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  • Replay of Bedroom Pet Peeves

    in Relationships

    Hi Bedroom Playmates!

    Make sure to turn into one of my favorite shows "Bedroom Pet Peeves!" It is hilarious! We had so much fun and I laughed so much. listen in and let us know how your pet peeves by writing them in the FB invite

    Thank you!

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    Behind The Glass - Aquarium and Reptile Top Tens and Pet Peeves!

    in Hobbies

    Behind The Glass. Aquarium and Reptile Top Tens and Pet Peeves! With Sam Scalz, Conway Stevens and Michael Steffen.

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    Wake up and smell the September 10th, 2001. Plus, Facebook Pet Peeves!

    in Radio

    Well we've made it to another Monday and hopefully you weren't killed by ISIS. For the next few hours we will be discussing how much life has changed not just right under our noses, but to really no care from most people. Just sheep following the Leader. Whoever that Leader tends to be for that week. Obama, sure. Hillary, sure. Bobbi Kristina, sure. Wait. Is she still alive? I have no clue because nobody cared past 7 days! Oh and Facebook Pet Peeves. C-A-N-N-O-T- wait!

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    Pet Peeves

    in Lifestyle

    I did this Topic on my old show and it was fun. So I thought it may be cool to bring it back on this time around as well.
    All of us have at least one pet peeve and if you say no your full of s**t.  So allow me to vent and tell you what mine are

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    Dynamic Dojo Talkradio: Pet Peeves of Martial Artists

    in Sports

    Sunday November 2nd, 6 pm Pacific/9 pm Eastern

    Join Sifu Restita and Sifu Bob as they have an open discussion about "Pet Peeves of Martial artists"

    Let's face it, we all have things that annoy us. As much as martial arts may allow us to maintain a cool head, things can and do irk us in some way. Call in to join the fun conversation and let's talk about YOUR pet peeves too!  (347) 677-0699 is our call in number. Anyone welcome to join in, regardless of experience in martial arts. We want to hear from all sorts of arts, BJJ, Karate, Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, Arnis, etc.  We'll start discussing martial arts pet peeves at 6:30 pm.

    Sifu Restita will start: Pet peeves.....When people say "numchucks" or "chucks"  instead of "nunchaku"....If you're going to say you know how to use them, use the correct term!! When self proclaimed weapons masters wear hakama incorrectly.

    What's YOURS??

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    Pet Peeves and being a Grandma

    in Family

    Cross Link Radio, health from the eye teeth on down. I’m here to help you understand some of the mysteries of health from the perspective of the oral health care provider, that’s me, Shirley Gutkowski. I’m a clinical dental hygienist. I am not a dentist wannabe, I’m in the prevention mode, helping you keep your health at its optimum.

    Some pet peeves of mine are things that I do and some are what others do to me that drives me nuts. It's a short drive. Verbosity, hair splitting, Not getting over it already, and FB or other social media claim jumpers are on the short list.

    Then I talk a little bit about traveling with my grandson and what he had to learn before coming to stay with us for a week last summer and this summer. Can we bring a bike onto the plane? Just thought of that.

    Host: Shirley Gutkowski
    Producer: Shirley Gutkowski

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    Jay And Matt Are Petting Their Peeves

    in Comedy

    Jay and Matt are angry man; they're really angry. Why? Because it's getting warm and people are starting to get out and about and bringing along with them their annoying habits that piss Jay, Matt, and other right-minded folks flat, freaking off.

    Babies are crying in restaraunts, shopping carts aren't being put back in the cart corral, turn signals have evidently become optional, political pundits are already blabbering about 2016, and "social" media giant Facebook is excoraiting people who just want to make friends.

    Jay, Matt, and the IWS Radio team are sharing their list of people, habits, and things that are annoying the hell out them, so listen live and join the fun with your pet peeves and your phone calls at 661.244.9852 as IWS Radio presents: Jay and Matt Are Petting Their Peeves. 

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    Pet Peeves.....and other strange things!

    in Comedy

    Everyone has a pet peeve! What are some of yours? Do you have any strange aversions?

    Join us tonight as we share our pet peeves, strange quirks, and laugh off some stress!



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    The G-Spot w/ Meka Rae-Bedroom Pet Peeves

    in Relationships

    Hi Bedroom Playmates!

    Many of us enjoy a good romp in the hay...right? However, some of us have our "little rules" on what's needed to make that romp something spectacular! Some of us like to light candles, take a sexy bubble bath, put on our smell goods, and our sexiest undies. We like to put on our music..maybe have an alcoholic bevarage or two. BUT what do we do when the person we are romping with blows our sexual high and turns us COMPLETELY OFF!

    This show is one of our lighter sexy shows...we want to talk aboutyour Bedroom Pet Peeves. 

    Stinky feet? Crusty or cold feet? Hygiene issues? Talking in bed? Horrible love making sounds? Etc! 

    What are you Bedroom Pet Peeves? we want to hear from you. Joy B. and I will discuss ours and of course we will play some soothing, sexy music...for your sensual soul!

    Make sure you call in and press 1 to share your Bedroom Pet Peeve! 

    We have a twist..after you share your Pet Peeve...we are asking you to share one turn on as well!


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    Pet Radio-Susan Thixton and the Truth About Pet Food

    in Pets

    Just like so many pet owners, Susan Thixton learned the 'truth' about pet foods the hard way. Her four legged best friend, Sam, died from bone cancer. From that day forward, Susan studied the pet food industry. TruthaboutPetFood.com began in 2004; today pet owners from all over the world visit TruthaboutPetFood learning about pet food regulations, ingredients, and recall alerts. TruthaboutPetFood.com provides a free newsletter and hosts a subscription based pet product review publication Petsumer Report. Susan is also the author of Buyer Beware and co-author of Dinner PAWsible.

    TruthaboutPetFood.com's author is a founding partner of the international pet food consumer association -Association for Truth in Pet Food. Through our consumer association, Susan has advisory position to AAFCO's Pet Food Committee and Ingredient Definitions Committee.

    More guests yet to be announced


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    Pet Psychic Radio

    in Spirituality

    Wanted Animals Dead or Alive.

    Pet Psychic speaks to your animals!  Call in to hear what they have to say!