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    The Now You Know Show: Episode 51 ( Does the Bible Belong & Red Pepper )

    in Spirituality

    A new and exciting variety broadcast that covers all things hoodoo, rootwork, and conjure.

    "From deep in the heart of Texas, where the stars at night are big and bright, comes The Now You Know Show, with Professor Charles Porterfield, here to tell it like it was and how it is, to help school ya, so no one can fool ya!"

    Tune in and learn valuable lessons about the practice of hoodoo, conjure, and throwing roots with a skilled practitioner who brings a lifetime of experience to the task of teaching newbies and entertaining old-time practitioners alike. Professor Porterfield is a talented rootworker, a dedicated founding member of AIRR, a gifted reader, and one of our dearest friends. We are proud to sponsor him in this new adventure.

    At Professor Porterfield's TheNowYouKnowShow.com web site, you can find updates and information on the show -- or, to access episodes directly, just go to The Now You Know 

  • Indie Talk Live with Pepper Stevens

    in Indie Music

    Certified NSAI Songwriter Pepper Stevens comes from a true southern background in the heart of dixie, Savannah, Ga. Multi talented instrumentalist and lyricist with roots in rock, folk, country, and blues. Related down the line to Cat Stevens and Stephen Foster, he has influences that range from the Beatles and Led Zepplin to Lynyrd Skynyrd and Seether. He prides himself on being able to step outside the box to be creative in ways most can not or refuse to. He is an independent artist pushing every boundary thrown his way and certainly not afraid to speak his mind and share his feelings through his musical abilities. He has several albums out and numerous singles available as well. His music is very popular in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. and can be found on just about every digital platform out there to date.

    Links are listed below:





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    NFL Preview: Week 1 with Eric Snyder on the John Daly Show

    in News

    20150910 NFL Week 1 Preview Eric Snyder

    New allegations against the Pats.

    Last players cut – and where will some of them go.

    Need our Tebow update

    A look at all the games and how they affect your fantasy world.

    Our final Super Bowl predictions

    It is Thursday September 10, 2015 – the first week of the NFL season.

    With me as always is Eric Snyder, my football expert.  He is the author of a book on the Raiders and Raider Nation.

    You can also hear him on the Power Hour on Fox Sports Radio 1340 in Vegas.

    Boychic, welcome.

    More allegations re-surfacing against the Patriots. ESPN’s Outside The Lines aired an investigation that said the Spygate was much worse.  The Pats had allegedly shot more videos of other teams than was previously mentioned.  Many of those videos were destroyed with the NFL’s OK.  And the report says the recent Deflategate punishment was payback for letting the Pats off the hook for spygate.  The Pats denied all of this.  Boychic, what are you hearing?

    Let’s talk about some of the cuts made by teams.  To me it was interesting how many Running Backs got the ax.  This is definitely a passing league now?

    Where is Tebow going?

    Let’s go over some key games for your fantasy sports.

    Give me players you would pick for this week?

    Now what if you are in a last man standing pool, what team do you pick?

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    Naked & Afraid XL's E.J. Snyder - THREE-time Naked & Afraid Legend !

    in Entertainment

    On September 8th, join the Talk34 gang as we chat with the Three-Time Legend of Discovery Channel's "Naked & Afraid", E.J. 'Skullcrusher' Snyder !

    Freshly off the amazingly popular Discovery Channel sensation "Naked & Afraid XL", E.J. will talk with us about all three (yes, he did it THREE times) journeys into the middle of the jungle to survive, taking no food, water, or WiFi with him.

    "Skullcrusher" is a modern-day combination of Tarzan, Teddy Roosevelt, and a buck-naked Captain America.  Survival isn't enough for E.J.  He's much more about thriving under any circumstances.

    If you're a fan of the show, you know E.J., and here's your chance to talk with him and hear him discuss his experiences out there in the middle of nowhere, living off the land, starving, thirsty, and yet still kicking-butt.  At any time, he could have thrown in the loincloth, but that is not E.J.'s style.  Kill or be killed....  That's a much better description, as the man will dive headlong into any challenge with a smile on his face (and that's about all he has with him).

    Don't miss what will be the biggest episode in Talk34's history.  EJ "Skullcrusher" Snyder, baby!!

    [Mr. Snyder has promised to be clothed during the entire radio interview]

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    All Things Sci-Fi - guests David Alastair Hayden and Pepper Thorne (authors)

    in Entertainment

    Welcome to All Things Sci-Fi with your host Lewis Stockham.

    I will be tallking to sci-fi/fantasy writers David Alastair Hayden and Pepper Thorn about what they love about being writers (and writing), what they love about sci-fi/fantasy, what they write about and some of their inspirations.

