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    EspreeNet News - Episode 0107

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    On this program: Sandra Bland's mother: Trooper perjury charge 'not justice',  Ken Griffey Jr elected to baseball's hall of fame with the high percentage ever, 2015 was the safest year for flying on record despite Germanwings and Metrojet disasters, Neanderthal genes may be to blame for modern allergies in Europeans, This week in court and much more.

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    No Charges For Cosby In 2 Cases, Feds Investigate Water In Flint, Sandra Bland

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    Listen to The Michael Imhotep Show, Wed. Jan., 6th, 10pm-12midnight EST (7pm – 9pm PST) with host Michael Imhotep of The African History Network.  "No Charges For Bill Cosby In 2 Cases, Feds Investigate Toxic Water In Flint,MI and Update in Sandra Bland Case".

    CALL IN WITH Questions/Comments at 1-888-669-2281.  POST YOUR COMMENTS.  WE MAY READ THEM ON AIR.  Listen online at http://tunein.com/radio/Empowerment-Radio-Network-s199313/ or by downloading the "TuneIn Radio" app to your smartphone and search for "Empowerment Radio Network" or at www.AfricanHistoryNetwork.com and for the podcasts.

    1) Yesteday President Obama announced the signing of Executive Orders that will close gun background check loop holes.  2) Prosecutors in LA decline to press charges against Bill Cosby in 2 sexual assault cases. 3) U.S. Attorneys Office has announced that it is investigating the poisoning of Flint, MI's water supply by Lead.  4) Dr. Joy Degruy author of "Post Truamatic Slave Syndrome" explains how White Privilege raised its ugly head in a trip to the grocery store.  5) Texas State Trooper Brian Encinia who arrested Sandra Bland has been indicted on perjury charges.

    Baltimore: Sun., Jan. 10th - Don't miss the Baltimore Screening of the film "Black Friday" with special guest Michael Imhotep founder of host of "The Michael Imhotep Show", Sunday, Jan. 10th, 2016, 1:00pm-4:00pm at The Great Blacks and Wax Museum, 1601 East North Ave., Baltimore, MD.  Admission $20, includes a tour of the museum.  Visit www.AfricanHistoryNetwork.com for more information or www.SuccessScholarHaki.com.


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    America's Deadly Sins - Let's Call the News (Alabama thru Georgia)

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    Every day, family court beats us all up senseless.  A judge has been taped, saying we have no constitutional rights in family court.  Kids are taken from good parents and given to bad ones.  Children are stolen by the state, and judges side with them, always.  Mouths are gagged, innocent people are jailed, and hearings are confidential, and according to some states, not recorded to preserve justice.  And the news, unbelievably, is silent.  No one returns your phone calls.  Very few report, and if they do, it's for 5 minutes, and the story is buried.

    N.S.,(YOU FOLKS IN THE CPS CIRCLES KNOW WHO I MEAN)  the poster boy for family court victims, has garnered the help of a major mainstream news station to take his story and make it public, while he files a few multi-million dollar lawsuits for his 4 year stint against the corrupt family courts in North Carolina.  We wanna ask the news WHY...

    Why do people have to suffer years at the hands of these corrupt courts before the news takes notice?  Finally, we want to know who it is that keeps THE TRUTH from being told?  Fraud, kidnapping, forgery, falsifying transcripts and records, destroying evidence, conspiracy, collusion, perjury...all of these are prevalent in our family courts, and yet, no one reports these cases.  Well, tonight we begin asking them why, and we'll be giving each of the 50 states' most popular stations a call, LIVE ON OUR SHOW.  If we can get them to agree to it, we will be providing them with the names of 1 or more or victims in each state that they can interview for a whopper of a story.  Tune in every day this week, and let's take advantage of Mr. Shelton's good fortune, and let's EXPOSE THE CORRUPT!  SPECIAL TIME:  4:30 P.M. CENTRAL TIME.  DATE:  11/02/15.  GUEST CALL IN NUMBER:  347-324-5146

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    #133-Trump & Carson Roll! Gowdy Skewers Clinton, Paul Ryan Wants What???

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    Ben Carson surges ahead of Trump in Iowa where he has been and worked hard quite a bit. He and Trump have both been talking about immigration, Sharia law and the dangers of Islam. He has also done well in the group press conferences (debates) and is deflecting politically correct attacks from the media (both Democrat and Republican). Looks like it’s going to be fun. Trey Gowdy is slowly and cleverly laying a trap for Hillary Clinton. At best he gets her in perjury, at worst she acts like an utter ass and proves she isn’t fit for the office. The Democraps are trying to spin this as a win for her and we just don’t see it that way. Meanwhile in the House, Paul Ryan want unanimous support as speaker or he won’t serve. Say whaaaat? He needs to pack up his s**t and go home! That isn’t the way to start out and the Freedom Caucus needs to tell him so.

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    Software informants - the role of the informant in software licensing audits

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    This Vondran Legal Hour legal podcast discusses the role of the "informant" in software audit cases.  Some things to consider asking the opposing party (usually an intellectual property law firm) when faced with a voluntary audit:

    1.  Who is the informant?

    2.  What information did they give you?

    3.  We believe confidential trade secrets have been stolen (you are assisting that)

    4.  Did the informant sign a "declaration" under penalty of perjury?

    5.  How do you know they are telling the truth?

    6.  Is there a Civil RICO violation going on?

    7.  How can I be sure there is actually an "informant" and that this is not an illegal shake-down?

    8.  What is the "probable cause" evidence you have (this is a cirminal law term we have borrowed because it seems to make sense in softwrae licensing cases)

    Call us at (877) 276-5084.  Each case has its own factors that must be looked at.

