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    Presidential Perfection

    in News

    The 2016 Presidential Elections has become an unprecedented event in American History. The United States has changed dramatically: no longer is the "electoral college," "polls," and even debates- determine the policy of elections- it is the people. Clark, an expert in governmental affairs and social work, has researched the Constitution for many years and the democratic process of the past and the current state of affairs of today. In order to save our democracy, she asserts, it is up to the people to organize the elections so that the next President is truly representative of the people- and wins fair and square. Call in tonight with your questions, we are at your service!




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    Got Perfection?

    in Christianity

    God is looking for faithfulness more than perfection he is looking for faithful people. Trying to become perfect makes one judge, makes one think they are better than sinners. The Believer can be perfect in Jeus throught the Holy Ghost but not through their flesh. Thinking of perfect to me it means I never do anything wrong all that I do is right without flaws of any kind.

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    Can Propane Help? Perfection Deception, & GOP Presidential Debate Preview

    in Politics

    Replay of Tuesday's Show

    Roy Willis-President CEO of Propane Education & Research Council discusses Alternative Fuels for Western States.

    Dr. Jane Bluestein-An educator and an award-winning author of twelve books discusses her latest, "The Perfection Deception Why Trying to Be Perfect Is Sabotaging Your Relationships, Making You Sick, and Holding Your Happiness Hostage." 

    Wayne Allyn Root-GOP Debate preview from the political commentator, TV personality, & best selling author. His latest book is titled, "Relentless." 

    John Thavis-Award winning reporter and Rome bureau chief of Catholic News Service covered the Vatican for 30 years. We talk about his latest book, "THE VATICAN PROPHECIES: Investigating Supernatural Signs, Apparitions, and Miracles in the Modern Age."

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    LUwJC#039 Perfection, Self Worth and Aliveness

    in Self Help

    Are you easily offended by the opinions of other?
    Do you struggle with taking action because you get wrapped up in what others might think of your action?
    Do you recognize you worry about what others think far too much?

    Today on Lighten Up Jen and Cheri come together to discuss the price they have paid for trying to live so that others would have no judgments or criticism of them. The Ladies will be discussing their own experiences with Perfection and how it plays a role in being outwardly focused and the effects it had on their lives. Jen and Cheri will also be talking about different ways they choose to nurture their Aliveness and what it has created in place of their old habits of worrying about what others think of them.

    If you have questions about this topic call in Live during the show! (646) 200-0825!

    Learn more about Jen Halterman

    Learn more about Cheri Gillham

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    Crying COFAH : Jubilee Living - Perfection!

    in Religion

    Crying COFAH :  Jubilee Living - Perfection!

    Yahya Bandele was the Founder and Chairman of The C.O.F.A.H Network and the Creator, writer and director of the best selling Documentary on amazon.com "Hebrew or the So-Called Negro"

    The brothers will discuss current events, history, science and Geo-politics from a scriptural Hebrew Ysralite scriptural perspective. We also encourage caller participation and feedback

    View Yahya's feature films by clicking link https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=FLdws1o2agoBw-nqaYBjG9Yg

    View Yahya's Daily Video Blog https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLv4Ov4g0N91ikDd5zHMAmvxr2Fyhf9s7v

    Yahya's Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/yahya.bandele

    To learn more about COFAH log on to http://www.cofah.com 

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    Arizona Volleyball Coach David Rubio on What is Perfection in Sport?

    in Sports

    Stephen McCarthy of The McCarthy Project was joined by David Rubio, Head Volleyball coach from the University of Arizona on the subject of perfection or efficiency in sport. Coach Rubio has over 30 years of history in coaching and is currently coaching his daughter's youth team.

    For additional information, visit our site.

  • My Perfection with Jenny Rosengren

    in Self Help

    Jenny Rosengren will be sharing all about a new healing modality called "My Perfection."  Jenny used to have an aversion to "hands on" healing modalities.  One day, she had an experience that literally changed her life and the result was a new healing modality.  She will be sharing about her journey and the inspiration about this new healing modality in a special broadcast.  You can learn more at:  http://www.myperfectionhealing.org/ 

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    Perfection - an asset or an hindrance?

    in Motivation

    The aim shouldn't be perfection, but rather progress.

    How better do you want to be in a particular area of your life when compared to the previous year? That's what really matters. When you can measure progress, when you can look back and see your 'upgrade', then you are on your way to the land of perfection.

    In 2015, you cannot afford to do what you've always done and expect a different result. To achieve what you really have set out to achieve, you will need be able to measure the progress that you have made. Listen out for tips on how to achieve this on this episode of The Attitude on Air Show.


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    Gareth Hunter Presents "Blemishes of Perfection"

    in Entertainment

    It’s the movement behind the music from Composer, Writer, Musician, Producer Gareth Hunter’s Album entitled Blemishes of Perfection. Blemishes of Perfection examines romantic relationships, the ups, the downs, the good, and the not so good.

    In Blemishes of Perfection the Album by Gareth Hunter featuresvarious artists such as Zure' Craig, Jeffrey Lewis, and Anthony Malvo, and Beenie Man. The album is designed to allow the listener to hear positive and negatives dynamics of his or her relationship in the songs. The album tells the story of a couple in the middle of crisis and follows the couple through the worst times into a place of better communication and relationship with self and each other. The album is accompanied by a dialog of the relationship as well that also has professional feedback from counselors and relationship experts.

    Album Snippets: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=puW0Uzmcq0I  

    Dialog: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5oq2ZJwUS24

    Gareth will share insight into this project and the Gareth Hunter Artistic Initiative, the movement behind the man.  The initiative features a music production program, the ever popular Groove Theory Drum Clinic, and much, much more.  Check out his website www.garethhunter.com.  On Facebook, The Official Gareth Hunter Presents.  This is a can't miss episode.

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    Episode 4 Spoken Word with Joel Ash, Path to Perfection

    in Radio

    I'm not perfect,but I am striving to be. The show tonight is title the Path to Perfection. I'll be sharing my experiences from my pursuit with you all. You don't want to miss it!

  • The Cost of Beauty: The Quest for Perfection

    in Medicine

    Let’s Face It, when most of us look in the mirror, we are not 100% happy with what we see. The human body is asymmetric so imperfections can be found and some are more apparent than others. As much as a person has the right to exercise to improve their physical look and health, the same applies with plastic surgery which can change a person’s entire outlook and well-being.

    According the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), in 2014:

    The top five cosmetic procedures were: breast augmentation, nose reshaping, liposuction, eyelid surgery and facelift
    Not in the topic five but of noticeable gains were male breast reduction, tummy tuck and dermabrasion
    Facial rejuvenation procedures experienced the most growth, as 2014 marked the highest number of botox injections to date: 6.7 million injections!
    Tumor removal is overwhelmingly the top reconstructive procedure performed every year with more than 4.4 million procedures in 2014

    So since everyone seems to be indulging one way or another, let’s talk about it! What is the true cost of perfection/beauty? Join Let’s Face w/Wil Strayhorn and Friends as we discuss the risks, dangers, costs, preventative measures and treatments available. We will talk to experts in the field as well as one patient that will discuss what happened when her plastic surgery procedures didn’t go as planned. Don’t missed this informative, thought provoking episode.


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