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    keaton batman movies

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    back in summer of 89 the biggest movie came out it was call batman which start keaton as batman and jack as the prince of clown the joker. it became the biggest hit of summer of 89 and then in 92 batman returns came out. this time with danny devito as the penquin and michelle as the catwoman. who in my eyes will always be catwoman no one can top on what she did. but i didn't like is how they made the penquin look in the movie a freak instead short man who wears top hats and wears black and white tuxedos and got the nickname the penquin. but when jack play the joker the line that stold the movie. ''have u ever dance with the devil under the pale moon light.'' when he ask u that u where dead. both movies became a hit but keaton didn't return to do batman forever or batman and robin. cause tim burton wasn't making them. cause the idea was that robin williams was going be the riddler for batman forever and what people don't know is that billy dee williams was havery dent in the 89 batman movie and he wanted to come back to play two-face. but the role went to tommy lee jones. now i would love to see billy dee williams as two-face that would been awesome. to me the true batman movies are the keatons cause they stay true to the core of batman. on who he is and what he is a crime fighters and dective. but when the movie came out in 89 the singer prince did the whole soundtrack to the movie but the score is what drew u in. when batman march play u knew u where in the ride of your life. also other know fact robin batman sidekick was going be in the movie and be play by micheal j fox but burton didn't want a robin in his movies. this was batman fighting crime in gotham not with a sidekick. but like i said the true batman movies are keatons not nolan.

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    114-Favorite Art Books

    in Art

    What are your favorite art books that you look to for inspiration, instruction or go back to time and time again?
    Guest hosts: Tiffany Miller Russell, WildlifeInPaper.com ,deadraccoon.com Suzanne Frazier, SuzanneFrazier.com
    Looking At Art Philosophically, Tom Supensky.com
    Sponsored by: 88 88ArtLook, 8888ArtLook LisaBellMusic.com
    Art as a Way of Knowing,  Pat B. Allen, Shambala, 1995.
    Brush Mind, Kazuaki Tanahashi, Parallax, Press, 1990.
    Concerning the Spiritual in Art, Wassily Kandinsky, Dover Publications, Inc., 1977.
    Drawing on the Artist Within, Betty Edwards, Simon & Schuster, Inc., 1986.
    Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, Betty Edwards,  J. P. Tarcher, Inc, 1979.
    Itten:  The Elements of Color, Faber Birren, Ed., Van Nostrand Reinhold Co., 1970.
    Man and his Symbols, Carl G. Jung, Doubleday, 1964.
    Sacred Geometry: Philosophy and Practice,  Robert Lawlor,  Thames and Hudson, 1982.
    Signs of Life, The Five Universal Shapes and How to Use Them, Angeles Arrien, Penquin Putnam, Inc, 1992.
    The Artist’s Way, A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity, Julia Cameron, G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 1992.
    The Creative Habit, (Learn It and Use It for Life), Twyla Tharp, Simon & Schuster Paperbacks, 2003.
    The Gift, Imagination and the Life of Property, Lewis Hyde, Vintage Books, 1979
    The Power of Myth, Joseph Campbell, Doubleday, 1988.
    The Spiritual Image in Modern Art,  Kathleen J.  Regier, Ed., Quest Book, 1987.
    The Tao of Symbols, James N. Powell, William Morrow and Company, Inc., 1982.
    The Writer’s Brush, Donald Friedman, Mid-List Press, 2007.
    Color A Natural History of the Pallette
    What is Art For?

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    Let's Celebrate Penquin Awareness Day

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    Every day of life is reason enough to celebrate. However on this show, we take it a step further. Join "Mr. Zuberosity" (host Albert Motz) as we let you know of special events, anniversaries and birthdays of the famous and not-so-famous that you can celebrate today!

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    batman villains in movies

