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  • 00:30

    Insights From National Speaker

    in Education

    Brent Darnell, an inspiring speaker and author with an international following will discuss 'Emotional IQ' as it pertains to building industry management. Many have found his lectures profound in relationships on the job and in personal life as well. Join in with your calls or endorsements.
    Building the Building Industry, with Brent Darnell International

  • 02:01

    The Sprots Kritik

    in Sports

    Welcome to THE best Sports Talk show on the Web, the show where sports and society smash together like particles in the CERN Super Hadron Collider. Furious Styles and Co-host Jerzeeworld of Sportzfam.com will break down all of this week's noteworthy events and, of course, 'The Lefty Report' sets the offbeat tone. You won't want to miss this episode (or any episode) of the Sports Kritik so log on, call in, and get your voice heard every Tuesday night!