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    Plum Luv Foods Season 2 Episode 25 Casting agent Michael Petrella from M2

    in Food

    Tonight we talk to casting guru Micheal Petrella from M2 pictures. Michael has over ten years of casting experience working on projects such as Emmy-winning seasons of The Amazing Race and MTV's Made, as well as Project Runway, The Ellen Degeneres Show, and Samantha Brown's Great Weekends. He field coordinated audience and talent for Pre-Game and Halftime Shows of Super Bowls XXXIX and XL.

    Much of Michael's recent experience has been in development casting, with notable examples, Extreme Couponing, Bravo's Guide to Parenting, and 130 episodes of Chain Reaction for GSN.

    After five years in Chicago, and seven in New York, Michael Petrella Casting was established in Pittsburgh in 2012. His specialty is finding the needle in a stack of needles: unearthing the world's best characters no matter how remote, hidden, or niche and connecting with them to foster long-term relationships.

    In 2014, Michael Petrella Casting joined forces with M2 Pictures to develop new and exciting television, with a focus on top-notch casting and talent


    Also we talk with Ken Tucio host of Welcome 2 CT about the chefs challenge as well as competitor Mark Vecchitto checks in about the CT chefs Challenge!

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    Special Chat with Michael Petrella on Red Wings and the Media

    in Hockey

    J.J., Graham, and Kyle will be joined by Michael Petrella, formerly of The Production Line and current voice behind the @TPLhockey twitter feed. Petrella will be joining us to follow up on last week's article about the Red Wings and their relationship with the local media, which attempted to find answers as to why the local mainstream coverage is fairly bland and repetetive.

    We'll be taking reader questions both in the chat and at the main page mailbag post. If you have anything you want to cover, let us know and we'll ask Petrella.

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    Interview with Susan Petrella

    in Art

    Susan L. Petrella, MBA, is Creative Director, Creative Orange County, a “think tank” @ the intersection of culture, commerce and community. Vision is to inspire, engage Orange County CA to be a “Creative” Community Showcase via partnerships and collaborations with likeminded individuals and organizations. A strategic thinker, analyst, branding expert, over the years, she’s led multimillion$ entrepreneurial endeavors, 2-45 person teams, for public (social enterprise, academia, Top US Arts Institution) and private organizations (Fortune 50, Fortune 500, Corporate $200M+, small business).

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    The Neverhood Show, Episode #81 Ian Petrella

    in Entertainment

    Ian Petrella started his acting career at the age of three, a suggestion by an Aunt who worked at the Herb Tannen Talent Agency. Ian was presented a contract and a S.A.G. card after his very first audition. Through the years he appeared in numerous television commercials and T.V. shows. In 1983 Ian landed the part of Randy Parker in the now classic holiday film "A Christmas Story" Join us as we chat with Ian about his career and being involved in such an iconic feature film, please welcome, Ian Petrella!

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    The Wacky World of Sal Lizard

    in Entertainment

    Tonight's a double treat for "The Wacky World of Sal Lizard" listeners! First, my guest will be Ian Petrella -- "Randy" from "A Christmas Story". Secondly, as I'll be busy as Santa, the beautiful and witty Alice Roques from Rock Revolt Magazine will stand in for me as guest-host! I even have a backup for my producer, George the Zombie, who is doing his theater-thing,this week *Thanks Bea Brugge!) But I will be there as early as I can to join in the fun!

    ,I'm Sal Lizard.  I am an actor, an author, a media personality, a comedian, and a professional Santa. I have traveled over a good portion of the planet, and have had a myriad of interesting jobs.  I consider myself a Renaissance man -- a philosopher and a fool, a poet and a pirate, a scholar and a scoundrel, a life-long adventurer and a lover of women and animals.

    Join me weekly. as I introduce some of the wacky and interesting people that I've met on the Inernet, on film sets. at horror conventions or through chance meetings in my day-to-day activities.

