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    Catherine and David perform the audio autopsy of Election 2014

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    Catherine and David perform the audio autopsy of Election 2014

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    How To Perform A Glamour (Part 2)

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    Thank you for joining me for episode 37 of HiPPiE WiTCH : Magick For A New Age.

    The show notes for today's episode can be found at... http://www.joannadevoe.com/2013/11/hippie-witch-how-to-perform-glamour.html

    And- you can pick up a FREE copy of my eBook "HiPPiE WiTCH : Peace, Love & All That Good Sh!t" here... http://www.joannadevoe.com/p/free-stuff.html


    MUCH LOVE -xo


    Joanna DeVoe



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         God's plan and purposes advances with direct control from His throne. There are no distractions or defeats. Both His design and timing are perfect. The government and KIngdom of Heaven is established and the whole Earth and the nations are awaiting its visibility. Our lives are already being filled with Christ peace, justice and righteousness. We are already coming to know Him as Counselor and Mighty God. We are experencing previews of His Eternal Fatherhood. Everything else originating in the world is fading fast until He is the only star in our universe. Let's follow HIM. 

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    The Resolution Revolution: Relaxing and Releasing the Pressure to Perform

    in Self Help

    With every new year come new resolutions to do better, be better and look better. But just how beneficial are these vows of self-improvement? Could there be more gentle ways to make positive changes in your life? Join us as we discuss how to revolutionize those resolutions to create a more happy, healthy new you!

    Danica Trebel, certified life coach and P.E.T. course graduate, knows first-hand the power and healing that can come from a family united. It was through her own personal experiences with eating disorders and the separation from her family and children that led her to this place of healing, restoration and passion to help others. It’s her deepest desire to help transform the world one relationship at a time through communication, perspective, faith and most importantly fun! 

    Kusha Kalra is a Youth, Success & Happiness Coach. In the last 12 years of her work life and personal experience, she has understood that the true essence of Life lies in pursuing things that make people Happy! She is a passionate Facilitator and High Impact Presentation Designer whose innovations and creativity have left a lasting impression on the audiences. 

    Robert Valin is an iPEC certified coach whose mission it is to help other coaches and entrepreneursremove the stress and fear of designing, branding and building their businesses. With his one-on-one approach and 15 years experience in graphic design, Robert helps coaches develop state-of-the-art websites, gorgeous logos, engaging business cards and impactful social media campaigns that together highlight the coaches niche and individuality .

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    Al Fink's Monday 2/23/2015 03:00 pm -6pm ET Local Live Music Talk Show

    in Entertainment

    Al Fink's  BNC Live Local Music Talk Show

    02/23/2015 3pm ET

    Events https://www.facebook.com/BNCLive/events

    Tune in www.BNCLive.com
    Call to be on the air live 347-637-1611

    We are introducing Tonya Marie Faris as a new Host on the BNC Live Entertainment Network.

    ********We Are showcasing Female Blues Artists today******

    ** Tonya Marie Faris 3:15 Eastern (Live)
    ** Sari Schorr Interview archive Post NYBHF Induction
    ** Michelle Siedman Archive Interview From IBC
    ** Jackie B & Me Archived interview with Sandra C
    ** Lola Gulley's Legendary Monday Night Blues Jam (Live)

    You Must Listen to this Live Blues Jam
    Finley’s Irish Pub, Largo, FL
    Great Live Blues http://www.bnclp.com/?page_id=312

    ** We Are Now A Label on Reverb! https://www.reverbnation.com/label/BNCLiveLocalMusicTalkShow

    **Follow www.BNCLive.com to get reminders when the
    BNC’S Local Live Music Talk Show Goes On Live.

    **Keep Local Music Alive!
    “We All Started Local” RC

    **Live call in 347-637-1611 while we are on the Air.
    On the Air Live Most Days from 5pm-10pm eastern.
    On the internet 24/7 www.BNCLive.com
    Listen to great archives on the internet.
    You may also listen to live shows there as well.

