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    Jo Rae Perkins

    in Politics

    Jo Rae Perkins running for fourth Congressional District will be on the program this week taking your calls and questions.

    About Jo Rae Perkins" 

    Like you, Jo Rae is concerned about the expansion and over reaching actions of the federal government.
    Like you, Jo Rae is concerned that elected officials in Congress have ignored their respective duties which are outlined in the U.S. Constitution.
    Like you, Jo Rae is concerned about the out of control spending.
    Like you, Jo Rae feels it is time to elect members of Congress, who are "Main Street Americans".

    With out of control spending creating an unsustainable growing debt, now exceeding $18 trillion, it is time we elect a Constitutional Fiscal Social Conservative to represent us in Washington D.C.

    Jo Rae's background in financial planning, budgets, banking, and real estate, along with many years of civic and community involvement, has helped prepare her to be your voice in Washington.

    When she was merely 16, Jo Rae met a young man named George.  They were married in 1978.  George and Jo Rae have two adult children and ten grandchildren.  George is a micro business owner as a self-employed carpet installation contractor.

    Just like you, Jo Rae Perkins is a "Main Street American".


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    Jo Rae Perkins

    in Politics

    This is Robin, Host and producer for KRBN Internet News Talk Radio.

    Jo Rae Perkins will be my guest taking your calls and questions for her bid for the 4th congressional district in Oregon.

    give us a call during the show at 646-721-9887 as always, email us talk@KRBNradio.net

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    BGEPresents:Donald Mazzella and Dan Perkins

    in Radio

    #BGEPresents Donald Mazzella and Dan Perkins with host @jiggyjaguar


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    Brandon Perkins, CB, Western New Mexico 2016 NFL Draft Prospect

    in Football


    #20 Class of 2015 CB FS

    Western New Mexico University

    Silver City, NM


    Go one-on-one with Brandon Perkins who discusses Western New Mexico football and his thoughts on a career playing professionally when his collegiate time ends.

    Perkins will share his strengths and ability to our audience of listeners around the globe who crave the unique setting made available by College2Pro.com who strive to enhance the progress of any college athlete with hops of one day playing professional football. 

    College2Pro.com bringing the hardcore NFL enthusiasts the absolute most detailed interviewed and analysis of NFL Draft Prospects. 

    Join host Bo Marchionte and special guest Brandon Perkins on the C2P podcast powered by football lovers everywhere. 

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    Alysha Live! Double Dose Weekend with Guest Lamar & Vinny and Cliff Perkins

    in Radio

    Let it Snow, and boy it did! Join me for a double dose weekend of the Alysha Live! Radio Show with my guest in the first segment starting at 6:00pm is two of the funniest guys on the internet and Youtube Lamar & Vinny.  And, in the second segment at 7:00pm, I will have one of smoothest, R & B recording artists you will ever hear, Mr. Cliff Perkins of Soul Generation.  So come on and hang out with your girl for the full 2hour double dose weekend!   To call in on-air 909-265-9195,

    Keep it locked to the Alysha Live! Radio Show for the Best In Talk Radio!!

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    The Truth About Public Education in America

    in Education

    Our January 13 show features Dr. Kati Haycock, President of the Education Trust in Washington, DC.

    Kati Haycock is one of the nation's leading advocates in the field of education.  She currently serves as President of The Education Trust. Established in 1996, the Trust works for the high academic achievement of all students at all levels, pre-kindergarten through college.  The organization’s goal is to close the gaps in opportunity and achievement that consign too many low-income students and students of color to lives on the margins of the American mainstream. 

    Known for years as a powerful force on education policy, The Trust is often described as “the most important truth teller” in American public education.  But the organization also works hand in hand with educators and civic leaders in their efforts to transform schools and colleges into institutions that serve all students well.

    Join us for a fantastic show on January 13 at 2pm for what promises to be a very informative show!  Call in and "be the conversation".

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    Expectations, Race & Class: The Importance of Teacher-Student Demographic Match

    in Education

    Our December 2015 show features Dr. Seth Gershenson's research on how student-teacher demographic match effects teacher expectations.

