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    Public Pensions Underfunded by $1.2B

    in Finance

    The largest 100 public pension funds have around $1.2 trillion of unfunded liabilities, about $300 billion above the nearly $900 billion they reported themselves, according to a new actuarial study to be released on today. 
    Why is this happening and what can we do about it?
    Read more: http://www.foxbusiness.com/government/2012/10/15/study-public-pensions-underfunded-by-12b/#ixzz29NbpObKe

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    Marketing To Moms; Why Employee Pensions Help Profits; Cybersecurity Is Needed;

    in Business

    Amy Mauer Creel, CEO of Smart Mom Jewelry has created an amazing and successful women owned business, She shares what are the key elements to her success and how others can emulate these practices.

    Douglas Dubitsky, VP at Guardian Retirement Solutions, discusses the small business retirement crisis in America and the findings from Guardian's 2014  Small Plan 401(k) RetireWell Study SM: What's Working and Not Working for Small Businesses. One of the biggest impediments for most Americans when it comes to financial security in retirement is simply not having access to an employer-sponsored plan.  In fact, in its annual Retirement Confidence Survey , the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) found that workers with some sort of retirement plan have significantly more in savings and investments than do those without a plan. 

    Greg Sullivan is Chief Executive Officer for Global Velocity, a company pioneering new approaches in securing information.  Mr. Sullivan is recognized as an industry expert and visionary in the field of cybersecurity.  His phrophetic warnings about cybersecurity has helped many small businesses.



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    What Is Real Success?

    in Finance

    What is real success? Most people simply don’t know! How do you know when you have reached success in life?

    Take stock of your own life. Would you consider yourself an example of real success? Can you measure success in wealth? There are many unhappy rich people in the world. What about fame? The tabloids are full of the sordid details of the lives of celebrities; the glamorous life often pulls people into degradation and despair. If we are honest, we have to accept the fact that true success cannot be measured bymaterial means. Such “success,” once acquired, never satisfies in a lasting way, as it appeared it would.Much of the world is in current “prosperity.” Yet—even within the affluent U.S.—95 percent of businesses fail within five years of inception. Across the world streaks the shocking trend of increasing failures. Scores of millions daily allow the creeping cancer of FAILURE to chain them to a life of unhappy circumstances, from which only death promises release.

    But WHY? WHY are only the very few really successful? Is it mere chance—is it just happen-so—can it be luck? Or are there definite reasons? WHY do all but the very few find themselves, by age 60 or 65, dependents? Why must there be old-age pensions, public welfare aid, charities to support the non-crippled, non-handicapped helpless? Why must children so often provide for aged parents—when it ought to be the other way around?


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    Pensions and Illegal Immigration - LU V4N24

    in Politics

    First hour we will discuss pensions and the second hour will look into immigration issues

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    The Smithfix...The two part system is Treason

    in Politics

    The new omnibus (1.1 trillion dollars) spending bill is abusolute treason.

    Money for Obamacare
    Money for Michelle food lunches
    Money for War
    F35 Strike Eagle fiasco. A plain built to die.
    Pensions looted
    Trillions of dollars in banker’s derivatives losses are shifted to us!
    Spying is Ok, the death of the fourth amendment.
    Campaign donations increased by 10X. The 1% buys Washington openly
    And More

    Join us for a Smithfix rant on why America isn’t America anymore

    To call in dial 347-857-4397 or use Skype

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    Get Juiced About You Work And Turn Your Life Around - Alison Hamlin-Hughes

    in Self Help

    In this episode of the Financial Healer Show,I talk to Alison Hamlin-Hughes about how she turned around her life and what an inspiration she is to others, and how you can do the same.


    Alison is a 'stay at home mum' with 4 teenagers, always strived to make money by making jewellery & other crafts & not being very successful at that, although very talented in her field. Having entrepreneurial tendencies its always been hard to resist taking on new opportunities, but 'failed' at many, leaving the family in lots of debt & almost losing the family home at one point. Then she learned and applied The Law of Attraction and turned everything around by changing her mindset & approach to opportunities, she is now a successful international business woman and takes great pleasure in helping other people turn their lives around by changing what they eat & what they think. 