    Be sure to keep tuning in every other Wednesday night for more on topics for lovers of all things sci-fi.

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    Being Flexible

    in Education

    We will discuss how to know when to be flexible during negotiation in order to reach consensus and a successful outcome.

    As usual, we will also discuss two delicious recipes for sharing. The "safe" recipe will be Pasta Primavera, and the "adventure" recipe will be Pork and Pepper Casserole.

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    NFL Week 12: Panthers no respect; Pack back; Can Pats find players? USC Coaching

    in Football

    We will look at the Turkey Day games.

    The best team in football gets no respect.

    Could Pats actually run out of players?

    Injuries are getting worse it seems.  And some are non-contact injuries.  Is it hurting the fans too or helping the standings?

    In Denver, is Brock the new Peyton?

    And we will look at religion in football.  Is the NFL the No Faith League?

    And ESPN pissed at Johnny Football.

    And some coaches may be getting off on a Trojan horse or a Bayou Bengal.

    And what is up with the referees?

    As always our expert is Eric Snyder.  He is the author of a book on the Raiders and Raider Nation.  You can hear him on the Power Hour on 1340 Fox Sports Radio in Las Vegas.

    Let’s play Fraud or Real or Pretender Contender?  Packers Texans Cowboys

    Pokes get the 10-0 Panthers but the Cowboys at 3-7 are favorites over the undefeated Panthers.  As I said in the beginning, has anyone watched this team?  I got the Panthers in a romp.

    Bears go to Lambeau to play resurgent Packers.  Plus they’re retiring Brett Favre’s number.  I have to go with Pack.

    A number of new injuries are affecting games this week.  Peyton is still out.  Flacco is gone for the season – and maybe longer.  Are these injuries hurting the fans or helping?


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    Stress Impact

    in Education

    We will discuss ways to prevent stress from impacting the ability to reach consensus and a successful outcome.

    As usual, we will also discuss two delicious recipes for sharing. The "safe" recipe will be Pasta Primavera, and the "adventure" recipe will be Pork and Pepper Casserole.


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    Everything with Kathy B, Chef Oliver, Dr. Julissa, Clark Bartram

    in Entertainment

    Source Nation!  Join us tonight for Healthy Cooking and Living.

    6 Chef Oliver is back in the studio to prepare another budget friendly meal. Tonight's meal: Seared Pork loin with carrot, apple, pear and red pepper slaw. 

    7-Source Nation! Join us for Healthy Living with Dr. Julissa as she and Kathy discuss another important topic, Muscle Cramps & Muscle Spasms.

    Recently, Dr. Julissa was asked by a fellow gym member on how to heal from painful and debilitating symptoms when one is dealing with muscle cramps & muscle spasms. Tune in as she shares tips on how to overcome them and create a habit of health:

    7:30- Source Nation! Join us for another amazing segment of, Total Life Changes with Kathy B, as she welcomes, America’s Most Trusted Fitness Professional, Clark Bartram into the studio to share amazing information on Total Life Changes Products and how the products have positively changed his life.

    You've heard it here from your favorite radio station, Source Radio Network.

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    "The Urban Wire" Ep 77 Thanksgiving Special 2015/News/Entertainment/Gossip

    in Entertainment

    Join us for our 2105 Thanksgiving Special. We will discuss ways to give back this Thanksgiving, what it is to be thankful, dos and donts of the holiday season and more....Also we discuss current events of the week...


    -Charlie Sheen comes out as HIV+, what is undetectable HIV, knowing your status

    -16 killed in New Orleans

    -Black Lives Matter Controversy

    and more

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    That's Novel Interviews Ellie Keys and Jen Cousineau/SL Schiefer

    in Books

    Ellie Keys: Author of contemporary romance, paranormal romance and mystery. She spends a great deal of her time lending her unrelenting pen to the voices that have taken over her mind. The characters that readers will find in her works have a demanding nature. Ellie is thrilled to be able to share the stories from the wealth of works that she has created. 

    You can find her on Amazon at: http://amzn.to/1R2jgb9


    Jen Cousineau: Wisconsinite. Romance Author. ItWorks distributor. Mother to twins. Wife. Adventurist wannabe. Fitness enthusiast. Foodie. Hunter. Dreamer. Coffee and Chapstick addict.

    You can find her on Amazon at: http://amzn.to/1R2ji2O


    SL Schiefer: Ohio native. Loves Ohio State Buckeye football and Cleveland Indians baseball. Mother of two little boys. Wife. Romance author. Coffee and Dr. Pepper addict. Hair stylist in the real life,

    You can find her on Amazon at: http://amzn.to/1Sgx9AV