion, whether that be at the tap, on the trail, or when facing the rigors of international travel. Our interchangeable filter system provides the amount and kind of filtration your lifestyle and location demands.

    The journey to change the way people drink water, and the quality of that water, has been an epic adventure to reimagine something most of us take for granted. GRAYL transforms personal water filtration into something that finally works; a fun easy-to-use personal filtration cup that makes safe, clean drinking water wherever you go.

    About GRAYL
    Founded in 2012, GRAYL® was inspired by CEO and Founder Nancie Weston's concerns about plastic pollution and the poor quality and taste of water she experienced while traveling. The Seattle based company is distributed internationally and is committed to making practical and durable filtration and purification.

    For more i nformation visit: http://www.thegrayl.com/

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    Depression: Medical Diagnosis or Spiritual Emergency?

    in Health

    Today, Nick & Joanna discuss the deeper aspects of depression. The prevalence of depression is widespread.  It seems that everyone we see in our practices or our personal lives are suffering, or have at some point, suffered from depression.  The use of pharmaceuticals, recreational drugs, or alcohol to manage this condition is prevalent, yet what we do not see as much of, is the inclination to go within to identify the deeper aspects of why these symptoms are presenting themselves.  Now more than ever in this age of economic turmoil, still dealing with the events of 9/11, and the seemingly endless bouts of terrorism, and earth changes happening all over the world, leaving us to fear for our safety, and the threat of more wars, we have all been affected, whether consciously or unconsciously.  Perhaps the low-grade depression affecting all of us is a message to put our attention to our spirit so that true healing on a collective, as well as individual level can occur.  It is our perceptions about depression or any illness that can give clues as to the cause, and the possibilities for healing. So what can we do? How do our lifestyle choices contribute to the continuation of the condition or the healing of it?  We personally have an aversion to labels that tend to restrict the possibilities for healing and place people in boxes for which only pharmaceutical companies have answers. Spiritually, when the words, "I AM" are placed in front of anything, it becomes a powerful statement of Being that may or may not be True..... it should be an interesting discussion.

    To read Dr. Joanna's article: http://www.drjoannacarmichael.com/articles.html

    Find us always at www.thekalyanacentre.com / www.drjoannacarmichael.com /484-412-8815

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    The Owners' Manual for the Human Body--HEALTH SOLUTIONS: Cancer is CUREable

    in Education

    With Big-Pharma and Medi-Sin making 70% of their profits from the Cancer Industry the world has fallen for one of the biggest and most disgraceful lies perpetrated against its fellow man. That lie, promulgated by induced ignorance to the truth by well meaning people, many of which that are so called cancer survivors and /or the families of those who have allegedly died from cancer is that the world is “FIGHTING & SEARCHING FOR THE CURE FOR CANCER”, and if they only had more money for more research they will find the cure.
    You have been deceived my friends!!
     Its deceit has caused untold suffering, fear, pain, agony and grief and has caused good people to unwittingly donate both money and energy to keep this lie alive.
    The “legal system” not lawful system, has been written in deceit to criminalize any man/woman who dares utter a word, promote a remedy or educate a protocol or product that is outside of the Pharmaceuticals evil grip. God forbid if we use language such as “cure”, “treat” or “cancer” in the same sentence publicly.
    From their understandings treatments and protocols have been developed that abide by Hippocrates Laws of “do no harm”. This in complete contrast to Modern Medi-Sins current mod operandi of “CUT, BURN & POISON”.
    Join us to be updated on why this knowledge is not well known, what cancer really is, the advancements in helping people cure themselves and the miracle Natural Doctors have been waiting for GcMAF. Listen to real case histories and understand the CAUSE(S) that then dictate the cures.  Help us help YOU and your loved ones by sharing this information and listen in how you can help us and make the world Naturally Better.

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    Angel Healing for Addictions & Destructive Patterns

    in Spirituality

    This episode will discuss the many addictions that plague us on our spiritual journey and in life. We'll be focussed on healing those patterns that get in the way of our spiritual progression, and, in doing so, will remove obstacles to the miracles that await us. For the last several months, I've been conducting online classes for an energy healing method I call "Angels' Touch Therapy". These kind, loving "earth angels" will be joining me in sending angelic healing energy to all who seek it in this broadcast. During the class, we've seen so many healing miracles occur when this energy is evoked and used by those practiced and trained in it. 

    Addictions can take on many forms. The more obvious ones are excessive drinking, illegal drug use, gambling, smoking, but there are many more subtle things that get in our way, often in even more lasting ways. These can be overeating, overuse of pharmaceuticals, obsessive shopping. On a deeper level, an addiction to fear/negativity...to anger or finding something to be offended by...to poltiical argument and taking sides...to being "right" and not listening to any other views...to rigid religious views. 

    As we come to the holiday season, we can take a definitive steps to ask for these burdens to be lifted, then enter a new year with more hope and promise. Think about your patterns - whether you have regular joy, or what obstacles seem to repeatedly get in the way. 

    Lines will be open for on-air intuitive guidance from angels and spirit. Show duration will be up to 120 minutes. 



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    Ebola Epidemic Update & Imigration Crisis in Washington DC

    in Moms and Family

    Ebola epidemic still uncontained while US pharmaceuticals positioned to reap great profit from the crisis. Obama still defiant in his pursuit of passing imigration laws without congress.


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