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    A Married Personality

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    Personality Speaking is designed to help you reconcile your relationships one personality at a time.  The topic A Married Personality. 

    Rev. Vince and Min. Joy are an Associate Pastor and Associate Briscoe Minister at The First Baptist Church of Glenarden where their ministry is submitted under the leadership of their Pastor, Mentor and one of their Spiritual Fathers, Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr.

    Vince and Joy take great pleasure in serving together where they use the method of transparency to help others. Together they have ministered at Couples Retreats, Couples Events, Leadership Trainings and ministered together as they tag teamed preach for a Sunday Morning Worship Service they also have the honor to serve as the Couples Connector Group Leaders for The 40 Day Surrender Fast for Author, Dr. Celeste Owens. With much understanding, compassion and careful thought they counsel spouses and couples as well. 

    The two have been married for almost 22 years and have experienced over that time the highs and lows, the successes and failures as well as the wins and the losses in life and yet through the joys and pains they have used those times to make them better as husband and wife. A foundational principle in helping them to overcome and become better during those times is their understanding that a marriage is God's example to the world of Christ love for the church and therefore as the husband, Vince seeks to model in their marriage to his wife what Christ love looks like while Joy seeks to model in their marriage the response the church has back to Christ love.

    God has blessed them with 4 children 21, 18, 15, and 11. Vince and Joy have embraced, as Jesus sent his disciples out two by two so has He sent them and as Vince and Joy have successfully learned how to become one flesh they are passionate in helping other couples successfully become and operate as one in their marriages!

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    Healing a Defiled Personality

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    Stayce L. Bynum joins us to discuss how her low self-esteem convinced her she it was okay to be second best in her relationships.  We will discuss "Healing a Defiled Personality".  She is a native of Baltimore, Maryland, is a licensed minister, poet, entrepreneur and author with a unique and creative soul, which houses a sincere passion for addressing the issues of women.  Many of the same issues that affect women today have touched her life, and she is determined to use her gifts to help them become free. No stranger to the bondage of low self-esteem and generational strongholds, she understands the destructive tendencies and behaviors that compromise one’s destiny in God. Releasing her pain through poetry, in 2004 she birthed Sista’Worth Greetings, a greeting card line for the empowerment of women.  She has over 80 titles to help break the chains of generational strongholds and low self-esteem among the daughters of God. Stayce has also become a living testimony of God's healing power.  Diagnosed with Lupus SLE, she used her journey to minister to others with this disease.  Stayce hosts a weekly vlog titled Sistas Living with Lupus, which educates and empowers women of color living with Lupus.  Her life experiences and creativity fuels her projects and allows her to use her own unique voice to minister to women. She survived her fight to break free of generational curses and has the battle scars to prove her victory over illness.  She is determined to see other women come through it victoriously. Stayce is a writer; she contributed to online Christian publications, printed magazines and The Baltimore Examiner as Christian Singles Examiner.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management from The College of Notre Dame of Maryland

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    My Addicted Personality

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    Personality Speaking welcomes Dr. Celeste Owens back to the show to discuss "My addicted Personality".  The episode will take a look at the impact of addiction on each of the personalities.  We will also discuss tips on how to recognize the signs of addiction and ways to overcome addictive behaviors.

    Bio:  Had you asked me five years ago what I would be doing today my answer would have been simple: I will be providing direct care to patients in my private practice. In fact, my dream was to practice psychology for the rest of my life. But after being diagnosed and treated for breast cancer in 2007 my dreams seemed too small. That's when I decided to surrender my plans for those of God’s and that's when I started living His bigger dream.


    Now I am the author of a powerful book that is freeing people to live their best  lives and leading Dr. Celeste Owens Ministries, LLC, a ministry that is calling hearts back to God! I can’t tell you how good it feels to know that I am doing something that makes a difference. Because of God, I am achieving His good success in every area of my life.


    Proverbs 16:9 reads, “In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.”


    If you're confused about where you're going, surrender it all to God and let Him determine your steps. Then watch in awe as He fulfills His bigger dream for your life!


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    Reconciling Your Personality - Special "Ask Karen" Segment

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    Let's start the year off understanding each other's personalities.  Reconciling and unifying relationships are important to God.  The bible says, "Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you". Eph. 4:32  I will be discussing the topic of "Reconciling Your Personality" and opening the lines up for a special "Ask Karen" segment to answer questions you have on the personalities and relationships.  This could include relationships with your mate, children, friends, ministry, co-workers, etc.  You can log onto blogtalkradio.com/PersonalitySpeaking to ask your questions in the chat room or you can call in on 929 477-1876 (Press 1 to ask your question or make a comment).  If you want to remain anonymous, you can send an email to KarenWard@beyondtwollc.com.  Whether you are having challenges or just want a better understanding of the people in your life, I will devote 45 minutes to answer your questions and take your comments.

    Karen Ward, Certified Personality Trainer, is available to speak and train on "The Personalities" (Popular Sanguine, Powerful Choleric, Perfect Melancholy, and Peaceful Phlegmatic) for your business, social events, ministry and retreats.  Follow me on Twitter.com/PerSpeaking and Facebook.com/PersonalitySpeaking and follow me here on blogtalkradio.com/PersonalitySpeaking for future show information.