    Seth Gershenson is an Assistant Professor of Public Policy in American University’s School of Public Affairs and a Research Fellow at the Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA Bonn). His primary research interests are in the economics of education, specifically issues relating to teacher labor markets, parents’ and students’ time use, summer learning loss, the development of character skills, and the role of expectations in the education production function.  Dr. Gershenson’s research has been supported by the W.E. Upjohn Institute, the Spencer Foundation, and the American Educational Research Association and has been published in peer-reviewed journals such as the Economics of Education Review, American Educational Research Journal, Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, Education Finance and Policy, and Educational Researcher. More information about his research is available on his website: http://www.sethgershenson.com/. 

    Join us at 2pm on December 16 for a powerful discussion on some groundbreaking research.

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    Author Suzetta Perkins shares journey to HOLLYWOOD SKYE on #ConversationsLIVE

    in Books

    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes author Suzetta Perkins to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss her literary journey, what it's been like to share it with her fans and her new book our Dec. 15th HOLLYWOOD SKYE.

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    Colette C'Ann Perkins and guest Peter Barrett for A Kwanzaa Celebration

    in Culture

    On Christmas Day (6:30 EST call in @ 347-855-8118) please join Colette C'Ann Perkins and  invited guest Peter Barrett  (an oral traditional storyteller) for A Kwanzaa Celebration:  family, culture and community. Peter is an expert on all aspect of Kwanzaa!

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    Double Feature Broadcast - The Racial Truth About Our Schools

    in Education

    Join us for a special double feature broadcast.  On December 9, our special guests will be Dr. Gary Orfeld of the Civil Rights Project at the University of California, Los Angeles and Ms. Abby Norman, Guest Writer for the Huffington Post and Public School Teacher.  During the first half hour, we will talk with Dr. Orfield about the status of the desegregation efforts as a matter of public policy in the United States.  We will also discuss trends and future expectations as well as public concern over our public schools. And in the 2nd half hour, we will hear from Abby in her reflections on teaching in "black" schools and what she has learned as a white educator.  She has published two thought-provoking articles in the Huffington Post that are sure to stir emotions.

    Gary Orfield is Distinguished Research Professor of Education, Law, Political Science and Urban Planning at the University of California, Los Angeles. Dr. Orfield's research interests are in the study of civil rights, education policy, urban policy, and minority opportunity. He was co-founder and director of the Harvard Civil Rights Project, and now serves as co-director of the Civil Rights Project/Proyecto Derechos Civiles at UCLA. 

    Abby Norman lives in the city of Atlanta. By day she teaches in a suburban school, and by night mothers her two daughters in partnership with her husband. She has taught in a variety of schools and has witnessed first hand the inequality of education in America. She is currently seeking representation for her book about being a failing teacher at a failing school. 

    Join us - Call In - Be The Discourse.  December 9: (2 - 3pm) EST.



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    Discipline in the Classroom - What We Can Learn from the SC School Incident

    in Education

    Major media outlets have been dominated by the incident captured on cell phone videos at Spring Valley High School where a student was forcibly removed from a classroom.  Views on this incident has placed civil rights advocates, school and district leaders, student advocates, school officers and education experts at odds.  We have confirmed Dr. Jared Scherz and Mr. Curt Lavarello to participate with us on a discussion about the SC school incident and what we might learn from it.

    Dr. Jared Scherz is the founder of TeacherCoach (www.teachercoach.com), an online platform that integrates personal growth with professional development.  As a clinical psychologist, author, and educational consultant, working with educators for over twenty five years, Dr. Scherz believes in the paradoxical theory of change, in that a greater understanding of what keeps a person or system stuck is needed before sustainable change is possible.  His work includes a number of issues including school violence prevention, the organizational health of schools, and the personal wellness of educators.

    We also have Mr. Curt Lavarello - Executive Director of School Safety Advocacy Council. Curt Lavarello served as a 25+ year Law Enforcement Executive in South Florida. During his tenure as a police officer, Curt has held assignments on road patrol, detective bureau, gang task force unit, traffic division and 18 years as a school resource officer (SRO) and Patrol and SRO Supervisor. 

    This will be an open, but guided forum.  Listeners are encouraged to phone in to express your opinions and suggestions.