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    The Petermann Glacier and other Calvings

    in Science

    Please use this link to Monday's show on the same topic? Thank you.  Use this link http://www.blogtalkradio.com/so-you-cannot-sleep-tell-k-leslie-why/2012/07/31/your-brain-on-global-warming--glaciers-and-you The show is 90 minutes.  
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    Refute the annoying Calvinist/ Shake the Nation

    in Christianity

     A 2 hour special show tonight. In the first hour, I will expose the hillariosly ridiculous fallacious logic of Dan Petermann, a Calvinist loon who thinks the Catholic Church is the whore of babylon. Dan or any of his reactionary friends are welcome to call in....but I think they have the guts.
    In the second hour.....
    Dr. Gregory Thompson and Don Hartley (Catholic Defender) will be joining John live from Phoenix Arizona as deepertruth conducts a "Shake the Nation" Mission at St. James Catholic Church in Glendale Arizona, just outside Phoenix.

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    Winter AUSA meeting Day 2, Part 1: Joint Light Tactical Vehicle: Begins at 1050

    in Military

    Hear from Mr. Kevin Fahey, PEO CS & CSS; Mr. William Taylor, PEO Land Systems; Brigadier Roderick J.S. West, Australian Army Attaché to USA; Col. John Myers, PM JCSS; LTC Wolfgang Petermann, PM JLTV (Army); Lt. Col. Ruben Garza, PM JLTV (USMC) as they discuss the Army's Joint Light Tactical Vehicle