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    Healing River: Sleep Paralysis (103114)

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    Have you woken up feeling unable to move or paralyzed?  Maybe you've been told it's your mind waking up before your body.  Are you still searching for an answer to a peaceful night of sleep?  Sleep paralysis is not what you think it is.  Join us we discuss the CURE on the Healing River.


    Deborah Lemke, P.O. Box 1511, Oshkosh, WI

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    How to Help Dogs and Cats with Pet Paralysis

    in Pets

    Pet paralysis is a difficult, scary thing to contemplate and when it happens to your dog or cat there are few good resources available to offer hope and help. Thankfully, there's Sharon Seltzer, creator of the blog Lessons from a Paralyzed Dog and we are happy to bring her to Tripawd Talk Radio on Sunday October 12 at 6pm Eastern / 3pm Pacific.

    Sharon is an animal rights writer and co-founder of Heaven Can Wait Animal Society. When her 10-year old dog Sophie gradually became weaker and then lost all use of her limbs, Sharon was at a loss for what to do. Several specialists, rehab therapists and treatments yielded little to no success to help Sophie walk again; that's when Sharon's pack began a new normal way of life and learned how to make the best of Sophie’s disability.

    Sharon will discuss how she coped with Sophie's paralysis and the tips, tricks and successes that this special dog taught her. We will be taking your calls too. Please join us on this informative episode of Tripawd Talk Radio!

    Call in with your questions or post them in the Tripawds Discussion Forums, and join us in the live Tripawds Chat room during the show!

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    SLEEP PARALYSIS is a phenomenon in which a person, either when falling asleep or awakening, temporarily experiences an inability to move. It is a transitional state between wakefulness and sleep characterized by complete muscle atonia (muscle weakness).

    Have you ever felt like you were awake but unable to move? You might have even felt afraid but could not call for help? This condition is called sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis may leave you feeling frightened, especially if you also see or hear things that aren't really there. Sleep paralysis may happen only once, or you may have it frequently -- even several times a night.


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    Enjoying Permanent Weight Loss and Ending Emotional Eating with Asher Fox

    in Moms and Family

    Are you looking for the tools, motivation and activity to conquer his yo-yo weight gain? 

    Are you secretly afraid you’ll be overweight forever?

    Asher Fox is a Subconscious Behaviorist, Cognitive Behavioral Coach, and Clinical Hypnotherapist. His number one Amazon and Kindle Bestselling book, Fat to Fearless: Enjoy Permanent Weight Loss and End Emotional Eating... For Good! reveals is a unique approach to successful body transformation that looks beyond the latest weight loss plans and fad diets.

    Join Asher Fox and me on Tuesday, December 30, 10-11 A.M. CT US, as we discuss his approach that simultaneously addresses the subconscious, conscious and environmental levels of human behavior that creates lasting life-long results.

  • Exorcisms-Demon Possession and The Incubus/Succubus -Sleep Paralysis

    in Paranormal

    Demonologist Dr. Jerry Williams covers Exorcisms and Demon Possession and what happens during an exorcism. Dr. Jerry will also cover Sleep Paraysis and how it pertains to Demon Possession.

    The Incubus/Succubus- a Sexual Demon that preys upon Men and Women to try to pregnante a women to have what they call "Cambions". The intersting part is a lot of people summons them to have a relationship with them. People have reported being held down in Bed,Scratched, Sexually groped and even Raped by this Demon. I will explain some of my cases and explain what happens in this situation and how to protect yourselves from them.

    Demonologist Dr. Jerry Williams has worked with many Paranormal teams in the United States and even Internationally. Dr. Jerry has even worked with TV'S Ghost Adventures and PSR.

    Dr. Jerry Williams is well known for his very knowledgable information and school. He has worked in this field for over 10 years and has been a minister since 1996. Dr. Jerry Williams has a Doctrine in Demonology,Ministry,Divinity and Exorcisms,Deliverance Ministry. Dr. Jerry's church is New Life Ministries- Internationally Based.

    The Demonology School- Check out the school and start today by registering at : www.crisedu.com


    Join us for this show...


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    Jack Tips: 5 Steps to Permanent Gut Healing

    in Health

    Jack Tips makes his debut appearance on the podcast to discuss the ins ands out of your microbiome, and to break down his 5 steps to PERMANENT gut healing.

    Here are my notes:

    9:30 - Shocking revelations from the Human Genome Project.

    15:21 - The “secret” to undoing the damage we’ve done to our microbial populations.

    16:40 - Can taking probiotic supplements throw your microbiome out of whack?

    19:26 - Quorum Sensing: How good bacteria can turn into “bad guys”.

    27:40 - How dysregulated gut bacteria increase your inflammation set point.

    28:13 - Biofilms: How bad bacteria protect themselves from the immune system.

    33:29 - GMO corn is poisoning your gut bacteria! 