    Note: The Wacky World of Sal Lizard is a weekly unscripted, unrehearsed, and uncensored entertainment show presented through the BlogTalkRadio network. Due to language used and content of an adult nature,it is not generally appropriate for all audiences. Callers are recorded and the recordings are available in the show archives. Callers may receive cash and merchandise prizes for their participation in the show or its contests.


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    3/13 Christopher Petrella: Inside The Private Prison Industry With Matt & Michael

    in Politics

    On today’s show journalist Christopher Petrella, explained the power of the private prison industry, why private prisons are working to be reclassified as real estate holding companies, who the biggest players in the private prison business are and how to … Continue reading →

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    Winging It In Motown - July 17, 2014

    in Hockey

    The return of Dan Cleary, free agency strikeouts and the diggers (or lack there of). WIIM Radio tries to make sense of whatever the hell it is going on with the Detroit Red Wings this summer. #Loyalty

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    Creative Orange County, Interview with Dr. Miluna

    in Culture

    Interview with Dr. Miluna Fausch, The Voice Healer and Magical Muse Coach...
    Dr. Miluna Fausch, the Voice Healer says "your voice is your Personal Power…your Expression…your Message…your Love... Each person has their own unique voice… and I help you find the Magic Within your Voice… It’s my Job to Encourage You!"
    She helps “people find their voice, build their voice, heal their voice.  I use my passion, skills and training in medical intuition, holistic health, nutrition, energy healing, acting, singing, and my experience as a singer and singing teacher to help uncover your best voice. This is about functional, healthy singing and speaking.”
    Dr. Miluna Fausch, The Magical Muse Coach, “uses her talents and training to assist students in being and feeling more creative, moving through writer/songwriter’s block, launching a product, creating a show, and much more. This is creative writing and thinking for grown-ups!  She welcomes those who are ready to integrate the left (logical) brain with the right (imaginative) brain, improve memory, build focus, and much more.”
    To find your voice, visit www.thevoicehealer.com and www,themagicalmusecoach.com …

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    Creative Orange County, Interview w/Ava Steaffens, KidWorks

    in Culture

    Interview with Ava Steaffens, President/CEO, KidWorks...
    KidWorks' "mission is to restore at-risk neighborhoods…one life at a time..KidWorks' "seeks to provide a “cradle-to-career” continuum of support for children in Santa Ana, as we recognize that at any time they are in danger of succumbing to the temptations and dangers of their neighborhood." 
    Of Kidworks' enrollees, "in the 2011-2012 school year: 100% of high school graduates are college-bound, 100% of preschool graduates were assessed for kindergarten as "ready to learn" and 100% of high school juniors completed SAT prep courses." 
    Goals for 2012-2013 are to "recruit 150 weekly volunteers to help kids do their homework, complete art projects, practice sports, and perform science experiments and open a fourth community center in another at-risk Santa Ana neighborhood."
    To donate (90% private funding) and/or volunteer, or for more information, please visit www.kidsworksonline.org...

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    Creative Orange County, Interview with Scott McKiernan, ZUMA

    in Culture

    Interview with Scott McKiernan, Founder/CEO, Zuma...
    ZUMA \'zü-mä\ n 1 : a really amazing picture agency 2 : Mayan for new day, solution, new vision 3 : Scott Mc Kiernan's loveable black lab.

    "Started in the early 1990s by photojournalists for photojournalists - not shareholders or billionaires - ZUMA Press is now the world's largest independent press agency and wire service.

    ZUMA Press, produces and represents award-winning news, sports and entertainment from some of the world's greatest photojournalists. ZUMA photographers span the globe covering the world's events and issues. Supplementing ZUMA's all-star photographer roster, ZUMA represents the world's best picture agencies and newspapers. As well as numerous top magazine groups, whose publication's stellar images and text packages help complete the rich editorial offering.

    ZUMA's photographers have won numerous awards, including the Pulitzer, World Press, BOP and POYi. ZUMA features a growing diverse library of over 15 million images online, with upwards of 9,000 new images posted daily"...
    Visit www.zumapress.com, www.zuma24.com (Pictures of the Day), www.thekonagallery.com (The Kona Gallery and Photojournalism Center)...