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    A Missionary Personality w/James and Cheryl Germany

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    Personality Speaking features James (Ronnie) and Cheryl Germany who we discuss with me the topic of "Your Missionary Personality".  James and Cheryl have traveled on multiple missionary trips.  They are involved with several organizations that takes missionary work very seriously. We will be discussing how The Personalities views missionary work.

    James and Cheryl Germany are residents of Clarksburg, Maryland. James is a native of Birmingham, Alabama and Cheryl is a native of Washington, D.C. They met 40 years ago and were high school sweethearts. They rekindled their love for each after a 10 year break and together raised a blended family of 6children. The couple has 3 grandchildren and are very excited empty nesters! James and Cheryl have been married for over 24 years.

    The couple has served the Kingdom of God in various capacities for close to 30 years. Today, the couple continues the ministry of servanthood by remaining committed local and international ministries that include Credo Recovery Ministry, Life is Hope Orphanage, Lilies, Spiritual Warriors, and Water Boyz. The couple will be returning to Haiti on December 27 to serve at the Life is Hope Orphanage.  James attended Azusa Pacific Seminary between 1997 and 1998. Cheryl plans to attend Capital Bible College in 2014.

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    A Battered Personality

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    Personality Speaking is designed to help you reconcile your relationships one personality at a time.  We will explore personality related issues/topics with various guests.  This month is Domestic Violence month.  

    This week we are speaking with Evangelist Tammie Polk who triumphed above her circumstances through faith and determination.  Tammie Polk Ministries purpose is to help heal, encourage, empower, uplift, and show mercy to women that have been in abusive marriages, relationships, and transitioning. Whether it is mental, physical, verbal, sexual, or emotional, our passion is to help educate, pray for a stronger walk in faith and build stronger characters with confidence in God and self. To love women back to loving themselves and know that they are beautiful, loved, and deserving of respect, because they are royalty and worth far more than rubies. Letting them see the God that brought me out of 3 abusive relationships, will do the same for them.

    Evangelist Tammie M. Polk (Tammy M. Polk) was born in Dallas, Texas on Christmas Eve in 1974, the last of 11 children to Robert Samuel Polk Sr and Martha Lee Polk. She is the author of self-published book Women In Transition A Devotional, ordained under the spiritual guidance of Pastor Robert Polk Jr & First Lady Rhonda Polk of Souls Harvest Church of Miracles and Deliverance in Joppa, Texas from 2008 until late 2014. During her late teenage years, she had her first encounter with Domestic Violence with a boyfriend and by His grace she made it out. About 9 months later, she was found herself in another relationship that was also one of Domestic Violence and 18 years after that she began to turn her past pain into the passion that drives her to bring glory to His name. 

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    "A Personality that forgives the unthinkable"

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    Personality Speaking welcomes Monica Parker to the show.  We will be discussing the topic "A Personality that Forgives the Unthinkable".  We should be able to trust that our parents will take care of us.  We don't expect the unthinkable to occur.  This show airs on Thursday, January 22nd, 2015 @8PM EST.  Call 929 477-1876 (Press 1 to comment or ask a question).  You can also log onto www.blogtalkradio.com/PersonalitySpeaking.

    Monica Parker is a single, successful black Christian woman in the IT field, who also has traveled the world! She's set foot in 22 countries on 5 continents, and doesn't plan to stop until she gets to Antarctica and Australia! She's outgoing, charismatic and engaging! But she hasn't always been this way. She struggled to find her identity after sexual child abuse. As a child, she was quiet, soft-spoken, shy and withdrawn. It's taken her years to become comfortable in her own skin. Counseling, therapy, and encouragement from others helped, but she credits her evolution and recovery via her relationship with the Lord, the truth and honest communication between her and abuser before they died.

    Although she does not have any children of her own, but spoils her 7 punkins (nieces & nephews), exposing them to crafts, creativity and travel.

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    Healing My Grieving Personality

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    Personality Speaking welcomes Grief Counselor Katie Morse to discuss healing our grieving personalities during the holidays.  Some of us find it difficult to deal with the sadness of losing someone we love.  My guest is going to discuss how we handle the holidays, heal from our sadness and reconcile our feelings.  

    Katie Morse is a proud native Washingtonian. She grew up in far northeast Washington in Suburban Gardens, which was once the site of an African American amusement park.  Katie graduated from McKinley Technical High School (Tech) in the days of the famous Circle T Marching band and the mighty Tech Trainers football and basketball teams. After high school, she attended the University of Maryland, College Park and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism.   After a brief stint in radio at WWDC DC101, she settled in for a career at ATT from which she retired in 2008.

    Katie accepted the gift of eternal life from Christ at an early age but rededicated her life to Him in 1994. Since then, she has strengthened her Christian walk with various courses of study and mission work.  She joined First Baptist Church of Glenarden in 2007 and continues to grow spiritually.  In 2007 the passing of her own precious Mother drew her attention to the necessity and benefit of grief support and counseling. Katie has been attending grief support sessions at FBCG since 2007 and, through God’s gentle healing and care, she is now able to co facilitate grief support classes for others seeking to grieve God’s way.

