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    The DaMMAge Report LIVE Radio Episode 29

    in MMA

    The DaMMAge Report LIVE Radio Episode 29

    Today Jeff McConnell talks with Pittsburgh Bantamweight hot prospect Dominic "The Honey Badger" Mazzotta

    The DaMMAge Report - often imitated, never duplicated - accept no substitutes!

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    MMA DieHards Radio: PFC 2 exclusive

    in Sports

    It’s another PFC exclusive on MMA DieHards Radio tonight!

    Host Jason Kelly (Twitter: @JayMMADieHards) goes solo and welcomes a wide range of guests from Provincial Fighting Championships 2, which takes place on March 8 at the Western Fair Grounds in London, Ontario.

    7:05 p.m. – Chris Lee Byrne (@ChrisLeeByrne) will join us to talk training and his journey through BJJ that led him to his pro MMA debut.

    7:20 p.m. – PFC play-by-play commentator Reed Duthie (@rcduthie) will give us some insight on calling the action-packed bouts PFC has on deck.

    7:35 p.m. – Lyndon Whitlock (@LyndonWhitlock) will talk about being back in the cage and competing for the first time under the PFC banner.

    7:50 p.m. – Kyle Prepolec (@KPrepolec) will discuss returning to the PFC, after picking up a win in the promotion’s first event.

    8:15 p.m. – PFC president Jamie Champion (@ChampionJamie) will take us into the mind of a show promoter and what is new in his second effort as an MMA organization president.

    8:45 p.m. – Devin Murray will hop aboard this PFC exclusive show and talk about returning to the fight game after a lengthy hiatus from the sport.

    9:15 – Alex Ricci (@alexricci), a well-known combatant will talk to us about joining the PFC roster and what is expecting in his promotional debut.

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    passion for christ

    in Religion

    passion for Christ 

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    RETHINKING MILITARY SERVICE: The story of PFC Lavena Lynn Johnson!

    in Health

    The rise in sexual assault in the military, on both men and women, bekons us to reconsider what it means to serve our country.  One case in particular of PFC Lavena Lynn Johnson is so disturbing that we have to question if there can ever be justice in such a broken system.  This podcast will discuss the US Armys role in the death of PFC Johnson as well as similar cases which reveal to us the corruption that exists.

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    in Military

    While researching information about starting a business Theresa Found information on a program called VWISE “Veteran Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship” It sounded like the perfect program, but it was for “Veterans” I nearly dismissed it, but decided to read the website instead. The website was clear that the program was open to participants from any branch of the military and from any era of service. Well, I served, it was a long time ago, but I did serve, so I had nothing to lose, I applied. I was accepted!According to VWISE I was a VETERAN, but I still wasn’t convinced.The honor of being a Veteran is growing on me as I created a Facebook group in September, this group has reached over 1200 other women veterans, it is because of them that I am growing into my new persona. It is because of them that I work to create products that tell the world “Woman are Veterans too” Because of my new found persona I have a new passion and a desire to create a letter writing campaign to service women from women veterans.After nearly 30 year of considering myself Prior Service the title of Veteran is still growing on me.

    Robert Gschwind I joined the USMC on the delayed entry program in Feb. 1965. Graduated from Paris Island In Aug. 1965, Promoted to PFC. Graduated ITR in October 1965. Attended Aviation Fundementals course at NATTC Memphis, TN. Assigned to Short Airfield for Tactical Support School, at NAS Lakehurst, NJ. Class #1. Received my Primary MOS os 7011. Arrived in MAB Chu Lai, Repulic of South Viet Nam, April 1966. Assigned to Marine Airbase Squadron-12. Remained in country until October 1969. Reported for duty at Marine Barrachs HQ Marine Corps, November 1966. Various assignments allover the world until I retired 30 Sept. 1988. Also trained in Communications Security, Embarkation. Additional MOS's 0441 and 0491.

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    A Miracle for Pastor Donnie's Family

    in Spirituality

    Another death has occurred in the McClurkin's family. Prophetess Letitia states, "God sent me to PFC & I did not want to go there. No one has the right to tell me what church I can attend. It is God's church. God told me to pray for him & not to give up on him because God did not give up on me. I am praying for raising Donnie's niece from the dead. I left a message on PFC's voicemail today because God is dealing with me about her sudden death. I had a slight headache & had trouble seeing while driving to the Ritz Theatre in NJ on 10/31/15. God healed me at FOP. I interceded for him last week and woke up with disfigurement again. I knew that someone had died in his family since he did not before Halloween. Now, I am asking people to intercede for him because the enemy wants him to die before his birthday like they did to Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. There are people around him who are sending him "ungodly prayer requests", but I have been rebuking and binding. The enemy is coming after the vulnerable people in his family. It happened to me 6 years ago with my nephew who was 5 years old was given the swine flu. I knew that this was happening because of me. I went into the closet with God. I cried out to God. I caught up with my tithes and made offering to Jewish organizations. I stopped the sins that I was doing. I did not want to have anything that would stop God from answering our prayers. I stood in agreement with my mother and his sister's prayers that he was going to be healed. I confessed & repented of my sins & my generational sins. I fasted. PFC's sanctuary has been used to do me harm, physically and emotionally. I need to give him an urgent message from God. I sent to PFC the book & CD from Apostle G Maldonado The Kingdom of God Within You How to Demonstrate It Here and Now for Pastor Donnie to read, which even mentions raising people from the dead."