    Here is what we do for live Local Artists
    *www.BNCLP.com Local Artist Hall of Fame
    *www.BandsAndClubs.com Your Gigs at Local Venues
    *www.TimelyPosting.com Gateway to Tools for Promotion

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    Tammy & Jesse Storr - Minister Leah Killings

    in Religion

    7:30PM - The Agony Of Life - Tammy and Jesse Storr

    9:30PM - Minister Leah Killings

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    KMnm/Think Globally,work locally!What steps are local to global for you?

    in Religion

    The entire earth is the place for the human being to perform.  Locally, in each person's on mind.  The mind being the earth also.  Then each person connect their thoughts and produce an action.  The action should inform others who aren't connected and mushroom into another action and so on, becoming the golval action.  Question:  who wants to present the thoughts and why the thoughts are necessary for human life?  We each have the potential to think, soooooo, perhaps we should start thinking about the future generations and stable the foundations that we have found to be a solid truth.  

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    A Practice of How To Be vs. What To Do

    in Spirituality

    Practicing & learning with “To Create vs. To Do” for the week of Feb 9th, 2015. Call in, your spot on the call is open & awaits you.

    Best times of life & living are commonly about how we feel rather than what we do. Think birth: an extremely difficult & painful experience yet the most priceless for most!

    To create is to cause to exist; bring into being, give rise to, to evolve from one's thought or imagination, to perform, to make, to …

    To do is to complete, to finish, to put an end to, used commonly with work, jobs or tasks. Do is used when we refer to activities in general without being specific like do something, nothing, …

    Email wellness@healingpaq.org for:

    One-on-One Help http://www.healingpaq.org/services.html#eamen
    Self-Healing Class http://www.healingpaq.org/self-healing.html
    2013, 2014 Top-Rated Non-Profit Testimonials http://greatnonprofits.org/org/healingpaq

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    Al Fink Running a NJ Local All Star Music Artist Line Up on 02/21/2015 Saturday

    in Entertainment

    We Start in NY City briefly at a Blues Open Jam Live!

    Then we are off to a packed New Jersey Local Music Artist Line up.

    The who's who of the best Local Live Music Artists in NJ.

    The Best Archives that we have. Be with us Starting At 4 PM Eastern Time.

    Don't Miss these Great interviews with These Local Music Artists!

    Join Us www.BNCLive.com at 4pm Eastern Time.




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    Brand Promotion or Product Promotion? Decisions, Decisions...

    in Internet

    We are talking about when to perform brand promotion instead of product promotion today. If you like the show, like us on facebook, https://www.facebook.com/websnoogie, or fill out a support ticket on our website at https://www.websnoogie.com/support.

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    During this call we shall perform powerful techniques, and activations for you to empower you, to open your vision to your own love and wisdom.  In the live calls you have the opportunity release your sadness, pain, hardships, stress or tension, whilst allowing you to open energetically to more of who you are.  

    Most weeks we perform a short meditation, play a crystal singing bowl and a freenote (a beuatuiful musical intrument) that leaves you feelling free.  There is a talk where ancient and modern wisdom is shared and we always send forth the light to bring peace, love and unity to the earth and humanity.  

    Tracey will take a couple of live callers and perform a Intuitive Counselling session and blessing with them.  When a technique or activation is being performed with a live listener it is divinely guided so participate and perform the technique, as you will also receive the energetic blessing as well.  The people who call in are asking the questions for all of us, as we are part of a whole and the activations are for us all. Online program http://cellularhealing.kajabi.com/sp/34321-6-week-online-mentoring-program  

    For free gifts, products and to work with Tracey on Skype or in person please go to - http://cellularhealing.org

    Card Reading click on - http://cellularhealing.kajabi.com/sp/27293-9-card-reading

    Guest Call In (646) 716-9382

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