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    Guest Punky Peru Of Witch & David Shankle Of DSG

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    This Week My Guest Are Punky Peru Of Witch And David Shankle Of The David Shankle Group.

    The Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio Show! Classic 80's Underground. 'Playing The Best Of All The Rest' Hosted By Mike 'The Big Cheese'

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    Jumping through HOOP- Helping Overcome Obstacles Peru

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    Helping Overcome Obstacles Peru ( HOOP) is an internationally run NGO operating in Arequipa Peru, specifically in the Flora Tristan community, a small shanty town on the outskirts of the city where families , young mothers and children live in squalor, homes composed of haphazardly constructed shacks with a lack of basic services, such as electricity or running water.

    It takes a Village to put together an NGO like HOOP. If you have ever wondered how you might do something similiar or become a volunteer for an organization such as this, then this show is for you. You will meet one of the principle architects and one of the 5 founders  for HOOP, Dr. Shang Ju Li - from Taiwan,   Alison Schmierer, HOOP's Program Director- Peru, John Vecchio, a volunteer teacher from New York state, Christian Collazos, a Volunteer Teacher from Peru and former student of HOOP, and Amina Belaïdi , Program Coordinator Intern for HOOP who lives in France.

    Hoop’s goal is to make sure these parents receive their high school education so that their children will also receive a secondary school education. This is their way of ensuring that the cycle of poverty can be broken in the next generation.

    The power of HOOPS Educational projects and priorities allows for everyone in the community to improve their lives.

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    Zeitgeist Peru Radio Show

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    Programa Radial del Movimiento Zeitgeist Peru

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    Ambika Devi, PhDc - Spiritual Journeys to Peru...

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    There's a Rock for That! ...Host Tarot Dactyl chats with special guest Ambika Devi, PhDc, Host fo our Friday show, The Rowdy Readers Show, about her Spiritual Journeys to Peru - Crystal Guest: Inca Rocks!

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    Coco Peru

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    Miss Coco Peru, aka Clinton Leupp, is a drag performer, known for his role in the 1999 independent film Trick. Peru also starred in Girls Will Be Girls (2003), and had a cameo appearance in To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar, and is currently on a stand up comedy tour.

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    Let's Talk about visiting Machu Picchu- Peru

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    Machu Picchu

     It is one of the most important archaeological sites in South America, one of the most visited tourist attractions in all of Latin America and the most visited tourist attraction in Peru. I hope you know that altitude sickness usually occurs when you are above 8000 ft. It is certainly not a hard and fast rule though. The effect of height depends on individuals. You can call us and we will advise you, no problem. When you travel with us, you don’t need to worry about altitude sickness, 

    How to get there? 

    When is the best to visit ?

    What you must have with you ? 

    We are ready to answer these questions or any other ones you have, please feel free to contact us. 

    Maya Abdo began her career at the Travel Academy in Palm Springs, CA. It was there that she had the distinct privilege to work with the top leaders in the travel business including Anderson Travel Agency and Gadabout Vacations. Shortly after that, in September 1993, Maya opened her own full-service travel agency in Palm Springs, CA, serving the desert area. She has since moved to the metropolitan Los Angeles area; working as one of their top consecutive salesperson for the Travel Department at Southern California Auto Club. She is the recipient of multiple service awards. The three years at the Auto Club further contributed to her knowledge and expertise.



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    Behind The Glass - Plants of Peru with Brian Perkins

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    Join us as we take a look at air plants, bromeliads, and the aquatic plants of Peru.

    For all you biotope lovers out there that are looking to set up biotope styled tanks for these amazing new Peruvian fish that keep entering the trade don't miss this one.

    And on the other front for the vivarium, dart frog, and insect lovers this episode will get you guys sat up with biotope plants for your vivs!

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    Our Mission Statement for Tarapoto, Disrict of San Martin, Peru.

    Our Mission here in Peru came from within each of us as a grand collective consciousness to do three main tasks. 1) Meet our ancient ancestors 2) Learn the culture and diversity in Nature to become familiar with its outstanding Natural Beauty and 3) Devise a plan to create a new system of the future that will allow the old corrupt system to simply go away.