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    POLITICAL ANIMALS--Jesuits--The most powerful religious order in the Roman Catholic Church--the origion of this power--Controversies involving this religious organization

    Homosexual Predator John Gacy connection to California--Exclusive interview of the teenage would be victim

    PLANNED PARENTHOOD VIDEOS AUTHENIC According a forensic lab investigation and frame by frame analysis

    Did Cecile Richards Planned Parenthood lie to a Congressional investigating Committee?

    san francisco police arrest bmw bicycle thief  

     Forensic report finds Planned Parenthood videos are 'authentic' and unaltered

    Sept 30th  Births-Deaths & Events relevant to US(a)

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    POLITICAL ANIMALS--POPES & THE Capital Punishment Issue--Julius & ethel Rosenberg Russian Spy Conviction case--execution--Kim Davis--Gay-Lesbian marriage political issue case

    Was Pope Francis used and deceived by Kim Davis's lawyers?

    Father Philip Berrigan---Josephite Order Priest  WW2 Veteran--Anti Viet Nam War  Activist

    Chester Alan Arthur--President from Vermont but believed to have been born in Quebec Canada

    Kevin Vincent Ryan--Corrupt Canadian who lied and commited perjury regarding his entry in the US from his birth place Alberta Canada.

    Oct 1999 --Fleet Week--Then San Francisco Judge Ryan  committed judicial fraud when he illegally tried  18 year old Navy sailor Steven Nary, a male rape victim, who killed his assailant Juan Piffare.  Pifarre, an illegal alien was connected to Prosecutor  Terrance Hallinan and Hallinan was connected to Judge Ryan

    Bradley Manning Military traitor nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

    Associate Justice Louis Brandeis  died 1941

    Earl Warren appointed as Chief Justice US Supreme Court--ruled that military personnel don't give up their civil rights when they enter the US Military--Ryan defied this Federal ruling

    October 5th--FLEET WEEK SAN FRANCISCO--  Sailors and Marines warned about San Francisco homosexual predators and video voyeurs

    Ray Kroc  McDonalds's Founder in  Des Plaines Illinois

    Chief Joseph Surrenders




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    the District Attorney's Office has lost many cases to Frank Carson partly because the cases are all manufactured fairytales presented to a jury who says "the Dist. Atty. thought we were stupid"

    the actions of law enforcement in this community have now resulted in tremendous damage to the perception of our County and city as a civilized system.

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    We are Homeowners seeking Justice and Truth to Break The MERS Land Theft.

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    Tess and Jeff are your hosts. We are homeowners and although we have become very familiar with the court systems, we are NOT Attorneys. We want to unite Victims of Mortgage Fraud.  This is our first episode of many. We will encourage stories of Foreclosure Fraud as well as have an Attorney to answer Legal Questions.   We will share our most recent story of our recent "DAY IN Court" with an obvious corrupt Judge.  We will give some detail as to what Our Attorney was subjected to during a trial by Ambush from McGlinchey and Stafford aka Wells Fargo NA and many more horrible moments of Our illegal Foreclosure.  KNOWLEDGE is POWER.  You know what....Our focus is a Media Campaign to connect the dots in ways that the Banksters and foreclosure Mills never thought possible.  They hide behind a million lawfirms, a million attorneys, Fake Trusts, robosigners, robo notaries and now the robo witnesses that commit perjury evey day in front of our Judges who know they are lying but we suppose their pensions(which are gone just like the stock market) mean more.  We want to cause so much transparency as to who they are that perhaps they lose their jobs, Homes, Lives and let them feel the terror like we have all experienced by Inspectors and the slimeballs.  ARE YOU READY TO BREAK THE MACHINE?  It is time. 

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    Live Everyweek with Troy Mathiesen @ Judge Steve Curry @ Andy Peacher .

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    Live Everyweek with Troy Mathiesen http://www.itnjcommittee.org/ Andy Peacher @ Neelu.

     Get Your Kids Back Strategy 2015 - Corporate policies, by which employees, impersonating public servants kidnap children from loving parents and homes based on fraud and perjury, to keep to targets and profits, are satanic - against God's laws of serving and protecting His children, humanity.   The remedy is to stop and reverse such crimes and stop the corporation trading illegally, dishonourably by issuing a non-judicial Commercial Obligation Salvage lien by way of an affidavit of truth, giving notice of 10, 21 or 30 days to protest or rebut, failing which the remedy becomes law.  Children are God-given to parents and families to be educated, nurtured, served and protected without corporate influences and violations of divine laws of Freewill, Non-interference & one-ness,  according to the beliefs and cultures of their heritage and lands and forefathers, not for satanic rituals.  All public service outside of consent is illegal trading.  The Commercial lien process can stop the illegal traders from trading in all public services and seize their assets.  The injured party issues an affidavit of truth of dishonour, Notice to Cease & Desist Trading, Notice of Dishonour, Notice of Acceptance of remedy and invites rebuttal, failing which the remedy sought becomes law without going to court.  The only way to stop a lien from remedy is by a jury.  Writ of Habeas Corpus releases all individuals from hostage situations such as forced care, forced adoptions, false sectioning under the Mental Health Act & false imprisonment.

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    EspreeNet News - Episode 0813

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    On this program: Unemployment rate held at a seven-year low, The global population is set to reach 11 billion, Pennsylvania's attorney general is arraigned on perjury,  Donnie Simpson is back on radio and television with Radio One ,  This week in court and much more.