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    MMA on MnA Sports Radio: PFC 2 exclusive recap

    in MMA

    PFC 2 took place Saturday, in London, Ontario, so you know we had to have another exclusive radio show.

    Host Jason Kelly (@JayKellyMMA) welcomes a montage of guests from the promotion’s second event.

    0:05 – Kyle Prepolec (@KPrepolec), who defeated Bo Harris at PFC 2, will kick off the show and talk about his superb performance.

    0:20 – Alex Gasson (Pecker17), the gentleman that handled post-fight interviews at PFC 2, checked in to talk about his duties with the promotion.

    0:35 – Randa Markos, who is the inaugural PFC women’s strawweight champion, will give a unique perspective on being in the main event and carrying the first title the PFC has ever distributed.

    0:50 – Cageside commentator Reed Duthie (@rcduthie) will bring his amazing vocal talents to the show and provide insight from the best seat in the house at PFC 2.

    1:15 – The mastermind behind it all, PFC president Jamie Champion (@ChampionJamie) will cap off the show with his thoughts on the promotion’s sophomore event, as well as what is next for the organization.

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    MMA DieHards Radio: PFC exclusive recap

    in Sports

    After an incredible night of bouts at Provincial Fighting Championship 1 on Saturday in London, Ontario, MMA DieHards Radio thinks it’s only right to recap the event with another PFC special.
    At 7 p.m. ET tonight, hosts Jason Kelly (Twitter: @JayMMADieHards) and Alex Gasson (@Pecker17) are joined by the PFC cast and crew.
    Chris Horodecki (@chrishorodecki) leads off the show, then Malcolm Gordon (@MALCOLM_X_MMA) will lend us some time.
    Hector Garcia will talk about his victory, as will Kyle Prepolec (@KPrepolec), Chris Watson, Darryl Marin (@darrylmarin1980) and Woodrow James (@woodrowjames88).

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    Behind the Headlines: British Terror in Ireland, Interview with Anne Cadwallader

    in History

    This week on Behind the Headlines, we're interviewing British journalist, author and human rights advocate Anne Cadwallader about UK government collusion with terrorism in Ireland.

    Cadwallader is a former BBC and RTE journalist who has written extensively on the Northern Ireland conflict for media outlets like Ireland on Sunday, the New York Irish Echo, Reuters News Agency, and others. Using her deep understanding of the conflict, she has dedicated herself to helping bereaved families discover more about the circumstances in which their relatives were killed, and has campaigned for an Agreed Truth Recovery Process for all those who lost family members during 'The Troubles’.

    To this end, Anne has worked with the now-suspended Historical Enquiries Team, the Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland, and the Serious Crime Review Team of the Police Service of Northern Ireland. Perhaps her most important work however has been as a researcher with the Pat Finucane Center (PFC), an Armagh-based human rights advocacy and lobbying organisation. One of the core activities of the PFC is to research and document individual cases of death during the conflict.

    As a result of her work in this regard, Anne wrote the book Lethal Allies: British Collusion in Ireland, published by Mercier Press of Cork in October 2013. This ground-breaking work, which lays bare the fact of British collusion in Ireland, has sold 17,000 copies to date, and has been reprinted seven times. Join us this Sunday August 2nd, from 2-4pm EST / 8-10pm CET / 7-9pm GMT, for an interview you won't hear or see on British mainstream media.

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    Special Guest- Free PFC. Corey Clagett

    in Politics Conservative

    Tonights broadcast is dedicated in Loving memory of : Sgt. Tristan M. Wade, 23, of Indianapolis, Ind., died March 22 , 2013, Ghazni Province, Afghanistan, when enemy forces attacked his unit with an IED. Sgt. Wade loved his Colts & Fighting Irish Football teams & claim The Hoosiers 2012-13 Basketball team was bound The NCAA's Final 4 in Atlanta. He loved his sports & his country.
    http://freedomremembered.com/index.php/sgt-tristan-m-wade/ The story of PFC. Corey Clagett is A TRUE AMERICAN Patriot. He currently is in The Federal Prision in Levenworth & next week he will be up for A hearing where his future in the hands of A military parole board.  This story is about A 18 year old Private wearing his uniform with GREAT PRIDE. He was on his first tour when the politics of WAR had him arrested and since that time he has been locked up in A federal prision system. Melanie Dianiska is Corey's Mother who from SON up to SON down has been fighting and fighting and fighting 24/7 for Corey's  FREEDOM & so that TRUE JUSTICE will prevail. Corey Clagett 82477 1300 N. Warehouse Road  Ft.Leavenworth, KS 66027
    http://www.coreyclagett.com/Home_Page.html Now they are reaching out for your help to listen to their story to know the TRUE & REAL FACTS of this case & their asking we all par take in helping FREE A True American Hero and Patriot.
    This evening on CPT Corey's AWESOME Mother joins us and will be telling their story of just how pains of WAR can be that we simply do NOT see on TV, Radio or in The Movies. CPT returns w/ its all star cast of " COOL " Mike , Germain & of course Sarge.