    35:00 - How poor farming practices and bad science are destroying the Earth’s microbiome.

    43:42 - Introducing the Gut Thrive in 5 program.

    46:09 - Step 1: Adapt with Your Diet.

    48:26 - Step 2: The Pathogen Purge.

    50:32 - “Autoimmune diseases are reversible.”

    51:49 - Step 3: Recolonize the Gut. (The GI Urban Renewal)

    53:57 - Step 4: Heal and Seal the Gut.

    57:00 - The problems with one-size-fits-all programs.

    58:25 - Step 5: Optimize Stomach Acid and Maintain Health

    1:03:00 - Register for Wednesday’s webinar with Christa Orecchio!

    1:03:15 - Visit Jack’s website and get your FREE Microbiome report!

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    Bad Credit and Credit Issues

    in Self Help

    Every creditor has its own definition of what is considered "good" vs. "bad" credit. With more lenders today keeping credit standards tight, you need to do everything possible to get your credit in great shape. A low credit score today doesn’t have to be permanent. Learn what you can do to enhance the health of your credit.

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    Angel Time with Narayan Sacredhealingbeauty

    in Spirituality

    Angel Time is brought to you every Saturday morning in partnership with the Angels where we offer spiritual solutions that are practical and permanent.

    Sandra Boissier is a healer, teacher and author born with the ability to channel angels.  She is a champion of the soul & an advocate for change.  Her life’s mission is to unify human and angelic legacy for the evolution of mankind.

    Narayan is an Alchemystic Blend, a certified teacher of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, a certified Reiki Master, Toltec/Shaman Healing Akadua Master, The creator of FACEOLOGY & Holistic Integrative Healing, and a naturally gifted Energy Intuitive, and an Empath. Her website:  http://www.narayanbeauty.com

    For anything angels and everything Angel Energy go to our website: www.angelenergy.org

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    Semjase and The Spiritual Teaching in Contact Report 10

    in Spirituality

    3. The human bears a spirit that does not die nor sleep during the deepest sleep; it records all thoughts and motions; it informs the human whether his thoughts are correct or false-if he has learned to pay attention.      

    4. The spirit within the human is the bearer of the creative realm, and every human has his own (spirit).          

    5. It is incomprehensible that the human speaks of a heaven and of a kingdom of heaven within himself, rather than to merely say: Creation, truth, knowledge, wisdom, spirit, consciousness and existence.      

    6. A human’s yearning lies in the joy that remains, for the imperishable life, the permanent peace, the spiritual and consciousness-related wealth that never fades and lasts forever.        

    7. Heaven and Earth will perish, but truth, knowledge, wisdom and spirit will never be changing [change?] or perish.            

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    Explanation of What is Considered A Permanent US Entry Waiver

    in Entertainment

    We will do a show that will discuss permanent us entry waivers. Now a actual permanent us entry waiver is called a Nonimmigrant Border Crossing Card("BCC"). The BCC can only be used to enter the United States from contiguous territory and only for entry under visitor status B-1/ B-2. 

    The U.S. State Department has not been issuing the BCCs to Canadians since April 1, 1998. 

    An INA §212(d)(3) waiver(us entry waiver) issued along with an INS BCC was valid for the duration of the card. Such waivers are valid indefinitely since the old BCCs were valid until revoked.

    There are no new regulations permitting the issuance of new BCCs to Canadians. Canadians with these indefinite waivers could continue to use them.

    However, there is 2nd way to get cleared for life. Not every conviction will require a us entry waiver. Some CBP officers have no idea whether your offence will make you inadmissible or not. It is easier for them to send you home with a waiver packet than to try and figure it out. By obtaining a "September Letter," will allow the offence that you have been convicted of to be waived permanently. So despite the fact that it is not actually called a pemanent us entry waiver...Your specific conviction is permanently waived based on CBP determining that your offence does not make you inadmissible. We will discuss this process and how to obtain one.

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    Pull Up Your Big Girl Panties: The Time Is Now

    in Spirituality

    Psst!  Ladies! Today’s show is for you. It amazes me, every time I use this phrase Pull Up Your Big Girl Panties the response I get is a little laugh, or a big laugh, a smile , a nodding of the head or a combination of all the above.  The one thing all responses have in common is this; all the women understand the true meaning behind the phrase, Pull Up Your Big Girl Panties.  I can literally hear and visually see their brains engaging giving themselves, as Coach Jesse would say, “a check up from the neck up!”  Pull Up Your Big Girl Panties is a supportive life coaching platform for women who are serious about making changes, permanent and positive changes in their lives…NOW!  Bottom line, it’s knowing how to convert the BS in your life into rich fertilizer to get what you want and we are going to show you how.

    Join me, Dr. Wendy Dearborne choice expert and life coach and Olivia Lashley expression coach and artist as we talk about what this supportive life coaching platform offers women wanting to make change.

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