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    when the big buget batman movie came out in the summer of 89 no one knew what kind of ride they where in for. micheal keaton as batman and jack as the joker and made so much money at the box office and even won oscars. so batman returns came and this time danny devito as penquin and michelle as the catwoman. but people said that one was dark and wasn't a batman movie they wanted to take there kids to. but here the thing batman is dark and so are the villains. so warner bothers want do some more batman movies but make more comic book so when val kilmer suite up as batman they brought in two-face and the riddler. tommy lee jones as harvey dent aka two-face and jim carrey as the riddler. but then they brought in chris as dick grayson aka robin in the third movie cause the kids wanted robin in a movie cause of the cartoons where been showing at the time in the 90's. so when batman and robin came out this time the villains where mr freeze play by famous body builder arnold as mr freeze and uma as posion ivy. but here the thing though that alot people don't know that former wwe superstar jeep swenson play bane. now all the movies where hits cause of the villains in the movies and how the actor and actress play them. the only one that people really didn't like was batman and robin. cause they said that kill the movies. but i like it. the way jack play the joker u can't beat that. and jim carrey as the riddler he was awesome that was the part for him. but when nolan did his version of these villains he made them to real. like a guy paint his face dye his hair green and wears purple suite and calls himself the joker. but don't get me wrong heath ledger was a good joker. but with the reboot of the movies let see who plays them today for the reboots and now with the new 52 of dc comics let see what happens with them.

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    batman villains in comic books

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    bob kane made a famous hero for gotham city plus famous villains that people love to read. these villains try to take down gothman but one person stand in there way the batman. but no one knew there backgrounds when they first show up. they team up with the mob in gotham and try to take the city down. villains like the joker,penquin,catwoman,riddler and many others. plus there times they even team up in the books. but when the joker first show up no one knew his true back story. a guy with green hair white face red lips and purple suite taking over gotham and got the nickname the prince of crime.but through out the years they finally gave them background stories like with catwoman. real name selina kyle who wears black leather outfit and has a whip and cracks it like a cat tail. and steals diamonds or what ever she can get her paws on. the riddler edward nigma through out his crime he likes to lives riddles or puzzle boxes for the batman to solve like living his calling card like the joker does when he leaves his joker card behind but the reason the riddler does it see how the batman thinks and see how long it takes him to solve it. and ever time he likes to face the batman he says riddle me this.with a big question mark behind. but later on other villains show up like bane who the only one who came close of killing batman in fact he the only one who broke batman back. and killer croc,mr freeze,poison ivy,harley quinn. these villains are going be around for years to come and people can't get enough of them. plus other villain who trys to take down the batman but was also good friends with bruce wayne is harvey dent aka two-face. during a trail a gangster threw acid in harvey face but only got the left side of it. so now when he takes over gotham he lets his coin chose guilt or not guilt. and batman try so many times to bring harvey back but it was to late. acid not only burn his face but left side of his brain.

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    Beth Ciotta - Author of Paranormal, Romance, Steampunk &....

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    Amazing author!  Beth Ciotta is published in paranormal, historical, contemporary romance and has written for Imajinn Books, Medallion Press and Harlequin.
    She most recently signed with St. Martin's Press to write a new contemporary series - CUPCAKE LOVERS and with Penquin to write a new steampunk series - GLORIOUS VICTORIOUS DARCYS.
    If this isn't exciting enough, she signed with Nocturine to write a novella for an upcoming Christmas Anthology spearheaded by none other than her dear friend, HEATHER GRAHAM.
    Join us to learn about Beth's life, writing and adventures.  You won't be disappointed.

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    Guest Author Lynn Andrews Interviews with Coach Suzanne

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to Best Selling Author, Lynn Andrews.
    Lynn is a phenomenon.  She is releasing her new book (her 20th) "Coming Full Circle."   
    Author of the New York Times and internationally best-selling Medicine Woman series.  A 25th anniversary edition of Medicine Woman which has been translated into over 12 languages and is in its 46th printing, was released by Penquin Books in 2006.  Leader in the field of spirituality and personal development, rankd as one of the top self- improvement experts in the world, and considered pre-eminent in the field of global shamanic cosmologies, Lynn is the author of 19 books and workbooks, including Woman at the Edge of Two Worlds. A Spiritual Journey Through "Menopause and the Power Deck, Cards of Wisdom.  She is the creator of "Menopause and the Feminine Rites of Passage," meditations, ceremonies and exercises for transformation and joy for all stages of a woman's life, from puberty through menopause.  Architect of the Personal Act of Power, tools for spiritual growth and personal empowerment.  Lynn is also a writing teacher, successful female business owner and founder of the Lynn Andrews Center for Sacred Arts and Training, now in its 18th year, and the annual Joshua Tree Gathering, which celebrated its 23rd anniversary in 2011.  

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    Werd hosted By Beth Cheng

    in Poetry

    Beth will be reviewing

    The Last Skin By Barbra Rass Published By Penquin

    Folsom Lockdown By Melinda Palicio Kulupi Press

    7 Poets 4 Days 1 Book Edited by Chritopher Merrill Trinity University Press

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