    Katie strongly believes that God gives all of us the tools, character traits, skills, passion and knowledge to do the job he has assigned to each individual. When you line up with His will for your life, doing what He planned for you, you will experience your greatest success and receive blessings you have never imagined. 

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    Your personality has purpose!

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    Personality Speaking is designed to help you reconcile your relationships one personality at a time.  We will explore personality related issues/topics with various guests. This week we are speaking with Pastor Deborah Evan on the topic "Your personality has purpose".  Pastor Deborah Evans is an expert in helping people uncover and prepare themselves for their purpose.

    Deborah Evans is a dynamic, charismatic developer of women, leading many to have spiritual breakthroughs.  Insightful and unflappable, she is a phenomenal speaker and teacher of God’s word.  She is the host of Let’s Talk About It, Founder and Director of Victorious Living Now Ministries, and author of First Things First and Faith For The Journey.  Through her written and spoken words, Deborah demonstrates how to live the blessed life and walk in the power and authority God has promised to his children.  Deborah’s love of God and care and concern for women compels you to rise above every situation in your life and to take hold of the great plan God has established for you.  With divine downloads from Heaven, she is keenly attuned to the Father’s ear and seeks to speak only what He has said. 

    Deborah is a founding member of 27 years and serves as an Associate Pastor at Crossover Church in Hyattsville, Maryland, where she oversees the School of Ministry, Changing the World Outreach Ministries, and other areas of leadership.  Deborah lives with her husband of twenty-three years and two young adult children in Maryland.  To find out more about Deborah or to book her for your event, please visit her website: www.deborahevans.org.  

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    A Stolen Personality w/Dr. Daphne McQuarter

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    Personality Speaking welcomes Dr. Daphne McQuarter to speak on the topic "A Stolen Personality".  A story of betrayal, abuse, restoration and forgiveness.

    Are you ready for your life to shift? An encounter with Dr. Daphne McQuarter, known to most by Dr. D, is known to leave you in a thought provoking moment believed to shift your life to freedom. Dr. D believes that life is a journey and it is her passion to nudge you in the place where you are, to embark upon the journey of freedom with her.

    A sought after speaker, coach, healer and activist, she has traveled the globe with her message of FREEdom and being the voice for thousands of women and girls.

    Out of her own pain birthed purpose for her greatest work, which she has been an advocate of Sex Trafficking for 17 years. She founded I Am Her Voice as an effort to rescue girls from Sex Trafficking in the United States and selflessly works her program, The 3 a.m. girl, which goes out to highly trafficked cities during high trafficked hours of the mornings and rescues girl. She has been the voice for thousands of girls trapped in this dark ugly world. She works closely with government officials., law enforcement, other community officials to raise awareness on Human Sex Trafficking in the United States. She is also the creator of the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls in the United States.

    It is Dr. D’s desire to see every woman rise to the occasion of whom she has been called to be and live a whole free life. It is her belief that she lives upon Acts 17:28(kjv) For in him we live, and move, and have our being…

    She lives by her mantra, "I'm a fearless Chick, Lo?ed by God, Created by God, and Purposed in the earth. I'm Naked and not ashamed, The Bondage of my past is breathtaking and FREEing TODAY, I'm Reclaiming my freedom, I'm unstoppable, I'm a #FREEdomCHiCK.”

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    Surrender your personality w/Dr. Celeste Owens

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    Personality Speaking is designed to help you reconcile your relationships one personality at a time.  This week we are speaking with Dr. Celeste Owens, Psychologist, Speaker and Author of “The 40 Day Surrender Fast”. 

    Dr. Celeste Owens and I will discuss the four personality styles (Popular Sanguine, Powerful Choleric, Perfect Melancholy and Peaceful Phlegmatic), personality strengths and weaknesses and how the personalities can affect every decision that we make.

    Additionally, we will discuss what surrendering your personality means, each personality’s ability/unwillingness to surrender negative personality traits and tips on how to relinquish our own power to unleash God’s power.

    Please join us to understand more about how God created us and how He plans to use us the way He created us.  You can click on this link (http://tobtr.com/s/6868417) to join us online or call in (929) 477-1876.

    Personality Styles:

    Popular Sanguine

    Strengths:  Fun loving, spontaneous, bubbly, good sense of humor and engaging.  Weaknesses:  Forgetful, lacks focus, poor follow-through and easily angered.

    Powerful Choleric

    Strengths:  Decisive, born leader, exudes confidence and self-sufficient.  Weaknesses:  Abrasive, judgmental, has little need for friends and workaholic.

    Perfect Melancholy

    Strengths:  Highly intelligent, compassionate, serious and purpose, deep and purposeful.  Weaknesses: Prone to depressive, easily offended, and suspicious of others.

    Peaceful Phlegmatic

    Strengths:  Cool, Calm and collected, patient and well balanced, and relaxed.  Weaknesses:  Seems lazy, uninvolved, uninterested and sarcastic.

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