    Mark Bristow is a Financial Coach/Mentor and author based in South Manchester in the UK. specializing in helping people overcome the mental blocks that prevent them becoming wealthy. During the course of his career in financial services Mark held a number of positions in FTSE 100 companies including Pensions Manager at the UK’s largest Individual Financial Adviser. Mark is an EFT Trainer, a Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner and a NLP Master Practitioner. Mark also works with sufferers from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. He has co-written “Running Away from ME’ with a former client, Alison Christensen, which documents Alison’s path to recovery.




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    Right From The Left Coast

    in Politics Conservative

    Welcome to Right From The Left Coast

    Host: Linda

    Topics: Today, The headlines in my local paper will fill most of this show. I welcome your calls..so you can weigh in on these topics. They include: New FDA rules on calorie info for menus. California's state officials on immigration; Climate (change) realities and myths; Lindsey Graham on Benghazi; Calif Pensions and big liabilities; One local woman's harsh words on Obama's immigration decree...and much more.

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    Technical Analysis Can Help You Invest in the Stock Market

    in Education

    Martha Stokes CMT reveals why Technical Analysis is so important for beginner investors and traders, mutual fund investors, 401 pensions, and retail trading.  Information Includes how market data ends up on stock charts for analysis, after it flows through the financial market system.  Her simple easy to understand teaching, takes the confusion and complexity out of understanding how the stock market really works. 

    Thank You For Listening To My Radio Show

    Trade Wisely,

    Martha Stokes CMT

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    Turn up Tuesdays

    in Entertainment

    Michael currently holds the position of

    C.E.O. for American Liberty Financial.

    Michael received his B.S. undergraduate 

    degree from Eastern Michigan 

    University, and received his Masters of 

    Finance from Walsh College, M.S.F. 

    Michael is passionate about helping 

    people solve the retirement income 

    puzzle. He believes that for most 

    Americans planning for retirement has 

    gotten a lot tougher. Gone are the days 

    of cushy corporate pensions and with 

    the social security system under funded, 

    the long-term view for retirement 

    planning has gotten very bleak. 

    Unfortunately, there is also lot of 

    misconceptions out there and many 

    people are taking on more risk than they 

    need to, with improper education and 

    lack of the right guidance. He hopes that 

    through his writings, books and the 

    work he does with clients that he may 

    share his strategies and ideas on how 

    people can really make a big difference 

    in their retirement income planning, by 

    making some important changes that 

    can provide a more hopeful future in 

    their retirement years.

    Michael is the author of America’s 

    Retirement Crisis and Wealth Building 

    Dream. His books have been featured on 

    radio stations such as: 92.7 FM-WDTK, 

    105.1 FM-WMGC, 1440 AM-WBRN, 

    1600 AM- WOOD.

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    Pensions and the Pension System

    in Politics

    You will not have your pension, the states and federal government can no longer push debts off.  NJ alone is 15 billion short...what will you do when your pension check wont come?

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    Issues in the accumulation phase - Part 2- Pensions and lifestyle Planning

    in Lifestyle

    This show will focus on the issues in the accumulation phase of retirement financial lifestyle planning such as sources of retirement income that one must take into account when preparing for the three life events- old age, disability and death.

    Sign up here for a FREE WORKSHEET on the 7 Sources of Retirement Income™ which an individual can use to identify their sources of retirement income in the event of disability, old age and upon death.  The WORKSHEET will also provide guidance on how to establish one’s desired retirement guaranteed lifetime ‘indexed’ income goal. The information when completed by the individual will provide the guide to knowing where the income gaps are, which source of income can be truly relied on and therefore how much more savings and investments is required TODAY and into the future to achieve one’s desired guaranteed lifetime indexed income.

    Join us again on Jan 30th at 10 am EST for the final in the series on Retirement and Lifestyle Planning. You are also invited to the Free Webinar which also has a giveaway on Feb 3, 2014. You can sign up using this link: http://bit.ly/LZmyyt

    Get bite-sized tips and ready to implement strategies in your inbox when you sign up here http://bit.ly/KtnkCx


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