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    Producer and keyboardist Derrick Harvin released his debut cd From Here. From Here is not just a product of Harvin’s choice to progress in his music career; it is Harvin’s courageous effort to embrace a brighter tomorrow after the heartbreak of his past. Dedicating the album to his late father, Harvin chooses to view the world from where he is at the moment with eyes wide open and a heart full of faith. He hopes that the story within From Here represents the universality within his audience, as everyone has the choice to decide how they will perceive and appreciate the future from here. Harvin is ready to captivate a global audience, one that can begin to understand life’s great mysteries hand in hand through a magnetic album that surveys the depth of an artist’s sentimentality.  

    Follow Derrick on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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    Weekend Watchdogs: Royal Kingdom, Percy Harvin, Showdown in Dallas

    in Sports

    Mike Silva and Joe Buono talk about the Royals magical run to the World Series w/ former big leaguer Les Norman of "Breakin the Norm." John Schmeelk of Giants.com gives his take on the Week 7 matchup between the Giants and Cowboys. The guys discuss the Jets acquisition of Percy Harvin. 

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    NFL Talk: Percy Harvin, NFL Recaps, Peyton talk, and MNF Preview

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    On this episode of isportsweb radio, host Ryan Dunne will open with his rant on Percy Harvin and why the Seattle Seahawks traded him. Then, he will recap some of the standout games this past weekend. Next, he will talk about Peyton Manning on his record-setting night and what it means on his place in history. Finall, he will end the show with a preview and his predicition between the Steelers and Texans.

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    in Football

    WEEK 8 in the NFL- BBFF is going to give you WEEK EIGHT BEAST MODE and REAL MEN Lineup Picks to help you win your Fantasy Football matchups this week.   They also discuss the Percy Harvin Trade implications in Fantasy.

    Die-hard  Chicago Bears fans Greg "The Beast" Reifsteck and Jenilee "The Beauty" Borek  host from their Fancave in Hollywood California!  They talk about the Jay Culter meltdown and Week 7 loss to the Dolphins.

    If you want to win this season you will learn and listen!  More strategies and more ways to win at BIGBALLSFANTASYFOOTBALL.com

    Don't forget to watch the The Beauty and The Beast of Fantasy Football Experts on the BIG BALLS weekly Videocast at http://www.youtube.com/bigballsfootball

    Do you have any questions about your line-up or need tips on who to draft this season? Hit us up on Twitter (@BigBallsFball) or Facebook (facebook.com/bigballsfantasyfootball) and we will answer your question on the air

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    Charlotte Hornets Season Preview with Spencer Percy

    in Basketball

    Spencer Percy (@QCHSpencer) joins Nate Duncan (@NateDuncanNBA) to preview the Charlotte Hornets season.  Topics include: The effects of the MKG injury, a new pace and space era in Charlotte, expectations for Frank Kaminsky, the Hornets' crunchtime lineup, and a grade for the Hornets' management and ownership.

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    "Dating on the the DL and the journey to coming out".

    in LGBT

    Welcome to The Real LGBT Lives show with your host Twanna Guase and Co host Moji Solar-Percy.
    This week, we will be chatting about  "Dating on the the DL and the journey to coming out".
    Our special guests for this week are Anastasia Efionayi and Shuga Kenneth Onwuanaibe.

    Show will air live tomorrow  Thursday Febtuary 4th, 2016 at 7pm ( EST ).
    To join us on this conversation, call 646-668-8625 alternatively you may follow us on the web on Blogtalkradio by clicking on the link above this banner.

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    Polygamy in The Modern Age

    in Culture

    Welcome to Chatting with The Village on Moji's World with me your host Moji Solar - Percy, co hosting with me today is Missis Robinson from the UK.


    This week we will be chatting about Polygamy and its merits and demerits.


    In the past, our forefathers married many wives to increase the size of their tribe for economic reasons. The population of each tribe helps strengthen the tribe to expand their territories in which the tribe thrived.  The  weaker tribes were captured and their kinsmen put to work as farm help, while their women were married off to rear children and help on the farms.  In the Muslim religion, a man can marry more than one wife, as long as he can love them and provide for them equally. In some tribes men inherited women as wives from their father and siblings. In modern day, Africa, polygamy is the norm but no one seems to know the reasons behind it.

    To date polygamy is still being practiced in African, the Middle East and some parts of Asia. However the benefits seem to have shifted in modern times, so today we will be sharing our views with you.

    Please call 646-668-8625 to join in on this conversation.

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    in Sports

    This Saturday, at 5PM ET/3PM PT, FightHype Radio returns with hosts Ben Thompson and Percy Crawford bringing you all the hottest topics in boxing and mixed martial arts. Joining us this week as a special co-host is Bellator light heavyweight and Rizin Fighting Federation heavyweight tournament champion King Mo Lawal. You never know who's going to drop by, so be sure to listen to the latest episode of FightHype Radio and don't miss your chance to call in.

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    The Disintegration of The Black Family

    in Family

     Join us on Sunday, January 3rd, 2016 on Chatting With The Village on Moj's World at 5pm(EST), 10pm (GMT) and 11pm (GMT+1 - Nigerian).

    This month through end of January 2016 we will be chatting about 'The Disintegration of The Black Family'. This show will be a mini multi - series. This weeks show will be hosted by Cathy Audu and Taiwo Lawrence with Moji Solar - Percy.

    On this episode, we will chat about findng lasting solutions to the various concerns we have touched upon along the series. The questions we will try to get answers to will include, " How do we teach our children, how to have a good marraige and relationships when most of us are head of single family homes?" How do we bring the community together as a whole?

    Please Join us to contribute to this series by calling 646-668-8625, your input is really important to the village as a whole.


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    Learning to move past our past

    in Friends

     Join us on today, January 14th, 2016 on a special edition of Chatting With The Village on Moj's World at 9pm(EST), with me your host Moji Solar - Percy.

    How do we unpack our luggages so we can move on into the present. Learning to love ourselves and others in full acceptance and authenticity. On this special episode, our special guest is Dr. Akin Olagunje.

    Please join us by calling in on 646-668-8625.

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    The Disintegration of The Black Family

    in Friends

     Join us on Sunday, January 3rd, 2016 on Chatting With The Village on Moj's World at 5pm(EST), 10pm (GMT) and 11pm (GMT+1 - Nigeria).

    This week we will be chatting about 'The Disintegration of The Black Family'. This show will be a mini multi -series consisting of four parts through the month of January, 2016 with our special guests Derek Brock, Kevin White, Cathy Audu and Folábí Ògúnléye.

    On this episode, we will try find a way for us as a people get back to being our brothers keepers, through education and communication. So join me Moji Solar - Percy, our panel members and special guests.


    Call us on 646-668-8625