    4 Months ago a group of people assembled here in Peru on a mission to clean the Jungle and it’s rivers and show the people new friendly technologies and ancient technologies and it just makes great sense that Peru was the chosen place from within.

    We have managed to currently fund the Acquisition of most of the new technology items that will be apart of the New Dome Operational Technology as listed below. The reason for doing this is the fact that Villagers will need at least 6 months intuitive sessions to understand what is landing on their doorstep and it is wise to assume the education needs of these beautiful people, when it comes to new technologies such as the QEG and the 3D Printer and The Light Mandala.

    Currently you can pick one microproject and help fund that project like the demonstration Aquaponics system here in El Achual, Tarapoto or the Bio-Gas project that is not yet being funded or the radio station.

    This will be a precursor to The Crowd-funding for the New Dome Center once we have completed all Micro  projects below and taught the children and villagers how to use the new technologies and new health medicines on route to their villages.

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    Ambika is Back from Peru! - Dream Interpretation - FREE Readings

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    TODAY, on The Rowdy Readers Show!, Host Ambika Devi is Baaaaack!! She will be telling us about her Spiritual Journey to PERU! ...Plus we will be discussing Dream Interpretation and taking Your Calls!


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    The View Up Here talks Peru, enviro "terror" and complicity of the CPC at home

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    Considering the effort that Joyce Murray put into her Private Members Bill C-622 to try and bring some basic accountability and transparency to Canada's spy apparatus, and the summarily offensive rejection of it by Emperor and his CPC hordes, Bill C-639 from backbencher Wai Young (CPC) MP Vancouver South seems to have a different reception. Ms. Young, who has spent time on the Public Safety and National Security committee, and is the co-chair of the Canada-China Legislative Association (whatever the hell that is) received hearty endorsement for her bill from none other than Minister of Utter Failure Peter MacKay, who is now masquerading as Minister of *Justice*.

    The catch phrase of Bill C-639 is "critical infrastructure" which may include a bus stop bench if some apparatchik deems it so. But then the Corporate Pacification Committee has never been big on definitions. Just on grandiose announcements that seem to amount to a lot of nothing. Right after KinderMorgan's injunction against protest on Burnaby Mountain was ruled illegal. Right after all those arrests of protestors there were thrown out as unconstitutional. Critics inside of Parlaiment and outside it have already sounded the alarm on this bill as yet another example of over-reach and illegal legislation.

    And this brings us to Peru. If possible, this is a nation that is even more overt with it's disdain for due process and opposition to resource projects owned by foreign interests than even Emperor Harper. And yes, the Canadian mining sector which is well known for oppression outside of Canada is all for Peru's steps backwards.

    The language of Bill C-639 is eerily similar to some recent developments in Peru's Governmental agenda. The usual gang supports these changes wholeheartedly. We will compare them and what it means for Canadians. Now and in the future.

    Join us, listen, chat, call in. Open lines all night.


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    MISSION: I'MPOSSIBLE--Mission 19: New Tech Comes to Peru

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    New Tech Comes to Peru.

    Special Guests Ralph Ring, Clive De Carle, Fernando Vossa and Alex

    from Dragons Gate to discuss the amazing healing modality of

    Sacred Geometric Healing with the Light Mandala.

    On Saturday we will hold  a large show here in El Achual Eco Lodge, Tarapoto. 5PM Live display


    School Children and Science students from Tarapoto will be here.


     We will be discussing The new 5D/3D Project Jungle star hotel and spiritual wellness center.

    This is where Alex has seeded his new Peruvian Home.

    We now have all the land and all the people needed to build this for you to  return to your ancestors here in Peru.

    This will be the perfect landing ground to come and visit our projects here in San Martin District,

    as progress now on the ground notches up another gear.

    Visit Simone here for a warm welcoming http://www.shimiyaculodgetarapoto.com/


    We are working with Mayors now directly in 4 different locations and Private awakened Hotel owners and Farm Owners now, to ensure that the jungle will now be cleaned in no less than 12 months.

    This also Includes the rivers and the Road ways in Villages.

    plus our Dome Center project in San Roque is now going ahead.

    These are very exciting times indeed so we will be putting a presentation out primarily to appeal to the spiritual world in Sweden USA Canada and the rest of the world for funding to get the project on the go.



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