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    New Year Pet News 2 (Animals On Demand)

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    Enjoyed last week's, "New Year Pet News" episode?  Well we've got some great news for you!  More pet news!  And who doesn't want more of that?  There was so much information that we didn't get to cover last week, we just had to come back with more.  So join us Saturday, January 16th at 5pm Central.  See you then!

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    New Year Pet News (Animals in 2016)

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    Happy New Year, Missians!  The Missy Show is back with an all new episode to kick off 2016.  In this episode, we discuss the lastest in pet/animal news.  I'm sure we've all heard about Smurf the adorable kitten who was dyed purple and likely used as a dog's chew toy.  We discuss the latest on Smurf's condition and other top animal stories.  Be sure to join us, Saturday, January 9th at 5pm as we tackle the lastest in furbaby topics.

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    Pet Radio-Earl the Grumpy Puppy and Cricket

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    Gizmo comes back to give us the latest news of the Gizmo report, and...

    Earl the Grumpy puppy and Cricket, two doggies you will love!

    Cricket is a Chihuahua Mix, with Whippet or Italian Greyhound, maybe some Min-Pin & supposedly Papillon - but Mom thinks thats nuts, DNA test or not! He's the sweetest, silliest, little guy. Born 8/16/11, adopted 11/28/14.

    Earl has been called the dog version of Grumpy Cat, but has his own unique charm. You will get to know Earl and his Daddy.

    Please visit our web site

    We hope you will tune in and join the fun.

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    1 - Welcome To Pet Pardons News Radio

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    Join the Pet Pardons community on Blog Talk Radio as we talk about the world of pet news and animal welfare in North America and around the world.
    Tawnee Preisner and Jeromie Williams discuss the pet and animal stories from the week that moved, inspired, enraged and motivated animal advocates in the Pet Pardons community.
    A few surprise guests may be pop in during our show, so make sure to stay tuned in, and most importantly, call into the show to discuss what's on your mind.

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    Common Questions About Pet Loss

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    Below are some of the most frequent questions we get at www.deathofmypet.com    We will go over the answers to these questions about pet loss and how it affects those of us who are are suffering.




    How is it possible that I am sadder with the loss of my dog than with the loss of close family members?

    For many people the love and companionship of a pet may be the only or certainly the strongest bond of unconditional love they have experienced.  It is also possible, like many of my clients, which you have been strong and practical while caring for ailing parents or friends.  But suddenly, your best friend and closest companion is dying and it is the last straw on a pile of buried emotions. It may be that your pet was your “safe place to go and soft spot to land.”


    2. I feel like I am going crazy. Am I ever going to feel normal again?

    Yes, you will feel emotionally better but different than before.  You will eventually remember and rejoice in the many happy times you had with your pet.  You will be able to reflect on the many life lessons you shared.

    3. How long will I grieve my pet?

    All of our emotions are individual.  When we love deeply, we grieve deeply.  Grief coaches often say that it takes about a year before your loss is the first thing you think of in the morning and the last thing you think about at night.  

    More  questions answered on call. Join us

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    Pet Radio-ParkerPup and the Benefits of Therapy Animals

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    ParkerPup is an amazing golden retriever who keeps busy as an actor, model, therapy dog and agility competitor. We talk to ParkersMom about his busy life and how he is becoming a star.

    Charlene Kampfe, member of the American Counseling Association and professor emeritus of rehabilitation counseling at the University of Arizona will talk to us about the benefits of pet therapy.

    Dana Humphrey, the Pet Lady, will give us her holiday gift picks. Join in the fun! Let's celebrate the holiday together

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    The Real News Behind The News Morning Radio Show

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    Why are the worlds financial markets crumbling, The truth about Donald Trump and his Real lead of all candidates on both sides, Plus the upcoming public meetings on interstate 49 being built through the heart of Shreveport. These stories plus other national, international, state, and local news without the mainstream media spin

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    Yvonne Divita - Woman of the Year at WIPIN (Women In The Pet Industry Network)

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    Yvonne DiVita is an active blogger and social media professional with a passionate desire to help women everywhere achieve their highest goals.  In the summer of 2009, Yvonne co-founded BlogPaws, an online pet community and yearly national conference to support pet bloggers, pet lovers, and pet people everywhere. The conference brings pet people, brands and expert speakers in social media education together to network, learn, and have a little fun. Best of all, the conference is pet friendly! More information can be found at the BlogPaws website. www.blogpaws.com.

    Life continues to lead Yvonne down the path of entrepreneurial work. She recently launched a new venture called The Lipsticking Society, to work with women in business on storytelling, communication, connecting, with the goal of creating a community of like-minded women devoted to helping each other achieve success.

    Throughout every business and every experience, Yvonne clings to her passion and love of pets.


    Twitter accounts:

    @lipsticking (supporting her continued focus on women in business)

    @mypetblog (supporting her personal pet blog)

    @y2vonne (supporting everything she does) 

    @blogpaws (for her pet community)






    Join us and find out what amazing things our guest Yvonne is stirring up today!

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    Pet Radio-Celebrating Gizmo the Therapy Dog

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    This week we honor our friend Gizmo, first with a live report from Gizmo and then a review of all of Gizmos appearances on Pet Radio including Gizmo and Jen's first appearance. Kick back and relax and listen to the adventures of the cutest therapy dog and how he brightens our world.

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    Pet Radio-Miniature Therapy Horses and Banner the Super Hero Service Dog

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    When a real horse walks into the hospital room of a sick child or a veteran it is always a magical experience.  Gentle Carousel Miniature Therapy Horses is an all volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity.  The teams of tiny horses visit over 45,000 adults and children each year inside hospitals, hospice programs, and with children who have experienced traumatic events. From the school children and first responders of Sandy Hook Elementary School / Newtown, CT to the tornado survivors of Moore, OK, child trafficking victims in Washington D.C. and even children living in orphanages in Greece, these tiny horses bring their special love where it is needed most.

    Banner is a Husky training to be a PTSD therapy service dog for his Mom. We will talk about the whole process of training.

    Join us for all the fun. Please also visit our web site

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    The Real News Behind The News Morning Radio Show

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    The most informative morning radio show in the history of radio is back once again to start another weekof deprogramming the masses from the mainstream media propaganda and brainwashing. We here at The Real News Behind The News continue to expose the falsehood giving out to the public by the mainstream media by bringing you a different point of view specifically designed to make you question everything that is being told to you by those who control everything that you see and hear in the corporate media. On today's show we will put the spotlight back on the case of Eric Gardner, the man who was murdered by New York City police officer for allegedly selling single cigarettes. This story plus other international, national, state, and local headlines we will bring to you straight up, uncut, with no filter bringing you the truth behind the lies told to us by the mainstream media.

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