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    Movies to Make You Think: Menace II Society

    in Film

    What do you do when all is what you see in a neighborhood that traps you? Your parents have issues; you have to go live with your grandparents.  Life for Kaydee seems to just disappear right before his eyes.  Under suspicions for just being who you are, what is life really going to be like for you? Does it really make you think?  Tune in for Movies to Love for a discussion on Menace II Society Sunday at 6:30pm.  Let’s go Deep this month.

  • Unsigned Artist, Be Aware of the Phantom Promoters!

    in Music

    Live Tonight from 8pm -10pm Estl

    Tonight's Topic: Artist, Be Aware of the Phantom Promoters.

    As with anything there is an upside and a downside in just about everything we venture in to accomplish. The Music Business isn't any different and has not been granted amnesty of the toxins, Artist, often experience from the dark sides of the industry. Tonight we will talk about the good, the bad and the ugly tactics of Promoters.

    UPLOAD your Mp3 at www.hiphopnational.com
    To listen or participate call: 213.559.2995

    Show Date: 8/4/2015

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    go to twitter@djmalonepro


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    Holiday Season 2015: The Red Cup Menace

    in Comedy

    The Holidays are fast approaching and that means it's time for Matt and Jay to help folks deal with the pressures and stress of family and travel. We're gonna give you some tips on how to make your travel much easier and more enjoyable. Plus, we know that there really is such a thing as too much family time so we'll help you out with that too.

    The Holidays also mean several other important things. The weather is turning colder and it won't be long before global warming is proven to be a hoax when it gets bitterly cold and snows in the northern parts of the U.S. We'll help you prepare for the White Death! Most importantly the Holidays mean the War on Christmas is raging once again. Starbucks fired the first salvo of 2015 with their offensive red cups. Needless to say Donald Trump is all over this outrage and he'll be here to discuss it.

    And it's almost time for Jay to make his annual trip to beautiful, mysterious and exotic Omaha, Nebraska for Thanksgiving. Matt and Jay have some strong opinions on Thanksgiving foods and holiday treats and we will share those with you this week too. All this plus Canadian Bureau Chief Jamie Mapleleaf and the IWS Players will be along to make everyone laugh, think and cry as always. All this and YOUR CALLS!

  • The Phantom Of The Okra Diabetes Mystery

    in Health

    The happy healthcare host, Mr. Divabetic gets caught up in a murder mystery when he agrees to host the Red Tomato Carpet at the 6th Annual Bake Bethesda A Pie Contest at Central Farm Market in Bethesda, MD. 

    Will orange be the 'new black' for Mr. Divabetic? Find out what happens when Mr. Divabetic, the Diabetes Late Nite cast and some special friends try to solve this diabetes murder mystery loosely based on "The Phantom Of The Opera." Enjoy diabetes self-care advice and nutrition information in between moments of suspense, wide-goose chases, and entertaining banter. 

    Guests include: Best-Selling Author Tonya Kappes, Asha Brown (founder of the We Are Diabetes organization), Central Farm Markets Co-Founder Debra Moser, Poet Lorraine Brooks, Patricia Addie-Gentle RN, CDE, Author Peter Arpesella, Susan Weiner MS, RD, CDE, CDN, Leisa Chester Weir, Terri Seidman and Mama Rose Marie.

    This podcast features song selections from "The Phantom Of The Opera" soundtrack courtesy of SONY Music. 

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    The Moral Menace of Psychologized Man Vanished Beneath the Genesis Flood

    in Spirituality

    This episode of A Sound Heart will investigate the end of the mythos of psychologized man.  Psychologized man was the creation of persons who greeted the dawning of the 20th century with psychotherapy.  A philosophical tenet which believed that one could probe the dephts of the human psyche with talk.  This technique assumed an amazing power differential.  It gave power to the questioner and no power to the questioned individual.  However, later the depht psychologists found that at the deeper levels of the psyche man was/is filled with dark designs, and harrowing motives. God is still saving souls ruined by the sin. 

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    Menace UnLeashed

    in Entertainment

    Power is intoxicating. Everyone loves having the ability to make their decisions into reality — to think "this should be something that happens," and then actually be able to make that thing happen. 

    It is also dangerous. 

    And it is especially dangerous when applied to Mr. Menace. 

    Some people lack the experience to wield power responsibly. They have no idea what to do with it or how to control it.

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    James Ferrell~Flamin' Groovies~Phantom Movers~ GirlgeoRadioShow~ 8-16-15

    in Entertainment

    Girl George & the Dragons Radio Show

    Sun- 8-16-15~ interview James Ferrell The Guitar Player 

    From the Early Flamin' Groovies..& Roy Loney & the Phantom Movers

    They were on My TV Show..in 1979..Played The Fab Mab ..Toured Europe.

    DragonSlayerProductions~ Girlgeo Rocker Berkeley Ca,.# 82-134

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    87 - Jar Jar Is An Evil Sith Lord?!

    in Pop Culture

    It's been making the rounds in the land of the Interwebs. We can't ignore it any longer, so let's discuss. 
    Here's a spiffy YouTube that sums it all up ... https://youtu.be/8yy3q9f84EA.

    Here's the wordy version from Reddit ...

    The short, short version is ... Jar Jar has been playing the idiot role ... like the reverse of Yoda, in order to play out the long con and rule the galaxy. We think he has force powers because he jumps hella high at the start of Episode I, in addition to many examples of mind control. Plus, he knows Drunken Kung Fu. But this is a really short list of example. 

    So let's talk, IS this a good thing? Will it even matter, or will Jar Jar show up at the end of The Force Awakens??

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    E Water Show

    in Entertainment

    November 21st 2015 from 7-9 pm PST. Check out The E Water Show.


    Guests. Phantom Records Recording Artist Sharis Rhodes


    Model Darci Carpenter.


    We Will Also Celebrate the Life of Slain Rapper. Ju$tin~G aka Justin Lee Gardner

    We will talk Music, Business, Etc, Cool new Music also its only Gossip Hosted By Shonuff. 15 min of funk by Soul Main Frame also Whats Trending Today.

    Tune in November 21st 2015 The E Water Show. 7-9 pm PST. www.blogtalkradio.com/kulturezinenetwork

    (646) 668-8287








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