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    Corporate Personhood Using 14th Amendment to Fight Minimum Wage Laws

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    Unbelievable but true. The case of “International Franchise Association vs. City of Seattle” is now being heard in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. The franchisers are claiming that a living wage violates their Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The members of the International Franchise Association claim the city of Seattle showed “animus” – or hostility – to corporations because the law goes after corporations as a disfavored minority. That means corporations think their civil liberties are being violated just like ex-slaves of the 19th century. It sounds surreal but the International Franchise Association with outside financial assistance has hired conservative corporate lawyer Paul Clements who is famous for arguing cases before the Supreme Court. It’s a country gone mad. Listen and understand the insanity. WIth my guest Ron Fein of Free Speech for People. The Tim Danahey Show discusses economics, government, social issues, history, and non-fiction books in a magazine format featuring in-depth conversations with guests. Politics and inflammatory conversations are discouraged as they are divisive and counter-productive. Instead, the show seeks under-reported topics and delves into facts, different perspectives, and ramifications of each perspective. The show does not espouse a political agenda. Danahey’s strength is to take complex subjects, talk with experts and make them comprehensible and entertaining for average listeners

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    "The Vital Need for Christians to Develop and Model a Biblical Worldview"

    in Christianity

    GUEST SPEAKER:  Roger Wheelock, president of "Greater Than I Ministries," is an ordained pastor. He and his wife, Elaine are worship leaders with many years of experiecnce as Christian leaders.Together they have produced 6 CD's. More than 20 of his original songs have been  played in Christian radio stations throughout the country.

    Today,  Roger will continue his teaching regarding, the primary reason why "all is not right with the world today" in regard to Christian values, and the breakdown in morals and ethics in our society. 

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    Those on the left that believe in the Anton Sander Levay, definition of freedom "Do what thou Will" are soon to lose a huge battle that has been fought since 1972 with Roe V. Wade. Mississippians will have a chance to vote in favor of life. It will pass and it will stand!
    How do you feel about abortion? Come let your voice be heard.

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    Move to Amend Reports w/ Laura Bonham & Egberto Willies

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    This week features WAmend campaign director Gabe Meyer and secretary Cindy Black to talk about Washington State Initiative-735, a statewide ballot initiative calling for a constitutional amendment ending corporate personhood and money as speech.

    For more information, visit www.wamend.org or email info@wamend.org.


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    7/16 Show Reprise: How Good Did We Do In Keeping Iran From The Bomb?

    in Politics

    Col Patrick Murray-US Army Retired and author of his latest book, "Government Is The Problem, says, Appeasement Solidified-Iran Celebrates.  Meanwhile, POTUS Says This Is The Best Deal To Keep Iran From Getting Nuclear Weapon.  Do you believe him?

    Dr. Vivian Carpenter-This writer, motivational speaker and teacher discusses "The Fifth Letter" a new political thriller tackling the dangers of Corporate Personhood.  Does this compromise the common man's significance?

    Steve Evans-Reporting from Hollywood, CA The Minions Take Over Number One This Past Weekend At The Box Office plus a report on the coming attractions.

    Aired originally on Thursday 7/16/2015

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    PIJN News: Personhood, Alan Keyes, ObamaCare and Planned Parenthood

    in Current Events

    Dr. Chaps reports on these important issues:

    * The Personhood movement: Is this the best chance to sop abortion in America?
    * News-making interview with Dr. Alan Keyes.
    * Does ObamaCare force Christians to pay for abortions?
    * Planned Parenthood and tax funding.

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    "Personhood" with Keith Mason and Judie Brown

    in Politics Conservative

    Michael Voris is joined tonight by Keith Mason, President of Personhood USA and Judie Brown, Founder of American Life League.The broadcast will cover a multitude of Pro-Life topics including a recent wrongful death lawsuit involving a Catholic Hospital where the hospital's defense says a fetus is not legally a person. Yes, you read that correctly. 
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    Our Lenten Retreat at Sea is coming up in March.

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    Talk With David Cobb of Move to Amend Corporate Personhood

    in Politics

    Former Green Party presidential candidate and activist, organizer and speaker for the Move to Amend movement, David Cobb, speaks with me on Corporate Personhood. I have met David twice, last time was here in Tampa, Fl, as photos on this program will show. Here is the video I did of David: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBxgmEJxHo0

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    Chimps are people too? Ann Coulter on Mexican culture!

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    Hr1  Atty fights for chimps personhood rights comparing them to blacks & Native Americans. Media is silent!

    Ann Coulter compares Mexican immigrants to ISIS. She says it's about culture and tell the host... If there wasn't a problem with Mexican culture, you'd be interviewing me in Mexico, but you're not, you fled that culture.

    Free-range parents cleared of any wrong-doing. Why don't they leave these people alone? Let parents parent. We're not all the same.

    The fate of the Duggars and 19 Kids and Counting.

    Hr2  THIS is a protest! Community hides hate displayed by Westboro Baptist Church & shows love for slain Omaha officer. No fires, no shootings, no looting, no destruction.

    Fr. Frank Pavone talks HHS mandate, abortion, and "proper" discrimination (it's not necessarily a bad thing), we are supposed to be discriminating in our choices.

    State Department denies VISA's for Assyrian Christians. Forget the fact that they're being annihilated or sold into slavery. That's not persecution enough. But if they want to sneak over the border, then you can come and stay. No VISA needed.

    Hr3  Feminist student says take a stand against sexualization of women, & end dress codes by baring belly, because dress codes dehumanize women. Really?

    Pro-Life club Students for Life denied at high school because it's not inclusive enough. Aren't clubs supposed to cater to a subset of students, which by definition, makes it exclusive? Next excuse please!

    NY DMV rules pro-life license plates are patently offensive... you know, like & public obscenities. Ridiculous!

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?.

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    Move to Amend Reports w/ Laura Bonham & Egberto Willies

    in Politics

    Move to Amend brings you voices from the movement to amend the Constitution through our internet radio program.

    This week features WAmend campaign director Gabe Meyer and secretary Cindy Black to talk about Washington State Initiative-735, a statewide ballot initiative calling for a constitutional amendment ending corporate personhood and money as speech.

    For more information, visit www.wamend.org or email info@wamend.org. 

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    Jonathon Friedman: corporate personhood? Dana Siegelman

    in US Government

    Johathon Friedman takes corporate personhood to court - using a traffic ticket.  But he could win.
    Dana Siegelman fights to free her father, former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman from jail - she knows he was framed by Republicans to get his seat.
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